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What are some of your favourite entries?

A topic by Tofu Sheets Visual created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 172 Replies: 5
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I thought since we are getting near the end of the voting period, it'd be fun to discuss what our personal favourites in the jam has been! (You can't choose your own game xD)

For me, I think the 2 most enjoyable games that I feel are the epitome of what this jam means are "Super Catch'Dem Munsters" and "Flying Bird Flyer Lazer Shoot and other stuff The Game". Of course it is obvious why the Catch'Dem game is so great, aside from its horrendous art is the fact it is a Pokemon parody and a pretty good parody. The dialogue is super funny, you have stamps instead of badges adding to the cheapness, and ofmygosh the amazing "selection" of muns you have haha. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now for the Flying Bird Lazer etc etc. long title, the cheesy graphics give it a sort of "charm" and the music was nice, in a weird way, never does it get annoying and despite the game being a lot harder than it looks, it is fun and addicting.

So for you guys... what are some of your faves and why that you feel totally meet the criteria of the jam?

I loved "Child Simulator" because it kept the theme and was repetitive, it was HORRIBLE


I think my favorite ones where Spinnerotchi, because it burned my eyes, and PDH because the vehicles are just too cool to drive

I liked Super Catch'Dem Munsters is hilarious, and definitely so bad that is good !

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Pew Aaaa actually had me in tears. I don't kow why, but it was so ridiculous. I mean I really love this game.


Pew Aaaa is the one that stuck with me as well. Grade-A nonsense.