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Pew Aaaa is the one that stuck with me as well. Grade-A nonsense.

I love the sound design, but the controls are a bit too finicky for my taste.

I made it to the end and there's a bunch of neat ideas in here. I like it a lot. "We are the plot guard" is hysterical.

This is so perfect! Absolutely love it.

I feel like there is more bad than good here. Cute idea, but the execution isn't working for me.

It's pretty awesome. I have that song stuck in my head now.

Windows XP wallpaper is a nice touch, though.

I think this is spot on. The art is a-dor-able! I would like to see this as a bigger game.

This is brilliant. 

Hard to control, vulgar, and just the right amount of ridiculousness. A really good bad game.

I don't think it's bad at all and I had fun playing it. Is that a positive? A negative? This jam is hard to rate.

I'm going with C++ and SFML.

I probably should make it a little faster (it was even slower when I started.). Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! :)