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Tofu Sheets Visual

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It is unknown when the full release will be available, as it is a bit of a large game. 


This was a game I made about 5 years ago and is "technically" my very first visual novel. It was made all by my lonesome and was for a challenge at Lemmasoft called "Worst VN challenge" where the goal was to TRY to make a really bad game, like so bad it's bad, but mine ended up so bad it's good evidently so.... yeah. Anyway, I decided to release it to itch.io after all these years, revisiting it is fun and it takes probably 5 minutes to complete. 

I absolutely LOVED this game, it was beautiful and inspiring. I left my full thoughts on your Lemmasoft thread (I'm Kokoro Hane there). 

Hi there! Forgive me for not responding sooner. I am happy you enjoyed the game and thank you for mentioning that error, I definitely will be having a look at that~

Looking forward to these <3

Yay, finally found the key, and boy do I have to be careful down there! Thank goodness I save a lot, wahaha.

I've heard many good things about this entry, both on the submission page and at the RM forums, and I finally decided I'll be giving this a go. It looks cute and the subject matter interesting.

On a slightly off-topic note, your LPs are pretty funny too!

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Oh.  I had forgotten to ask--were the face graphics drawn by you? I felt they were really cute and added to the game's charm.

EDIT: After looking at your itch.io profile I found my answer, lol, b ut said person did an excellent job as that one bit of customization really added to the game's feel, I think. 

Cool! We'll do our best to make Version 2 shine like the game it was supposed to be~

Thank you so much for playing! I knew Mr. Sock Salesman would be popular (he's voiced by my brother, whom also voiced another popular character in my last RPG). The heroine was fun to write and voice for because I hadn't made an obnoxious girl character before and I wanted to because you can just write so much fun and ridiculous dialogue!

And thanks for pointing out that passability to error! I'll be sure to have all those things fixed for Version 2 when the contest ends. Thank you for playing! <3

This was a fun little entry! I absolutely loved how you made fun of how RPGs are, which made for a surprisingly engaging adventure. I seriously laughed when Petunia's father was all like "You're going on an adventure with two strange boys you just met? Okay, have fun!" xD

Anyway, the graphics were charming, the dialogue clever, I only wish it was a little bit longer! Other than that, you have a vote from me~

I'm thoroughly enjoying the game so far. I have 5+ hours on it currently. I really like the concept of playing an NPC and being surrounded by heroes everywhere, crafting and selling things to them. I also like the events that seem to hint toward a bigger story, but alas, as an NPC that is not our place to engage in. I am curious how to obtain a key for that one place I dug up, I am assuming you could eventually craft this, or is this obtained via an event?

You should, you're in it xD

I really do think you definitely had a realistic portrayal! I also like how playing a game upped motivation and relieved stress. I found I tend to make games better if I do take a break and relax with a nice game for inspiration! A game maker must not forget what it is like to be a gamer. One of the issues was probably I worked my character too much haha, having him solo most of it out when I should've worked on hiring commissions or buying assets. Having a team DOES significantly help in game-creation, so I feel kinda silly I missed that as I played since even I myself always has a team. 

Anyway, loved it. I was sure to give it a vote, too!

This looks like my kinda game! Looks liek a very quality entry, I'm gonna give it a playthrough and let ya know what I think~

This was a fun game! I got Ending 3 of 5: Fell Short, haha. I think I know what I did wrong in my time management and things, but this was an excellent concept for an RPG Maker game! Excellent job~ A solid entry!

This was an adorable little story! Nothing too complex, nice and simple, and a satisfying ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it <3

This game looks cute and I love the concept, will be downloading and reviewing!

Can I just say this is a BRILLIANT concept? I'm downloading it right now, but it totally caught my eye amongst the entries. An RPG Maker game ABOUT using RPG Maker! Quite clever~

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"Upon orders of The Queen, a young mechanic named Marvin is sent out on a journey to find the legendary Heroine who will aid his journey in delivering an important scroll to The Other Kingdom, ruled by The Red Headed King. Unfortunately, this "Heroine" is quite the chore to get along with due to her pride and arrogance, delaying their mission. With the help of his Queen's loyal Scholar and a mysterious, gorgeous fairy... will Marvin and his crew successfully complete his mission before they lose their sanity?"

- Story-driven RPG, so lots of dialogue!
- Approximately an hour of gameplay
- While not everything, a lot of inanimate objects can be interacted with
- Sprinkles of voice acting on some event cutscenes
- 3 possible endings
- MV's Side-View Battle System
- My usual odd brand of humour and storytelling
- References linking to our previous RPG

This was a fun and hectic ride.... while a bit of a trainwreck, we made it for the contest! I do hope to make it the game it was meant to be in Version 2 (as I wanted fully voiced cutscenes rather than partial) but either way, this was fun and I began to love the story more and more I made it. Plus it is my first RPG with multiple endings. 

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This is what I like to call the "short version" of the game, an ACT 1 if you will. It says in-development here because yes, there will be a full version, but { First Quarter } (the current version) will forever be available even when other versions come out. Basically, there is this version (ends at all 5 route prologues, will be extended to be a little longer), then a one-route version (group route), then the full 5-route version. So yes, this counts as complete since the { First Quarter } version is a complete version, but there will be a longer version of the game later. 

LOL really? xD

Anyhow, this looks great and I am excited!

Damn, that new art looks good! I never got a chance to play the original, namely 'cause since I happened to have been using the same assets for my otome--I felt it would be a bit distracting xD

I must say, I am excited to give this one a try though!

I'm very pleased you enjoyed it!

Glad you are enjoying it, look forward to the full release soon!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The full release should be up soon, so you won't have to wait too long~

I am looking forward to when the English version is out (will it still have the random Filipino voice over though? 'Cause I'm totally cool with that). Moments like these I wish I understood Tagalog better (I am assuming that's the dialect used here anyway). Maybe I should play it with my auntie so she can translate for me *shot* But nevertheless, this looks like a fun little game~

It's a jam I strictly entered on the forums, I do know that as of late they've had itch.io jam pages for it now--but I do not think I had an itch.io account at the time, so I entered it like most others do by making a WiP thread in the NaNoRenO board since the jam's been going on annually I think before itch.io even started so a lot of us enter it that way, some even have surprise entries by posting a complete game made within the time-span they never announced. But I did announce mine. 

This was my entry thread in question; https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=42807

And in the pinned topic, "NaNo 2017 Games by Genre", which shows every game--finished or not--entered into the jam by genre to their WiPs, you'll find mine "An Encounter ~In The Rain~" by the genres "Friendship" and "Linear"; https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=42982

I'd just like to say I absolutely ADORED this beautiful game! I left more details about my thoughts on the Lemmasoft release thread, but I wanted to quickly leave a message here that to anyone who happens to stumble upon this comment, that if you're questioning whether to get this game--DO IT! Ceri's voice acting is spot on, the writing flows well with excellent wording IMHO, it's a very soothing and relaxing experience, and very satisfying. And it's free! What do you have to lose? I promise you'll find yourself melting. 

Thank you! I wanted to know as I later plan to host a jam for the first time, something that is a challenge to myself but feel it would be fun to have others jam along~

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Hi! I just found this jam and feel it is the perfect opportunity to complete a project I had for NaNoRenO 2017 but could not complete due to the art not being done in time (but it has now) and my voice recordings getting distorted, so I have to re-record (which is not too time-consuming, due to it being fairly short). I was wondering how I present proof? Would the original WiP thread in the NaNoRenO board at the Lemmasoft forums where the jam is primarily held be sufficient enough proof? If so, do I simply display it here or on the game page itself? All I ever released of the game was a complete beta version with CC placeholder sprites and very little of the voice acting in place. Thanks~


I was wondering, are hosts able to submit to their own game jams?

I definitely shall! I like how you described this as a "chill" jam~ MS Paint is quite relaxing.

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Hello there!

I love MS Paint, I use it for fun mostly, but it is also a very useful program and I've even used it seriously! Basically, MS Paint is the fun and simple go to art program that I still use to this day in conjunction with GIMP (but of course I will abstain from using it as, if I understand the rules correctly, I can't even using it for background transparency but I can't do that in-engine, but luckily I have my ways around it.... hehe). So yeah, I totally jumped aboard this jam because I love MS Paint, in fact the first VN I ever made was actually made with MS Paint created assets (only it looked pretty ugly, on purpose, since it was for a Bad VN challenge, which I failed since it ws so bad it's good... I'll probably be re-releasing it at some point xD)

But yeah, I am excited for this jam, I have a few ideas. Probably will do a stick-figure story as that goes way back to my roots in the silly stuff I'd make in MS Paint, even though part of me is tempted to use my max skill but that may be too time-consuming, I dunno I'll figure it out xD

Thank you so very much! I am extremely happy you enjoyed it, especially the voicework!

Awww, thank you so much it means a lot ^.^

Moses Reeve is the son of two pirates, the laid back Bobby and the broom-wielding Callie. Lately, he has mysteriously been hearing a voice in his head. Recently, his mother decided to adopt him a brother whom he doesn't get along with. But one day, a mysterious portal opens, dropping off a mysterious, pale-looking cloaked-guy desperately seeking the fragmented heart of his beloved Amina, whose soul energy has been crystalised across the galaxy. Thus, Moses becomes a Crystal Captor for destiny's sake, reluctantly allowing his adopted brother to tag along to aid him whose been enticed by the reward money. What epic adventure shall ensue on this quest to save some girl they don't know for some mysterious guy who appeared out of nowhere. 

Download here; https://tofu-sheets-visual.itch.io/crystal-captor-memory-chronicle-finale

This was out entry for "So Bad, It's Good!" Jam.

Sure, we could discuss through Skype~ I will send you my Skype to your e-mail, or send an invitation if this is what you use for it ^.^

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You have a very excellent style! I was wondering if maybe you could compose a couple tracks for my game? It's for Post-Apocalyptic jam and your style would totally suit that world. I say a couple since I know composition can take awhile, and there's only 26 days left in the jam so I might have to mix originals and a few CC license tracks xD