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yeah :), i made this game when i was pretty young and i found tutorials really useful

enjoy :)

well the basic game was rewinding time and moving stones. rewinding is based on tracing player the reverting to the past positions and stone moving was a Vector3.Lerp . as for modeling the models where made in blender with the idea of low ploy :) 

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This is a sneak peek of our player and world for the jam entry "Back".

ok thank you for the feed back i will check out the video :) we where going to add more level variation but ran out of time


cool :)

how does that work/how do you get it working. if you know.

Hi i am a developer and i'm releasing my first paid game soon, i am working with a few others that have account (they are all added as admins) is there any way to split profit for all three accounts? 

yeah :)

thanks man, this means a lot to us.

- highrise

wow my old games are terrible (base camp was my past account)

and then there is me using unity personal and no assets...

thanks man im working in a team now for a great game hopefully coming soon

agreed the reason for adding money on the streets was people complaining that money collection was to slow


why make your bed you going to get back in it    :)

i did build the game a few times so you must of gotten a broken version sorry about that have you tried downloading it again


how can you check what people rate your game??

yeah thanks we will add a health bar to the car and the reason the music was so annoying is that my computer makes scene transitions slow if using long sound tracks. 

thanks, Highrise

thats okay, seriously keep with it the game is really surprisingly fun!


nice simple game although when playing it the fps was only 15. 

all because of one chicken the entire species missed out and had to share with ducks!

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not meaning to be rude, but how does the theme tie in?  I like the idea and game play is fun and simple!

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Depending on how good your frame rate is how fast the car goes the computer we made Wanted on are pretty bad (so the car may be to fast for you). we are working to fix this issue possible before the game jams ends.