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I love it! Super short games are my jam.

The lag was rough, but once I got over that, I really enjoyed it.

Yesss, this is fantastic! I had a blast running around shooting at the minions.

You captured the LCD feeling perfectly, well done.

Yes. That is the "end". 

Pew Aaaa is the one that stuck with me as well. Grade-A nonsense.

I love the sound design, but the controls are a bit too finicky for my taste.

I made it to the end and there's a bunch of neat ideas in here. I like it a lot. "We are the plot guard" is hysterical.

This is so perfect! Absolutely love it.

I feel like there is more bad than good here. Cute idea, but the execution isn't working for me.

It's pretty awesome. I have that song stuck in my head now.

Windows XP wallpaper is a nice touch, though.

I think this is spot on. The art is a-dor-able! I would like to see this as a bigger game.

This is brilliant. 

Hard to control, vulgar, and just the right amount of ridiculousness. A really good bad game.

I don't think it's bad at all and I had fun playing it. Is that a positive? A negative? This jam is hard to rate.

I'm going with C++ and SFML.

I probably should make it a little faster (it was even slower when I started.). Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! :)