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Glad you like it! We hope to continue to work on the game, we have ideas to improve it and make it more entretaining. Thanks for the comment :)

Yes, I have also realized it could be sped up a little after submitting the game. We will continue to work on the game. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it :)

Thanks! I appreciate that you've played it and I'm glad you like it. I hope we can polish the game :)

Thanks for the great advice! I like the idea of the castle being in the centre of the map, don't know how I didn't think of it. And glad that you liked the idea :D

I have updated it. The only solution I could come up with is to make it always fullscreen. Anyways, it shows two blue bars that shouldn't be seen when playing.

It's my first time exporting for web browser, and because of the servers being down I couldn't test it. Therefore, the game shows to blue bars that shouldn't be seen. The downloadable is correct.

Yes, sorry for that, I need to update it. The thing is that, because of the servers being down, I could upload the game but I couldn't test it to see if it worked (and it's my first time uploading a game as webgl). Hope you still want to play the game :)

I just love the game! The mechanic is very original and it related perfectly to the theme. Congratulations!

I have in mind to continue with this project and I like the idea of being top down dragging and dropping, thanks for the advice :D

Have you tried to install it, because I've put Windows only, but I think it works on Mac too, try it :D

Voting opens when the jam finnishes (15 hours from now) and I don't know how long does it last for.

Thanks for the feedback, and for playing the game :D

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It's very original and fun to play. A very good gamplay, but it is a bit difficult for the 30s you have to complete each level. I would continue developing this game, but changing the time (as it doesn't matter outside the game jam). Very good mechanichs and very good concept of futuristic, robotic theme.  You already know, but the speed of the player is very slow. It makes it impossible to jump to the red squares at level 3. And the hook doesn't throw if you are in the middle of a platform. Also, sometimes the hook doesn't hook well. I hope you continue developing this game :D

Thanks :D Yes, I know it is a bit difficult because of the fact that you don't know where you're standing. If I work more on it, it will be better and more enjoying. Thanks for your comment :D

Thanks :) Yes, I will take what I've learnt for my future games.

I would do the hacking system with the mouse. It is a bit difficult to do it with the keys. And in the tutorial, I would put the "zone" where the guys can see you in a different color, so you know (because it is a tutorial) where to move and where to be so they don't see you. I hope you continue working in this game :D

I like a lot the game. It has a very fun and rewarding gameplay and the music and sounds are awesome. I loved the details like the mirrors. The theme of 30s quest is not used a lot in this game (only when escaping and other things) but I would love to see this game polished and play a final and better version of it. I hope you continue working in this game independently of the game jam. Good job, and good luck!

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Is my first game (and i've done it in 2 days!) and I learned lot's of things that I'm going to apply on my future projects.

This game was created for Matthew Palaje's GameJam. Is my first game (and i've done it in 2 days!) and I learned lot's of things that I'm going to apply on my future projects. For more information on the progress of my projects, head to my twitter: @JanikusGames