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A browser game made in HTML5.
A downloadable game for Windows.

great game cool visuals

mulala rated a game 185 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
pangorak rated a game 188 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
PopSoda rated a game 233 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.

I mean, what can i say about it? It is really funny and i think that "So bad it's good" genre actually recycles stuff like that to be actually entertaining. I also have saw that you have only two games. So i think that you could make actual games if you did that. That is cool.

A downloadable game for Windows.
Updated minimum price to $0.00.
savvymann rated a game 274 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.

Gorgeous game with the coloring, and neat concept!

PopSoda rated a game 298 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.

Ok, this game was fun in it's own way but i will give it a 1/10 because the game roasted me. So frick off.

Before you read the review, i have loved this game as a joke. This is just me overlooking at secret meanings in this game.

So to be honest, i like memes, shits and giggles and jokes. This game would be a 1/10 if there were no aesthethics. Again, if the game has it's own aesthethics then everything is acceptable. The aesthethics of the game determine everything about it. This game has "haha" meme aesthethics. This game is an extremely good and a quality shitpost. There are no game mechanics and this game is just a F you in the face. In a good way of course, cause this game is a joke. 

So let's start reviewing this as a joke and nothing else.  You have made a playable joke in a video game and it was awesome. The game doesn't allow anything for you to do. Basically your skill doesn't matter. You are worthless and a loser in life. When you try to search something to play with it is just a


to you with just "Nobody loves you" appearing (or something like that. You cannot even draw or name your child without getting roasted. Ironically, it is unironically an extremely funny game to play with friends and laugh until death.

And now lets be serious. This game is just unplayable to the point of it being funny unironically. I hate games like these because they are repedetive and unoriginal. But this game is pretty funny if you play it for the first time. Everything you do is a joke and that is just awesome because the game becomes just a little bit unpredictable.

Now lets get conspiracy going on.

This game is the embodiment of what i like to call: "Beauty of the child stupidity and innocence"

If you think about it everything in this game has a meaning. Imagine a child playing or making a videogame. What would he type while naming his character? Something stupid that seems really funny. Like "Hitler" for example.

Fake color names are in this game because kids try to be funny with their small brain creating humor, and jokes. Like naming yellow collor a white color.  The "peepee drawing" is what a kid would probably draw when asked to draw a body part. The edgyness of children is kinda cute actually.

Making a joke game mechanic, like run where you cannot win is something a kid would make as a joke.

That is why this is the most realistic


 So, this game might be a joke (most likely though), a seriously shitty game trying to be funny, or unironically the saddest and one of the most beautiful child simulators ever. 

We will never know.

Nah not really. Just a fun little joke you play one time in your life and forget.


Now get out of here because i am tired of typing this.

PopSoda rated a game 311 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.

I use this word extremely often, but this game is very aesthetical. If you would make it FNAF type or something like that, it would be unironically scary. This game is just a funny joke nothing more. Also i recommend you to distrot the sound to make it even worse and scarier. 6/10

A downloadable game for Windows.
Josh Powlison rated a masterpiece 1 year ago
A downloadable masterpiece for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

High art.

A downloadable game for Windows.

I didn't beat it, but the concept is so hilarious and it IS so bad, it's good. Definitely a fantastic entry for the jam, and very memorable.

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