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I am so pleased you're enjoying it! I hope you're having a fantastic adventure, and good luck

I had been meaning to play this for sometime but never got around to it. I absolutely adored this short RPG, which explored the feeling of loneliness and the mundane task of tagging asteroids. The tagging gameplay is simple, to the point, and oddly relaxing, and is never overdone. The true gem to this RPG is its story. There's two endings, and I must say.... that second ending... anyway, good job! I really love the use of muted colors to give it that lonely space feel. 

I honestly really enjoyed this game. It had a lot of heart, and the story was intriguing, and I loved the voice acting! It felt like I was watching an anime. What a cliffhanger to leave it on, I hope to someday see more of it, but even as is, it was a fantastic story!

Okay thank you so much!! I'll submit the page tomorrow, and the actual download release will be online bright and early the following day!

I have a quick question -- would it be OK to submit a game page without a download before the deadline, as I will be uploading our demo on the 15th (I had made a mistake in thinking it ended on the 15th in my timezone--it says 14th at 9PM for me), and I have access to better Internet anyway on Monday. Would this be alright? If not, I also understand. Thank you ^^

Super excited for this! I'll be setting some money aside for the full release, but for now, I'll find time for the trial release in the meantime.

Awesome, thanks!

Thank you for responding so quickly! We are excited to finish our project here ^^

One more question... would we be allowed to use the jam's logo in our game's end credits?

Hello! This looks like a beautiful jam!

I think the jam would be perfect for continuing our NaNo project "Wish List" (since for that jam, we're only able to release a demo). But I want to make sure that it fits! The novel does feature a budding romance (friends to lovers) and actually happens during springtime (despite they do go to the beach in a couple's rainy though haha). It is also about healing, since the story revolves around last moments with someone who is terminally ill and coming to accept and cherish those moments--sort of like how fleeting spring blossoms can be. Would a VN like this be okay to submit to Blossom VN Jam? 

Hey there! We just wanted to let you know we used your template in our upcoming project Wish List !

Hehehe yup!!! Prepare for all sorts of shenannigans and PUNS!

Haha thanks!! We hope to get the full version out by the end of SuNoFes, so stay tuned ~

Thank you!! I hope you will enjoy it! ^^

Happy anniversary to TPPM! Also that artwork looks SO COOL! I love those two <3

Definitely checking this game out, will be saving up for it ~

I'd like to thank everyone who submitted for participating in this jam! ^^

I have been a bit busy lately, so I sadly was unable to put in a vote, but I plan to listen to all the entries and leave comments on each entry as soon as I am able!

Awesome! ^^

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This was such a sweet story and I loved all the puzzles! The illustrations are lovely to look at and it had the right bit of emotion to it as well, leaving me wonder what will happen next after the "to be continued". Are the other blackbird games you have a continuation of this one? Or are they all standalone? (I plan to play them soon, but if they continue, I hope to play in the right order ^^)

This sounds awesome, looking forward to it ~

It's time to vote! Be sure to listen to all entries and vote on them! Good luck everyone ~

Haha no worries, do take your time, the game is not going anywhere!

Congrats on your 5 year anniversary, both to this amazing game that introduces us into the world of Gaia, as well as to your journey as a whole!!

Voice Pack Jam community · Created a new topic 9 days left!

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and thanks for checking out the jam! ^^

This is simply a friendly reminder that there are 9 days remaining for the jam! Feel free to discuss your progress so far and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Fantastic read! Very thorough! I wish I was thorough with mine but by that point I just felt too tired and lazy lol

It sounds like you really worked out the kinks in a lot of your projects and I am SO looking forward to the Out of Order sequel the most. But I am very curious as to the new games you have in store as well! A Sub Mortis update at some point would also be appreciated :) Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Voice Pack Jam!

Adding a sprinkle of voice acting can add just a little bit of extra life to your characters whilst still allowing players reading the dialogue to interpret how the line is said themselves! It's that perfect inbetween!

If you're someone who is interested in voice acting or have been doing it for years, why not kick off the new year by recording a voice pack? There is no theme, so you can record any type of voice pack you want, be it in a specific genre, theme, or you can make it general or broad to fit nearly any situation! You set your own terms of use for how your assets are used, whether it's specific terms you've laid out yourself or simply slapping a Creative Commons license, it's all up to you!

The jam will last one whole month and have a 10 day voting period! Voting will be open to all, and the voting queue is enacted not only to make things more fair, but to hopefully help you discovered some amazing talent you may not have stumbled upon otherwise!

Full jam details are below. Hope you to see you there! ^^

Hello! I am happy it had you smiling ^^

It's nice to see after all these years this game still makes people happy ~

Oh I had forgotten to comment here!

This game has a really neat concept, using dice rolls for ingredients! It's relaxing, the graphics are nice, so is the music, and the mouse is adorable!

I hope one day you might consider giving this a download for PC or Android, because I really love playing it! ^^

Good luck, been keeping my eye on this!

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Hello there! So happy to hear you're still thinking about this game! It is currently on hold but not for too much longer--we're hoping to see the demo out around early 2023 ~

Happy anniversary to Dark Nights!

Hello again! I have thought of making more games with different adventures and genres that use the 13 Days mechanic. As for if there's anything more for 13 Days specifically, as of right now, no. But if I ever get a hit of inspiration, I could try expanding it with more prompts!

I am not aware if any forums are showcasing playthroughs of 13 Days. I know the game was listed on a reddit post of free TTRPGs. but that's about it.

I have not really used other journaling tools to enhance gameplay before, but it's something I'd like to try out!

I'm happy you're enjoying this game! It's the TTRPG I have put the most effort in making so far! ^^

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I absolutely adored the Reprise Edition. Personally, I find this definitive edition worth the price. The original story almost felt like experiencing it for the first time again with the shiny new backgrounds and the remastered OST (it's also a cool feature to revert to the original, if desired). The extra chapters were a fun read, making me smile and laugh out loud multiple times, but it also had moments of that whimsical mystique that made the main story so lovely, and I just love the note it ended on. The new chapters really made me remember how much I missed these characters, so to see them on a few new adventures was a definite treat!

I still adore the original free version, as the old filtered background had a charm of its own - and it's still available - so to anyone not sure whether or not to buy this, try the original, and then relive it again with the Reprise Edition. I promise you won't be disappointed! ^^

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I've been keeping my eye on this one for sometime, super excited to play the full demo! And the main theme is gorgeous!

Hi! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had a wonderful experience ^^

Oh wow, so the second cutscene had a dream inspiration behind it, that would explain a lot lol

 But yes, this was a fun little piece of what I was able to experience, and if you ever add more to it, I will definitely give it another go for sure ^^

Despite crashing after the second cutscene lol I did enjoy what I did play of it!

The tutorial level looked horrendous, but I loved the concept of seeing instructions written on the walls and having the proper obstacles to use these controls. I loved the idea of smashing Ctrl in order to get bigger jumps on the trampoline, so there's a lot of cool mechanics. 

The first cutscene.... oh gosh that pun lol and all the enemies look so weird (but the skeletons with chainsaws legit scared me hahahaha). One enemy got stuck somewhere, but it looked menacing so I was thankful for this error. I am so bad at conserving ammo, hence why I died the first time on level 1 but somehow managed to pass it my second time.

Second cutscene I'd say I wasn't very fond of, but I am curious what level 2 was like but sadly it had to crash. But again , what I played of this game was quite fun! The opening cutscene with the text-to-speech was hilarious and nonsensical (actually about all the cutscenes are nonsensical hahaha), levels are hideous with a lot of flat and bright colors, and the mechanics are quite fun and interesting. I especially love jump dashing!

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I just played through this adorable little "sorta demo" and wow..... I didn't know what to expect initially since you said "puzzles", but you jammed pack it full of all sorts of neat little interactables with so many fun references, I was grinning from ear to ear!

I love how there was a lot of purple. I also loved the 4th wall breaking of what I assume was your own frustrations, like those messy notes hahaha. The mapping is actually quite good for a first time RM game. I laughed so hard at the wash up scene and the SFX you used xD

I don't really have too much to complain about, especially since it is a demo, the only technical nitpicks I have is there were a few leveling issues here and there, like some SFX were a lot louder than others, and a lot of the sentences lacked ending in periods. But aside from that, this was a cute little demo that I am super excited to see completed ^^

I extended the jam by one week, so it will end on my brother's birthday instead lol

And then voting will begin!

I am SUPER EXCITED for this ~