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I am quite pleased you enjoyed it! I find subtle horror to sometimes make one feel more uncomfortable and uneasy, especially when dealing with something shrouded in mystery you have no idea what's going to happen.

Thank you for the speedy response ^^

Hi, this is a lovely sprite! I have a quick question - I would like to use him as a bust sprite that appears on the side whenever his dialogue shows up, so to do that I would have to cut the sprite up to the bust. Would this be OK?

Hello, pleased you enjoyed it!

As for the scanvenger hunt, I coded it that way on purpose! As stated by the voice, you may only search a location once. Therefore, once you've searched that location, the choice disappears ^^

You're welcome ^^

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This is fun, albeit it a little challenging. I also like how the sprite blinks!

The music matches perfectly and never feel redundant, the background is so pretty and perfect for the setting. I like the gameplay factor of playing shiritori and that the game is harder than it sounds when you hit a wall of what word to write in the chain!

Excellent work~

Hello! I used a code provided to the Ren'Py Cookbook by the lovely SusanTheCat at Lemmasoft!

I only got 2 endings so far (will go for the other 4 soon), but I just wanted to let you know how much I adore this entry! The music feels so fitting for the atmosphere and world. I also like how the end gallery expands upon what happens afterword, as well as includes a synopsis to give you context to the world and what's happening to the characters. The graphics are pleasing to look at, and I adore the voice acting for the twins. It's not often you get a good story about a brother and sister, I personally have a soft place in my heart for these (probably since I myself am a girl with a brother very close to my age). 

I nearly teared up at the first ending I got. Excellent work!

That was a cute, simple game! I liked Cilantro's character ^^

This was an adorable piece that felt so warm. Sometimes even when things go wrong, life has something better in store!

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Wow this stirred up a lot of emotions. The way it started out all happy and cherry, calm and serene. Then the backgrounds kept getting darker and the story a little sinister. It was vague and mysterious, and quite bittersweet. I enjoyed it immensely, it was a very interesting entry!

What an adorable little game! I like how there's a lot of little choices, and it's just a simple, sweet chance encounter meeting!

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Happy you enjoyed the game! I don't get to make creepy ones that often, but I like to whenever I get the chance!

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it and I was able to invoke the shivers~

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"But if I don't like most of your answers, well...."

As the fog rolls in, you attempt to call your brother to let him know you'd be arriving late. However, a simple mis-dialing of one digit directs your phone call to someone you don't know.

Wrong number. No big deal, right?

That is, until the mysterious woman on the other end holds your call hostage with a series of nonsensical questions.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! ^^

I am curious; are choices allowed in the visual novel or should the visual novel be completely Kinetic? (no choices)

If choices are allowed, should it still only lead to one ending, or can there be multiple?

Also I am assuming by one character, it's the one that belongs to the sprite, since the MC talking to the sprite character would be a character too? (I just want to double make sure haha)

Thanks! This jam looks like a lot of fun, and I love to make VNs, so working with the limitations will be super interesting~

You're very welcome! My first ending was Ending 3 ^^

I'll check out the other endings soon~

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It was a pleasure working with you! I'm pleased you liked the final result! Even more pleased you find it replayable--it is my hope in all games I make that they are replayable, like watching a favorite movie!

I just got done with my first playthrough of your game! I must say, it's so surprising this was a thing made within 4 days time. I didn't even remember catching any typos in the dialogue, haha!

First off, I find it so interesting how our heroine is named Merlin haha. I find female MCs with boyish names to be really fun and interesting! Also, the musical pieces chosen were very nice to listen to.

I really enjoyed the mystery and light horror aspects of the game. Sometimes I found Emil to be a bit too much of a jerk sometimes, but I was satisfied with the ending I got and really wanted to be his friend! I also liked Nero's character. I got worried he may have been a more... sinister existence... but was pleasant surprised.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this short VN. It pulled me in immediately and I couldn't stop playing until I reached a conclusion! Very good job ^^

Very pleased you enjoyed it, and thank you for the streams~

Pleased you enjoyed it! ^^


Our project for NaNoRenO 2020 ! Please look at the install instructions for recommended  volume setting for the Voice Acted version of the game.


Annelise is a seemingly normal high school student with the convenient oddity of her parents never being home. In fact, it's been an entire year since she last saw them in person.  But after receiving a mysterious locket that her friend Sora found, things start to take a bizarre turn when a shota-looking butler pledging his unwavering loyalty appears on Annelise's doorstep!

Oh, and evidently (according to him anyway) she's not really called Annelise, but Lady Valance.... from another world. Yup....

- 16,000+ words
- Voice acted dialogue
- 7 event CGs
- 3 endings
- OP & ED video
- Music, CG, Ending Galleries + Character Notes
- A butler that can cook, clean, and wield a katana
- Battles end swiftly

Just got done playing this and really loved it! The artwork was extremely cute, and the forming of the Art Club was fun! I found the story to be very inspiring, too. David seemed kind of cold at times with how he got irritated at them at one point, but it showed how much he cared with those personalized notes and tutorials he made for them--that was my favorite scene!

I have just finished my playthrough of "Dear Devere" (I left a nice, long comment on its Lemmasoft thread since I can protect certain aspects of my review in spoiler tags) but I would like to say this piece was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 

The concept is so interesting, and I never knew I could feel so much excitement from reading letters! The artwork on the envelopes were a pleasure to the eyes, the music was enchanting, but the best part was the VOICE ACTING! The two that played the parts of Angela and Devere matched their characters so well. The readings of their letters were so natural, it felt like a true correspondance--like I was reading an actual letter and could properly hear the person that penned them in my brain (which often happens when I read letters from those I know). It's a nice tale I wouldn't mind experiencing again from time to time.

I HIGHLY recommend this piece to anyone that enjoys an enchanting atmosphere, poetic writing, splendid voice acting, with a dash of mystery~

Ahh thank you so much for playing! I am happy you liked Ending 2, it's personally my favorite ending, and hope you enjoy the others too!

It pleases me you liked the voice acting. Haha Jason's VA would be thrilled to know that! Hahaha, yeah, many hearts were broken upon learning Jason is datable, but yup, you know why xD

I'm glad it brings a feeling of nostalgia. I personally do have a fondness for 4:3 in a way since it feels really classic. I went with this for 2 reasons; biggest reason was some of the assets I were using worked best in a 4:3 format, and second, as I mentioned I have a fondness for 4:3 due to its really classic feel! 

Thanks again for playing it ^^

I hope you will enjoy it ^^

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Definitely gonna achieve all those ends later today! Your project was the one I looked most forward to this NaNo ^^

Honestly you did well in crafting 2 really excellent guys!! Which I think is great, since it'll encourage players to really want all those endings, and not just for completion, but because it's gonna be amazing~ Jay is fun because of his unrest and banter with Robin, buuut, Wren has this special charm and the little "game" between him and Robin keeps me in suspense, like what will happen if Robin falters? Wren is quite smart, and has a high chance of winning against Robin methinks. It's all so well crafted for a simple story that takes place on a train!

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Thank you!! I felt really proud of the fight scenes. I did my best to keep them interesting. Glad you liked the voices, and that the ending was not expected! ^^

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I am pleased you liked Ending 1!

Good luck with the battles in Fantasia! I do look forward to reading them still ^^

Haha alright then. I will say Ann did try, but Noah wouldn't really let her due to his fears xD

I plan to start writing in May (since SuNoFes you can start whenever you want lol) so hope you will enjoy the Lillian side story! Her encounter was my favorite to write!

Thank you!! Hope you have fun with it ^^

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I am pleased you really enjoyed the game!! Did you get all the endings? And even if you did you might have missed one hehe ;)

Glad you liked the voice acting!

Hehehe yup, very quick encounters! I've always wanted to do something more action-y, but since I chose a jam to try it, I had to do a battles end quickly concept to make it doable lol.

Very happy you liked the little twists! Ann does really care about Noah when he is injured (especially since she feels to blame for him getting hurt in the first place), but perhaps I didn't write it as well as I thought haha. Something I shall keep in mind for the future!

Ah yes Lillian! I wish we could've spent time with her more too. Actually you probably will... I am planning to write a Kinetic prequel for the Summer Novel Festival! Can't promise if it'll have any voicing--it's up to my team if they're available, buuut, I'll finally be able to cover content I had to cut that I wanted to have flashbacks of or explain about, but couldn't. One of those things is the tale of Devin & Lillian!

Thank you for all your kind words and feedback! It really means a lot to me to know what you enjoyed and maybe not enjoyed as much! 

... also I could not resist referencing Zhuang. It had to be done! Hehe. 

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Once I started playing this, I couldn't stop until I reached one of the pseudo-endings. I still need to get a the other three, but I. AM. IN LOVE. The art is fantastic to look at, the dialogue is so eloquently written, so many places literally had me laughing out loud. I really love how serious Jay is! But oh my... I think I am falling in love with Wren, especially after that dream flashback, so I am assuming I got on his route. It tugged my heartstrings. I'm a sucker for childhood friend routes lol. Here I thought it'd be different 'cause yo, Jay is a fantastic character, but then BAM! Wren's dream lol. Let's see what happens when I get the other 3 ends, but I thoroughly enjoyed Part 1 so far and looking forward to the second!

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Ah thank you!!! I'll consider this in an update with some testing~ I'm gonna wait a bit though to hear if there's any issues with the game, so I can compile all needed fixes in one go for an update ^^

Oh is the game not running?

These are actually well done! I personally loved "Rain" the most, and the images you chose to accompany the pieces were a beautiful touch!



Hahaha glad you liked it! Nanji is a difficult one, so probably... never lol xD

This is going to be REALLY interesting! This game is gonna have a lot of replayability.