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:) <3

It's open for interpretation, so any idea you have that is even slightly related is ok but remember it's the public that votes on how you interpreted the theme, so cater to them.

Ran a poll through discord. Majority rules.

Holy Cow, extremely difficult. But... I want to be on that leaderboard so bad :D

Just UI and Sound Effects left :)

Hey guys, could you contact me on discord or email so we can discuss interview times.


Just here to confirm that you can certainly edit them to fit your needs.

Dev Squad Jam community · Created a new topic Showcase


Ahh you need to make the game page public (At the bottom of the "Edit Game" page), then you can submit it.

At this stage it is fine :)

You may use third party assets, but it will affect your vote.

sure can

That is ok, however, Itchio has a few rules when it comes to copyrighted content. I would check them out before uploading.

Fonts Allowed as long as they fall under Open Source.

Want to Boom the ground and have your friends Curse at you.
SkyRoar is an Online Party Game where you blow up the map in the hopes of being the last one standing.
4 Player Online.
Lots of Explosions.
Quick to Learn.

Nuff Said!

Raft community · Created a new topic SOME DECENT FEEDBACK

Hey mate :)

So first things first, excellent idea, easy to learn, looks good, feels good, slightly challenging. Overall perfect concept for a game. I'm sure you have thousands of people complaining about very airy features, however I played for a few hours and believe that you could make it a whole lot more interesting and replayable with just a few additions/changes.

1. Would have to be one of the heaviest games to run with such a small map and assets. Now it looks like a unity game and my computer is fairly old (3 years) but it is very powerful, and usually if a game lags that much something is wrong with it. I won't tell you what to do here because I'm not your mother, but this could be made to run a lot faster and still look just as good.

2. NO DANGER. Ok so you can't swim for too long... You can't starve or dehydrate.... But those are literally the only dangers in the game. Be it at a very early stage I'm sure you have more stuffed planned, but coming up with something is crucial for players to continue playing. I got to an irreversible point after 30mins. Everything I needed was there. I just build the nets as far as I could without getting bored. And that's it. Chest it up and put the same items in them. I do however like the simplicity of the items available but I don't like how there is a stopping point.

3. Finally, pointless chair and table. Everything else has a use, if you plan on adding items to a game to simply fill the void of a persons "What Does This Do?" then you should be at a point where the whole game is done and you are satisfied with the outcome. If this is the case then why is the game in BETA? Or if you disagree then I would say that at the core, there is not much to this game and adding pointless items that only add aesthetics is not adding to the overall quality.

Did enjoy it for a good hour, cannot wait to see developments and would definitely purchase upon final release.