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Tofu Sheets Visual

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LOL really? xD

Anyhow, this looks great and I am excited!

Damn, that new art looks good! I never got a chance to play the original, namely 'cause since I happened to have been using the same assets for my otome--I felt it would be a bit distracting xD

I must say, I am excited to give this one a try though!

I'm very pleased you enjoyed it!

Glad you are enjoying it, look forward to the full release soon!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The full release should be up soon, so you won't have to wait too long~

I am looking forward to when the English version is out (will it still have the random Filipino voice over though? 'Cause I'm totally cool with that). Moments like these I wish I understood Tagalog better (I am assuming that's the dialect used here anyway). Maybe I should play it with my auntie so she can translate for me *shot* But nevertheless, this looks like a fun little game~

It's a jam I strictly entered on the forums, I do know that as of late they've had itch.io jam pages for it now--but I do not think I had an itch.io account at the time, so I entered it like most others do by making a WiP thread in the NaNoRenO board since the jam's been going on annually I think before itch.io even started so a lot of us enter it that way, some even have surprise entries by posting a complete game made within the time-span they never announced. But I did announce mine. 

This was my entry thread in question; https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=42807

And in the pinned topic, "NaNo 2017 Games by Genre", which shows every game--finished or not--entered into the jam by genre to their WiPs, you'll find mine "An Encounter ~In The Rain~" by the genres "Friendship" and "Linear"; https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=42982

I'd just like to say I absolutely ADORED this beautiful game! I left more details about my thoughts on the Lemmasoft release thread, but I wanted to quickly leave a message here that to anyone who happens to stumble upon this comment, that if you're questioning whether to get this game--DO IT! Ceri's voice acting is spot on, the writing flows well with excellent wording IMHO, it's a very soothing and relaxing experience, and very satisfying. And it's free! What do you have to lose? I promise you'll find yourself melting. 

Thank you! I wanted to know as I later plan to host a jam for the first time, something that is a challenge to myself but feel it would be fun to have others jam along~

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Hi! I just found this jam and feel it is the perfect opportunity to complete a project I had for NaNoRenO 2017 but could not complete due to the art not being done in time (but it has now) and my voice recordings getting distorted, so I have to re-record (which is not too time-consuming, due to it being fairly short). I was wondering how I present proof? Would the original WiP thread in the NaNoRenO board at the Lemmasoft forums where the jam is primarily held be sufficient enough proof? If so, do I simply display it here or on the game page itself? All I ever released of the game was a complete beta version with CC placeholder sprites and very little of the voice acting in place. Thanks~


I was wondering, are hosts able to submit to their own game jams?

Replied to Protohm Games in Hello!

I definitely shall! I like how you described this as a "chill" jam~ MS Paint is quite relaxing.

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Hello there!

I love MS Paint, I use it for fun mostly, but it is also a very useful program and I've even used it seriously! Basically, MS Paint is the fun and simple go to art program that I still use to this day in conjunction with GIMP (but of course I will abstain from using it as, if I understand the rules correctly, I can't even using it for background transparency but I can't do that in-engine, but luckily I have my ways around it.... hehe). So yeah, I totally jumped aboard this jam because I love MS Paint, in fact the first VN I ever made was actually made with MS Paint created assets (only it looked pretty ugly, on purpose, since it was for a Bad VN challenge, which I failed since it ws so bad it's good... I'll probably be re-releasing it at some point xD)

But yeah, I am excited for this jam, I have a few ideas. Probably will do a stick-figure story as that goes way back to my roots in the silly stuff I'd make in MS Paint, even though part of me is tempted to use my max skill but that may be too time-consuming, I dunno I'll figure it out xD

Thank you so very much! I am extremely happy you enjoyed it, especially the voicework!

Awww, thank you so much it means a lot ^.^

Moses Reeve is the son of two pirates, the laid back Bobby and the broom-wielding Callie. Lately, he has mysteriously been hearing a voice in his head. Recently, his mother decided to adopt him a brother whom he doesn't get along with. But one day, a mysterious portal opens, dropping off a mysterious, pale-looking cloaked-guy desperately seeking the fragmented heart of his beloved Amina, whose soul energy has been crystalised across the galaxy. Thus, Moses becomes a Crystal Captor for destiny's sake, reluctantly allowing his adopted brother to tag along to aid him whose been enticed by the reward money. What epic adventure shall ensue on this quest to save some girl they don't know for some mysterious guy who appeared out of nowhere. 

Download here; https://tofu-sheets-visual.itch.io/crystal-captor-memory-chronicle-finale

This was out entry for "So Bad, It's Good!" Jam.

Sure, we could discuss through Skype~ I will send you my Skype to your e-mail, or send an invitation if this is what you use for it ^.^

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You have a very excellent style! I was wondering if maybe you could compose a couple tracks for my game? It's for Post-Apocalyptic jam and your style would totally suit that world. I say a couple since I know composition can take awhile, and there's only 26 days left in the jam so I might have to mix originals and a few CC license tracks xD

Mm, that's how I interpreted it too!

Thank you <3

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I've already said so at Lemmasoft, but I shall repeat myself that I absolutely LOVED this game. I won't lie, Emi is probably one of my favourite heroines now. Like seriously, we NEED more visual novel leads like her... I just loved her so much like you won't believe, and Kou was the perfect contrast to her cynicism and sarcasm. It was so well written and really funny! But also gave me feels. 

So I finally, FINALLY downloaded this and am playing. I am excited and will be sure to leave you with a review soon~

Hey, thank you so much for that little Let's Play of our game! I'm really happy you enjoyed the voicework, it was a lot of fun to make that game and I am glad you had fun with it~

Created a new topic Question about 1st rule!

Hi there!

I was so happy to find this jam as this is my favourite genre to write stories for! Anyway, I just had a quick question about the first rule. It states that the game must be designed and created during the jam. I was wondering, could I still use a story concept I made awhile ago but never made anything from it? There's a forum roleplay I never launched and I really love the plot I created for it and it is a post-apocalyptic thing, so I was thinking it'd probably do much better as a game! I was wondering if I could still use this plot and concept I had, so long as I do not develop the game at all before the jam? Thanks in advance!

Definitely looking forward to your thoughts! And if you ever need a walkthrough, lemme know~

Well this is not a beta, it's the short version of the game... an ACT I if you will, but there will be a full version available in the future, and this short version will be receiving 1 more update to extend it a little.

Thanks again for playing, I hope you enjoy the full version when it is out. Plus the shrot version wil lreceive 1 more update that extends it a little~

Oddly enough, it wasn't really work to change it as everything was simply a concept in my head and I like to write with a natural flow. So if something changes along the way, I roll with it as sometimes I get an idea and then something has to change for it to implement, I implement. One good thing about VNs is I write directly into the script whilst RPG Maker.... this game is the first time I wrote the script first before doing anything else.

Ah don't worry too much, 30kwh Left does have 1 Good end and 1 Best end if you make the right choices! And it's more omnious than actually scary, so there isn't jumpscares lol. There are unhappy happy ends of course, but that's if you make the wrong choices xD

Cool, I'll take a look at these! And you're not slow, you're surprisingly quite quick to answer IMHO~

I am sure I will, it looks quite relaxing and I am curious how you do with VNs as that is where my personally specialty lies~

Very much so, the time crunch sorta kicks your procrastination in the ass and be like LET'S GET A MOVE ON! But yeah, my otome actually was VERY different if it had went for the jam, but when I actually started writing... many elements changed, and the story and backstories, really only Emmet's character and backstory is the one that had little to no changes in comparison to the others. And it just became a bigger project, but I am happy for it as it is one of my favourite writings so far even though Slice-of-Life is normally not my style (I love SoL stories but I do not consider myself a SoL writer).

Oh wow,. sounds like a neat little trick. You can look it up if you want, but I hope it is not too much trouble!

Look forward to the note, and no worries on the spam, I love comments xD

It definitely did! I will try for the other ends later! I know you can go back to your room, or when you find master concentrating you can leave. I assume the other ends are just the death endings at the hands of the imps or Zuri xD

No worries, that happens to me too!

A list would be super useful! It helps me pinpoint as I scour the script again. Yes, there are a few tricky endings, and you can meet the other girl character if you get on Tori's path. I do recommend getting all the pseudo-ends so you can know everyone really well, if you do your choices right you'll even have everybody interact as a group! So I 'd be more than happy to note you the walkthrough if you'd like, and you'll be able to unlock 2 fanarts and all the CGs~ And the character profiles and stuff. I hope to add more extras in the update! 

Ahh, I plan to check out your visual novel later as it looks so cute! You have a very soothing art-style that is quite an eye-pleaser!

Yes, jams are the best medicine. Majority of my games under my belt are pretty much born of a jam in some way, some of them were just way too overdue or got too big to make it for the jam (such as my otome, that was meant for the Ren'Py annual 1-month jam NaNoRenO but it... grew... like a lot lol). 

I hope to see more RPGs from you! KDM proved to me you're really good at this~ I had a question, though, how did you make it where the dungeon was dark and you had a light surrounding you? I feel that would be a useful feature to implement in one of my dungeons. As well as, how did you make it where you could move a stool around, like in the kitchen? (I love puzzles and would love to practice doing things like that).

Sure, I never got to play Guilty Gear, so I would love to hear how she reminds you!

Just finished! Are there multiple endings btw? It ended where Yuki leaves with the two prisoners, I felt it was such a bittersweet ending as I liked the idea of Yuki and her Master getting together haha, but overall this was such a sweet game! For something so simple, it did evoke emotions for what it was~

I'm starting to progress through the dungeon! This game is really genius, I'll tell ya. I loved the recipie bit! I have to say, I only accidentally found the entrance to the water ducts--it's not obvious to find! I lost to the Imps' game xD I'll probably figure my way around it~ 

LOL of course you'd say that, Mr. one of my veteran voice overs who's in this =P

I am happy you love Mr. Cabbage though, my brother is very happy at the reception he's gotten~

Yeah, but admittedly a kinda entertaining flaw~

Mmhmm! This jam really gave me some fire I needed as well, since I've kinda been suffering writer's block, and this theme was perfect to let my juices flow without having to be concerned with plot hole or coherency lol. But yeah, so many neat interpretations of theme breathed life into some really neat titles!

Ah yes, happy stories are good! Even though I like dark themes, in truth I love that in combination with light. Themes I like to highlight is light amidst the darkness, so I guess you could say my favourite theme is hope! Ah, I saw your comment on the otome, I am glad you are enjoying it thus far! Our team has worked hard on that for over a year now, but there is still work to be done! (I think once I finish the current route I am nearly done writing the other 4 routes will be super easy and quicker to write). 

Ooh, can't wait to get to that part in KDM! Callie and Bobby's VAs are really good friends and have been with me since we started this silly little studio back in 2012. In fact, the whole entire family (the parents, our hero, and adopted brother) are my loyal veterans--that's why I purposely had them voice a family since we've always felt close like a family!

Ooh, what character is in your avatar? I am curious now! I have actually never read/watched X, though it looks pretty twisted from clips I've seen haha, Haha, no need to feel ashamed, I've only RECENTLY gotten into Final Fantasy myself... we had to be very wise with our choices in games as a kid since we didn't have a lot of money, in fact we mostly could only play PC games. I only got a PS2 like... 2 years ago I think? But now the legends I want to play (majority anyway) are super cheap haha! 

Definitely, English voice acting deserves more love~

Haha no worries, I know you didn't say that out of force, when people leave feedback on my work I also kinda wish I could've seen it xD

Hi! Glad you enjoyed it! Actually, the guy who voices Emmet is someone else, but Andrew's voice is admittedly quite similar to Justin's. 

Yeah, I actually had been planning for this short version (have no idea when the full version will be available, but this version gets 1 more update) to get some extension. I was going to actually have the awkward introduction and have the pseudo-ends at the end of Chapter 3 for each route rather than in the middle of it. 

Ah yes, a few typos and grammar errors still slipped by, but I intend to fix it in the update I mentioned!

I do hope if you go back that you enjoy the other routes and endings! I can also send you the walkthrough if you like~ Thank you so much for playing! We also have a 3-parter "Meet The Cast" segment on our YT channel once you're through~