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Fantnasy GaemView game page

Made for the "So Bad it's Good" Jam
Submitted by cubehero — 1 hour, 18 minutes before the deadline

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Is the game so bad that it's good?#63.7854.125

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Awesome game, had me in stitches laughing nice work!


Thank you! I'm happy you found it funny!


Super funny game. I included it in a compilation video series of all of the games from the ‘So Bad It’s Good’ Jam, if you’d like to take a look :)


Thanks for these videos! Gave me a chance to see all the games I didn't check out myself from the Jam!


I made it to the end and there's a bunch of neat ideas in here. I like it a lot. "We are the plot guard" is hysterical.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! That part seems like it's one of the more well liked ones!


I got stuck ;( pretty good parody though


Hey, what part / area did you get stuck on? Thanks!


Got trapped by the "i like fire" person haha. Can't seem to move from here


Ohh, yeah, I actually knew that could lead to a softlock, I assumed it was fine (only in the context of making the game terrible, of course) though because of the save point right next to it... but maybe it was not fine? D:


Haha that's kind of the way I took it as well. Intentionally bad games are full of bugs

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's nice to see others doin' RPG Maker games, this looks like it is MV I think?

So I played this game, and I was like.... ohmygosh what the hell did I just play? People randomly disappearing and the incredibly horrible dialogue lol. I do admit, it was quite funny and I did laugh at a few parts. I think my favourite was "I have brought upon shame, I must now commit Sudoku" as well as "we are the plot guard!"  xD

The maps were utterly horribly designed and the randomless made me feel like I was in those nonsensical dreams haha. However, there was a small level of frustration and something about it, while funny, lacked a bit of the "fun" factor so I honestly can't really rate it as high. It was a neat concept, but perhaps a bit too random to be "so bad it's good" and lacks replayability. The dialogue was fun though, so props to that~


Yes, I made this in MV in about a day! I did my best to make it as horrible as I could while having it hopefully still be entertaining, but with more time it could have probably been "better"(?)

Thanks, I feel like the comment about the maps is a plus considering the objective of the game! I think I get what you mean, though, there definitely isn't any replayability or really fun "gameplay" (I have yet to practice more with RPG Maker, even simple things like the Four Kings "Boss Battle" seem hard to realize in that engine to me). I'm glad you liked the dialogue, since that's one of the main "features" of the game!


Mmhmm, yes! This jam is certainly spawning a lot of neat entries and "uniqueness" for sure. It was also funny how portraits kept chanigng randomly and the end was so anti-climatic xD Not to mention since we can ON LY skip the intro, why is our heroine in a dungeon? What are we doing? So yeah, the confusion  was also a neat little thing as there are actual games out there that are kinda like that xD

I am curious as to how MV works, really, I have Ace which is a lot of fun and I had fun experimenting with eventing... I put more effort than I realised, but if you have used other RPG Maker engines... is MV still really easy or has there been changes?


Yeah! I really loved the topic of this jam, I kind of hope there'll be another similar one again at some point! I also hope I can play a few of the other entries myself before the rating period ends.

If you aren't familiar with Dark Souls (which this game is a terrible spoof of) I imagine everything must have felt much more random than it already is anyway. If you can spare 5 minutes I suggest watching the following video (is there no way I can link this without embedding? It's so huge)

I must admit I haven't done that much with MV yet, but from my limited experience it is mostly the same as VX Ace (Although I only made one game with VX Ace, so not super experienced there either). I think the main exception is that scripting works a lot different because it doesn't use that Ruby (was that the name?) scripting language anymore, to my knowledge. But the core things regarding events and databases, tilesets, etc. all look really similar!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow, that intro totally explains the beginning, like the "convenient cell key". After watching that, I might give your game another run to get a better "feel" of it haha. This is actually a game I'd been kinda interested in playing someday, as I am a HUGE fan of the Dark Fantasy genre (one of my favourite genres to write as well). 

Oh yes, there are some horrid gems so we are all up against fierce competition!I seriously think Super Catch'Dem Munsters will win xD I loved that one, if not win, it'll definitely be in the Top 5 bundle haha. 

I love this jam concept too, so when I found it, I hopped aboard right away as this is right up my ally 'cause a concept like this means developing will be nothing but pure fun. Plus it spawns.... great "creativity" haha. Let us hope our host holds another one~  I ended up liking mine so much, I may even EXPAND upon it with sequels and prequels for other jams to come for the hell of it, for it to be some "undying franchise" kinda joke maybe xD

Ooh that is good. I haven't really did much with scripting anyway so MV sounds easy to slide into. I love the new, shiney graphics and characters so it is an engine I'd love to try when it goes on sale or something. 


Yeah, I can't imagine how (much more) random this game must seem to someone who hasn't played Dark Souls! If you like Dark Fantasy you should really check out Dark Souls, I *don't* normally like Dark Fantasy but loved the series, so it should be good for anyone who likes Dark Fantasy, I think.

That one is the only entry I could play so far, and part of what inspired me to try my hand at making my own entry with RPG Maker. I also think it should be in the top 5 for sure!

Yeah, I hope there'll be another one, too! I also want to check out your entry, but I'm trying to make something for the bitsy Jam that is also currently going on, argh! How long would you guess your game is?

You should probably try to buy it then, I think it goes on sale every now and then (not sure if it was on the Steam Summer Sale, but that just ended anyway :( )


Definitely going to give it a go when I can~

Yeah, I totally think it will make it into the Top 5 there is just no way it can't xD

Ooh, you're making another jam game? I should totally check that out~

My game takes about... from what I checked in my playtime of saves, I'd say about 1 hour. Some of the cutscenes can be kinda long, so I did event in save screens that will appear in between them. There are some errors, like 1 event near the end when you play the blue haired guy, the white haired girl at the not approach her from the left, I forgot to put "skip if cannot move" so behind or from the right or your game will lock. One player said it locked up in the bakery tent when they tried to take bread, so to be safe just buy it from the woman lol. 


What I'm currently trying to make (I hope I can manage it before the deadline) is more of an animation than a game, but we'll see if it works out!

Oh, I frequently saved while playing your game but I didn't actually encounter anything that stopped me in my tracks, just the thing that caused me to restart that I mentioned in the comment page of your game. It was great!


Great so bad it's good game. Hilarious dialogue. I made it to the end! It's my fav game "bad" game of the jam so far.


Thank you very much, I'm honored by your comment! Thanks for playing through it!


Uh... I have no idea what to think. I'm not sure if it really fits "so bad it's good", but I found it really funny. And... I did pretty much the same thing so there's that.


I actually tried making something more "gameplay" based at first, but feared it would be hard to make it *bad*. Your entry and the Pokemon one inspired me to give it a shot with RPG Maker, and I'm happy you found it fun! I want to try yours but it'll be interesting since I haven't played any Witcher game (but I watched my brother play them a bit and your splash screen is hilarious regardless)!