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This is a cute little concept and I like the art, but I must be doing something wrong. My red mushroom is very happy but for some reason hates me xD

Overall, I had fun with the concept. It could probably use smoother mechanics, but otherwise 'twas cute.

Who knew the survey format for a game could be so creepy! Well done and fresh! I enjoy it (but it did make me feel uneasy, especially when I had to type lol)

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I'm glad you found it fascinating and seemed to enjoy it! Yeah, I was trying to do a lot with it, and it originally had no code--I just thought pasting it into Twine would be the best way to present (since originally it was a wordpad document where options would say "if blahblahblah, go to A5" lol) I genuinely did like some of the directions the story went into and would like to explore it, maybe someday, but even if I never get to I wanted to present it here due to its historical significance to how my dev'ing journey started, even if it does predate me actually using engines.

Trash??? I think not! This charming little game is addicting! It's simple but it's really neat how each bumper has different advantages. The gameplay is easy to pick up, and I probably laughed at the line "Let's BUMP!" more than I should of xD

I really enjoyed this short but sweet RPG Maker adventure! I always loved the concept of the Armor of God, and it was illustrated so well here. Finding the pieces, with help from the townspeople, were nice mini quests. The mapping is simple but nice to look at. The game gave off such wholesome vibes, and I love how the use of scripture was done in meaningful ways and fit right in, rather than just being thrown out there randomly. This really made me smile and it was just a lovely experience, it's nice to come across a game like this that illustrates faith in a meaningful, as well as non-cringy, way! Good job ^^

This game was both adorable and warm! I loved the simple premise of trying to find something to light your candle, and the little good deeds to obtain it ^^

Awesome, just wanted to make sure! Comedy is probably my favorite genre to write for, so just wanted to double make sure. I hope many people will have a good laugh from it! ^^

Hi there!

I occasionally make TTRPGs and saw that previously made ones were also accepted so long as it follows the theme (which I love, btw!) I was wondering if comedic tabletops were allowed? My first (and still most popular) TTRPGs is a very comedic piece about a bard commissioned by a flop of a hero, and there's not much good to highlight, so the bard must without lying try to put emphasis on all that went right with the hero's (mis)adventures. Is a TTRPG like this befitting for the jam?

I will probably also still submit something new, since I had an idea floating in my head that would totally fit and this jam gives me an excuse to finally put it to paper. But just wanted to know if one of my previous works would fit the bill! Thank you! And again, wonderful idea for a jam topic. I am sure a lot of fun and cozy games shall come of it!

Awww, thank you, this made my night ^^

Yes, I totally agree a lot of words just do not sound good translated so it is best to leave as is, which feels more natural and how you went about the glossary was so seamless, it was a wonderful feature ^^

I finally got a chance to play this and I LOVED IT! The art style is nice, the music is lovely, but the story is where it really shines! For a short VN, this packed an emotional punch and both epilogues were worth exploring! I personally enjoyed them both, but I did have a personal favorite. It was also a neat mechanic to have the choices be which confections Ren will make, and I LOVED the glossary and note system--it was neat that you could hover over certain terms in the text and see a quick note so it does not get in the way of the narrative. Excellent job with this precious little gem! I love stories about childhood friends, and I also love stories that deal with youkai, so I really loved this. It was obvious the team put a lot of love into this project ^^

This is a very lovely sprite, and I love the idea of having an editable version so people can create unique variations ^^

Just finished going through all the routes (not sure how many endings there are, but anyway...) this game was really fun! It was well written and fast paced. The art is fantastic, the little VA snippets were nice and helped me have a voice to imagine in my head when reading their dialogue, I really loved the humor and dialogue choices for the MC, the characters were all a lot of fun, and also I absolutely loved the bouncy GUI! The game was a bit on the short side, and I felt many things were left unexplained, but even so very enjoyable and understandable due to the time constraints, you really created quite a polished game for such a tight deadline. I do hope to see this expanded many someday in the future, but even if it's not, it is still a fun little adventure!

Hahaha, I dunno, my rating may go up a star when Episode 2 drops xD

Hahaha yeah time is always the enemy!

I really like this video format! Plus seeing your reaction to your own game was hilarious xD

Hi! You have a pretty nice music style. Make sure to read the entire document as it also has a few questions to answer, I do prefer if contact is via e-mail as it is easier for me, the address is in the document, send an e-mail if you are still interested ^^

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I regret not making a video playthrough for 2.0 but....

HAHAHAHAHA That was amazing! I love how everyone walks like they have a rash, and the sound effects for the guns were so weak. I did enjoy the walking SFX though. The voice acting was hilariously, brilliantly bad.... the good kinda bad... and I love how everyone slurred saying "Marshaaaaaal". Loved the ending btw, did NOT expect that, as well as the clever way you implemented the jam's modifier! Also THANK YOU FOR ADDING A SAVE FEATURE! Although this time combat felt more balanced so I don't think I really needed it xD

I feel so ashamed I did not play this sooner! This janky shooter was a lot of fun! (It added to the experience when I played at a res that cut some vital info out, like not seeing my health, armour, and ammo hahahaha somehow I lived despite). The opening cutscene was GOLD! The voice acting was hilariously bad but charming and I found the vocal tones very befitting. The dialogue legit had me and my brother laughing out loud, and the sound effects for the weapons were so weak it sounded almost worse than toy guns. The only thing that really drops a star from my rating is IT WAS TOO SHORT. NEXT EPISODE WHEN?! I look forward to it, and hope we get more cutscenes! Also, love the opening midi ;)

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EDIT 4/10/2022: Composers found! Just looking for artists now!

Hello there!

We will be participating in this year's Otome Jam to finish our project "Chance It!" a comedic, fully voiced visual novel about an overworked office employee that just wants to sleep and how all the weird things happening on her way home that night is preventing it! This game also serves as a (very very) belated birthday gift to a friend of mine!

We are looking for a CG Artist, Promo Artists, and Composers! Full info (including official synopsis, character profiles, and position details) can be found in the Google Docs below! I look forward to working with you! ^^

Yeah, I went and got all the possibilities after I wrote this! It truly is a charming story, so if you intend to expand it, I'll definitely play it!

I just finished my first playthrough (will be checking out the other two paths very soon) and can I say I loved this short little story?? The MC is adorable and I love the banter she has with the detective chasing her! I absolutely would LOVE to see a longer version of this! Good job on finishing NaNo and making this cute and enjoyable game! It really brought a smile to my face ^^

Hahaha well you can always give it a small update in the future, if you want to! But even so, congrats, and I am happy to have been of service <3

Congrats on reviving "Crop Circle" and finishing NaNo!

This wonderful little gem was well worth the wait! It felt so unreal to finally play through it, and it did not disappoint! I loved all the characters, especially Maya, and I loved the choice in music (azure has this magical skill of finding the most fitting music for her games), and the writing just.... it made me feel things, there's a reason "a bucket of tears" is listed as a feature haha. Go give this lovely gem a try for yourself,  each and every ending,I promise you will not be disappointed!

This art is so gorgeous! (LOL Matt)

I'm pleased you are enjoying it ^^

I absolutely adored this! Though very short, it was a nice taste to show what Ren'Py can be capable of! The art was cute, the choice of music delightful, the crafting system was neat and I loved the battles! My only disappointment was that it was quite short, but I enjoyed every minute of this short adventure, and it's really impressive for a NaNo project! Excellent work~

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Leo reluctantly helps his basically-sister Maya to find an item she lost somewhere on the steep mountain side. 


  • Voice acted dialogue
  • Around 1k words in length
  • Kinetic novel, no choices
  • Beautiful character art by tashaj4de
  • Sibling-esque banter

CAST: Shakyra Dunn as Leo, Nicolle Zambrano as Maya

Download here;

Finally managed to get most of the endings.... I think I may have 2 left, but anyway! I HIGHLY ENJOYED THAT! Hahahaha, poor Horatio looked so done with life (reminds me of Del hahaha) and Jeff's dialogue was hilarious! The voice acting was great! Everyone seemed to really enjoy their roles (and it was an honor to lend my voice for best girl ??? lol). Whilst the game was comedic genius, I really loved that it had a plot and how it connects to TPPM, and I so look forward to helping you expand this world with our collaborative releases in the future!

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Thank you! I'm still figuring out what I want to do with it, so I am tweaking a lot of things, but it is designed with solo play in mind simply with an optional variant if you wanted to play with others, but it's meant to be solo game!


There's an idea for a TTRPG I have, and is mostly geared to solo play (it has multiple "modes" and scenarios), but it does include options where you can play with others if you want. So my question is... is a game that includes the ability to play with other people alright, so long as it can be played solo and that's the main thing? 

It was short, simple, and mysterious, but also very satisfying. I really enjoyed the subtle message it had ^^

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Hi! I do not have a mac, but my friend does and when we made a game together she put instructions on how to run on mac, so it should apply here too. So with the Mac version; "For Mac users, you might need to go to system preferences and allow the app to run." I hope this helps!

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Thank you for playing, we are so thrilled you enjoyed it!

As to answer your spoiler-y question (scroll down).....

Yes and no. I actually gave El the pitch for the darker version before we even began writing. That reference is more like to allude to the fact that Ed died as a child, though it can also be seen as by the characters he just remained immature haha, hence why no alarm bells went off for Shelly.

Ah yes, I had forgotten to comment how neat it was that you took the photos so low to match their point of view. It was obvious a lot of love and passion went into this, and it's just so cute and charming! I look forward to your future projects ^^

Congrats on the full release! I finally got a chance to play it, and it was really charming!

I had been looking forward to this little game since the 2020 NaNo! I decided to wait for the full version before I played it, and it was worth the wait! For such a short adventure, I really enjoyed it. The characters being cute plush toys was a neat touch, especially the fact they are based on the creator's actual plushies! I personally loved Brian the best, he was funny (and dramatic haha). The photos were really neat, I felt like I got to learn about Prague from the comfort of my own home, and I loved the simple effects of panning across an image, how the images moved across the screen, and other little images inside a poleroid frame. A simple but charming visual novel with quite a few choice points for such a short story, it allowed for a bit of replay to see more sights, and I loved the section about the Czech language (yes I tried pronouncing some of it, the r sound is interesting!) I am curious to the dev... did you record those audio demonstrations yourself? (After hearing the voice, I pictured Mr. Cat with that voice the rest of the game).

Overall, I highly recommend this cute, short but sweet adventure!

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Hello! The project has sadly been shelved, and this version is considered complete. I actually released 1stQ in the event I could not finish for whatever reason, so this version is complete and there will probably be no more updates. I have now edited the top description to help make that more clear!

Thanks ^^

And I am honored to have you! Let's do our best!! ^^