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Thank you so much for playing our game! I enjoyed watching your Let's Play ^^

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I am constructing this a little differently than my main conlang. Probably more organized this way actually, haha. I split up my dictionary into sections, so I can work on important aspects. My catagories are; pronouns, honorifics, verbs, objects, and conjugation. The vowels I decided to go with the Filipino vowels. It's almost the same as Japanese vowels, only with the one difference being how to pronounce 'i'. Instead of long e, it is pronounced short i (so ih, not ee). Pronunciation rules however lean more like Japanese with its inflection style and how the R is trilled a lot like between L and R. However, like in Filipino, if you see doubled letters, rather than elongating the vowel, you pronounce the doubled vowels separately (example, if you see two A's, you do not do a long aaaaah, but rather an ah-ah). 

I am starting this jam a little late as I had been busy and forgot about it, lol, so I literally just began constructing this small conlang. Currently pronouns are all completed. Here it is with minor conjugation---

Jos - I, me (used by males). Add 'o' at the end to make it 'myself'.

Jas - I, me (used by females). Add 'a' at the end to make it 'myself'. 

Nar - You. Add 'e' at the end to make it 'yourself'. 

Eri - He/Him. Add 'to' at the end to make it 'himself'.

Era - She/Her. Add 'ta' at the end to make it 'herself'.

Mira - They/Them/Their. Add 'k' at the end to make it 'themselves'.

Sul - It. Add 'k' at the end to make it 'itself'. 

"He got served bad food, was rejected by a beautiful girl he just met, sees a poster for a missing pencil, and many more weird mishaps and revelations."



A really weird story 

1,000+ words 

Kinetic, so no choices 

 Free to use & Custom Voice Snippets 

Mismatched CC assets 

End credits video

This is a stand-alone version of the scene I wrote for a collab back in 2013 called "Reverse Robin", where the six of us took turns writing a scene in backwards order (the only scene we got to see was the scene to come after it, so we wrote to lead up to it). It was a fun experiment, using 100% CC assets, that was coherent and not at the same time. Sadly it is no longer available, so I release "Reverse Robin: Second to Finale" which is just my scene by itself as a stand alone KN, enhanced with sound effects and voice snippets, and corrected typos ^^

Hahaha, pleased you found it enjoyable!!! ^^

I had fun with those naming conventions the most xD

Hehe true, hopefully it does! It feels good to be active game dev'ing again and releasing even my older projects here, or enhancing them, etc. Just what my overflowing brain needs right now xD

Thanks! But be prepared.... it's... ridiculous xD

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Yes it is ^^

I forgot to take the WiP out of the title, lol, fixed now! xD

This was a cute and simple game! Wish it was longer, but definitely a beautiful prototype for a fun idea ^^

Ohmygosh awesome!!! I look forward to more with these characters ^^

Personally I think I'd like to keep it on Ace though. It runs faster than MV games. But thanks for the offer!

It was made on Ace. I am not sure that would transition well on MV. And that sounds like a lot of work that isn't needed xD

No problem! Haha I was amazed with one of her responses to me which was based on stuff I typed to her, so it's quite entertaining! Curious to see how much she continues to remember. 

I was playing around with this, cute mini-game. She can be frustrating sometimes with always asking your favorite color, but I find it neat how she remembers things, even when you sign back into the game. I have her at Level 5 right now. 

Things like innuendo and scantily clad dressed characters are fine, just no nudity, sex scenes, etc. Basically it should be SFW. No NSFW allowed. 

As stated in the rules, please NO adult content. 

Okay  cool! I just wanted to make sure ^^

This jam is a lovely idea~

Hi there!

Just call me Kokoro. I have been working on my own conlang for a fantasy world I've been developing for many years now. Weirdly enough, what gave me the ability to write a conlang was when I began taking Japanese 101 & 102 in college, and to learn the conjugation rules of another language helped me understand language and I was able to find a structure to form mine with, so it often has the verb at the end like Japanese since it made the most sense to me when creating another language. I also drew inspiration from the nonsense chants from Yuki Kajiura's compositions, often known as "Kajirago" which literally has no meaning but sounds consistent. I one time wrote song lyrics in simple Japanese and my conlang, and someone actually thought my language was a real language at first haha! I have created a dictionary for this language that keeps growing, with many useful words, examples how to use them, and even conjugation rules and tenses. I wanted the world to feel really rich, so aside from its culture and history, I felt the language really enriched the world. 

I have also constructed a mini conlang for an RPG I am working on. Despite it being a comedic RPG, I constructed a little language similar to my main conlang, but somewhat simplified and still different. You only hear it spoken at some parts, but I made it on the spot with remembering certain words to be repeated for translation, and I even wrote song lyrics for the end of the game in that conlang. This is how much I love conlang, so I know making one for a jam might not be as hard as one would think. 

Anyway I am excited to see the languages people come up with! And I hope I have something worthy to show for it. Whilst the conlang I know is said doesn't have to be perfect, I doubt I can beat my ongoing conlang that I pour my heart into, but I hope I come up with something pleasant sounding~

Hi, I am quite interested in this jam because I love conlang! I have been developing a language for one of my fantasy worlds for several years now, so I thought a jam like this would be fun, albeit I have to create a new conlang haha. So I just wanted to ask.... when demonstrating our conlang, is it alright to showcase it in a game, like a visual novel? It would include both voice and text example of the language, since dialogue would be in a window and I would voice act the character speaking it. I thought I'd demonstrate my conlang in a conversation between two characters, and you could have the options to play it as "conlang audio, English subs", "conlang audio and conlang subs", "English audio and con lang subs", "Conlang audio and conlang subs with English translation". It would probably be short, like a 2-5 minute conversation. There would also be a bonus section that explains the conlang in a nutshell, such as demonstrating conjugation and how to form your own, simple sentences.

Yup that is my review ^^

Sorry for late response,  most likely not. I prefer to keep this on Ace.

Hi late response again haha, but again thank you! We have a sequel on the way~

Considering what it's about, I just imagines tunes and sound effects in my head haha. Besides, those are easy to program in for the future if you want. But I love the character art and the comedic storyline, this is my cup of tea~

No music doesn't take away my enjoyment! I'm not done playing yet, but this is GOLD! Love it. Love the setting, just.... beautiful. 

I enjoyed it! I gave my full thoughts at Lemmasoft, but this was a sweet little game that I enjoyed more than expected. Good job! ^^

If these bits and pieces of music are your own, you are allowed to use it. 

Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it~ Yeah, I just wanted sweet, brief meetings to tell a short but inspiring story ^^

Edited a notice into the main post. 

Hehe yes, I see Part-Time Warrior as your avatar~

Hahaha that is an interesting coincidence, but it still made me think of Steins;Gate none-the-less (since I love that VN to pieces). 

Oh looks like PyTom said the forums are down, phew I am not the only one. Oh well, still added to the creep factor after playing your game. Haha, really good job in making it, I love games with a creepy atmosphere rather than jump scares, it lasts much longer... like me freaking out about clearing my cache to get Lemma to work, but it's literally just down right now. 

Yes, haha. Btw, did the cosmic microwave reference Steins;Gate by any chance? =P

Yeah, Lemmasoft is really freaking out. I got some kind of SQL error so I screencapped it. Not to freak you out since this happened after your game, this error is amusing me because of it. xD

I played it! I wanted to reply at Lemmasoft like I promised, but the site is not loading for some reason. ANYWAY! This game gave me a really creepy atmosphere, I loved it! I felt like certain mysteries were left to interpretation, but I may have a theory? I'll let you know at Lemmasoft to avoid spoilers. What made this game extra creepy for me was my virus protection freaked out, so I had to add it to the exceptions list lol. I got what I assume is the "good" ending first, then I tried for the bad ending which I felt added another piece of the puzzle to my theory. Some of them e-mails were whacky, and some were legitimately WHAT THE HELL for me. Haha. Anyway, good use of the e-mail and reply code, it's one of my favorites for Ren'Py ^^

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EDIT: I would like to apologise as the entry in question may not have been spam, just a severe interpretation of the theme. However, I will still leave this post here for informational purposes. Again, I apologise as the jam host. I had issues my last jam with actual spam entries, so I acted too hastily. To the participant, feel free to jump back in! I will learn from this mistake in future jam hostings. Thank you.

Hello jammers!

So as I had to remove an entry and participant, I would like to clarify some things as to why this happened. The entry in question had no cover image, no screenshots, and everything was written in purposefully bad spelling and grammar to the point you could barely understand it. This most certainly was probably a spam/joke entry. Despite the theme of the jam, this is not your challenge.

Your jam entry should have a cover, screenshots, and COHERENT sentences. The idea is to make a game that is so bad, you groan at it, BUT! Descriptions should be clear, because it should look like you are "promoting" your (bad) game because part of the fun is hype and disappointment. There should be at least 2 screenshots.  Inside the game is fine if you have some bad spelling/grammar, so long as you can somewhat understand it (such as "all your base are belongs to us" kinda thing, to simulate bad translation, or terrible netspeak).

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask in this thread! Make your game bad, whether obviously or subtlely, but please make descriptions coherent and include screenshots. Because the spam entry even had the install instructions written incoherently, which is not good if you wish to play it. xD

I had no idea it was updated ^^

I am going to play with it again. Re-downloading! (I lost the original one anyway lol, so I need it). 

Thank you! I am very sorry it cannot be realized as large as it was, but I won't let the effort given to waste and will do my best to show what we have and add to it ^^

Very pleased you enjoyed it!! I am happy you could feel the emotion and the hope ^^

Oooh this game looks fantastic! I hadn't had a chance to participate in IGMC this time and didn't get to playing any entries, but this looks so cool and the concept sounds dark--quite the contract to your last entry (which I loved). Will get back to you when I have played ^^

Awww, thank you! I'll let Lienai know you love her artwork ^^

Looking forward to your morning feedback good sir~

I am really excited for the upcoming demo!! ^^

Good, good, because I am getting OTP vibes from these two already <3