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I can definitely relate, tweaking sound volumes and generally sound-related programming (like how to prevent stacking sounds) is a big issue for me as well! Unfortunately I don't really have much experience in getting it right, either. I basically just try to err on the side of sounds being more quiet in my games, which I think isn't the optimal way to go!

It wasn't a big deal in your game either way, so no worries!

An unintentional secondary timer, caused by rushed development. : (

But I'm glad if you liked the art, music and fight progression! 

I'm also happy if you liked the secondary fire, I unfortunately forgot to write in the description that that was part of the "limit" theming for my game... or, well, a description of controls in general.

Thank you!

I enjoyed it! The sketchy art style is quite nice. I'm too bad a bullet hell player to have completed it, but I thought the different systems at play with the colours and level adjustments were quite interesting.

A few of the sound effects were maybe a bit too loud (Boss warning and player death, I think), but other than that everything seems quite polished! Well done!

Thank you! I'm glad if you enjoyed it. I'm happy if it felt relaxing to play! I'll have to see about getting "god spots" sorted when I hopefully get around to making a patch, since the game was rushed for the jam.

This game has a nice, quirky personality. I liked the music and the art, especially the main character's sprite!
I had fun even if I didn't manage to finish it!

I think there are a few places where clarity could have been a bit better, like in some parts of the level design (it felt like I sometimes couldn't go where it looked possible to traverse and then in one part of level 2 it felt like I was walking inside a wall) and some of the abilities, or projectile feedback. Not a huge deal, though!

The game crashed a few times, sometimes on start of the game (post intro), sometimes on death. Other than that, the only bug I encountered is that an enemy kept shooting after dying (one of the level 2 ones that shoot a line of projectiles).

Overall, I quite liked it, well done!

I'm glad if you liked the art and audio! Also that you found the Game Over screen cute. :D

I'm sorry for the massive FPS drops, those came from me not having time to actually playtest the game indeed, I didn't know quite that many bullets would end up on screen... It's nice that you viewed it as an extra challenge! I think double-dipping on the damage by shooting multiple targets is indeed the way to go, though I wonder if I should keep that or not when making a patch for the game. I guess it might be a fun thing to keep, being able to line up shots to hit multiple hurtboxes.

No worries on the cheese, there are unfortunately a bunch of "god spots" and stuff, too! I'm happy if you enjoyed the game.

It felt quite polished, and the mechanics are interesting! It takes a moment to get used to the movement, but it felt fun. Nice visuals and audio! Well done!

I liked the "braid physics" on the main character, so to speak. :D

Thank you! I understand, unfortunately I didn't have time to include explosions for the turrets, and on top of that there's a bug where respawning turrets become invincible, so that does make things very unneccesarily confusing. : (

It was fun to play! It's a bit tough to keep track of all the enemy's attacks (especially the pink band, when it's not fully visible), but I think that's a given in 3D space. It was still nice to control overall, especially with the air movement possibilities! The heroine's model seems quite high quality. Well done!

No worries, I think it was completely fine, especially for a jam project!

Unfortunately my time ran out super hard towards the end of the jam, and I couldn't actually polish the boss's bullet patterns, which leads to a lot of dead zones and performance issues. : (

I hope to make a patch for the game at some point after the jam duration. I'm glad if you still had fun!

A very nice game! The style is cohesive and feels a bit like an old arcade game updated to today's graphics. The gameplay was fun (especially after I remembered I had a dash, after a few waves)! I'm glad you added a way to skip the waves so I didn't have to redo them after dying to a boss.

Overall a fun experience, well done!

Thank you, I'm glad if you liked it!

The concept was quite interesting and made for a fun to play game! The art is also quite cohesive overall, making everything seem quite polished, especially for a jam game. Well done!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I liked the game, simple and fun! Well done!

Thank you! Unfortunately I ran out of time for the jam, so I couldn't actually tweak and polish the game (and prevent that extreme performance hit towards the end). I hope to release a patch after the jam date some time.

I liked the theming and I thought the background art was quite nice! Well done!

No problem, well done on the game!

Yeah, I somehow made it after a lot of very close calls, but then died after a few mistyped words. : ( I found it funny when one of the words to type suddenly became a long binary string! Putting in a bit of a delay before restart might indeed be a good idea, maybe I was trying to reload while I died. :D

I find audio balancing to be really weird to get right, I never know what base line to use for the volume since everyone probably has their settings differently... It wasn't too big an issue, though, I just paused and tabbed out to reduce the browser volume at some point!

I did like the game a lot, well done!

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad you like the art!

I kind of agree with that, I'm considering patching it to be constant shooting if I get around to making a patch after the jam period. I thought a "minigun style" would be cool especially after seeing a gif of Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth doing a similar attack, but I think it does possibly end up being more tedious in the long run. I'll have to think about it.

Thanks, Godot seems like a very nice engine so far!

I liked the energy of the intro a lot, this witch has spunk to spare!

The game was very fun to play, thanks to the very clearly visible hitbox and the big character sprite, the "bullet grazing" was simple enough for even someone who doesn't play many bullet hell games, and it was satisfying to get a lot of mana at once to shoot a big volley at the Arcane Master!

I also like the art, that was very cute! Well done!

I like the style and the art is quite nice, well done!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! I'm glad you like the art!

It's very cheeseable, I didn't have any time to actually polish the bullet hell patterns... in fact my time ran out so much I didn't even know what they'd look like as I had to upload the game! I'm hoping to make a patch for it after the jam! I didn't know you could also hide in other spots, I only knew of the top right corner. :D

This was very nice, I think I enjoyed it the most out of the games I've played so far! My only real gripe is the sounds being extremely loud, but the theming and gameplay were quite nice!

I got to wave 20, but the game reset immediately upon death and didn't allow me to screenshot. : (

Well done!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked my art and music! I hope I can make a polish patch after the jam duration some time!

It's a very interesting concept, mixing tower defense into things! Very well polished as well.

It took me a while to notice the blue flashing borders around the buildings in the build phase, which made that part take a bit to understand.

Well done!

It's really cool to see the customization, especially in a jam game! Don't worry about the ship design, the A-Wing was always one of my Star Wars favourites (or even the top favourite), so I was actually happy to see something inspired by it. :D

Great work on the music, once more!

I think infinite continues are a really good choice for a longer jam game, since it allowed me to see everything despite playing badly, so I agree with your reasoning. :D A score penalty might be nicer indeed for people who actually want to go for high score, I think that's a good idea!

No worries on the controls, it was a minor thing - maybe I should have also tried it with a controller, I was playing on keyboard.

And also no worries on the textures! The flickering wasn't too bad overall, just something I thought I'd mention. I think it's kind of hard to strike a balance with the texture "density" in pixellated 3D from my (rather limited, as I've made mostly 2D games so far) experience!

Ohh, that nicely explains what happened! A retro streamer on Twitch I like to watch calls that sort of damage causing "generated"... guess I got generated. :D

No worries, I also ran out of time, it can be tough during jams! I still enjoyed your game!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked my art and music.
I understand that the shooting is a bit weird, I both wanted to go for a "minigun style" because it's cool and because of the "limited" theme of the jam, but I might actually remove that and make the character just shoot constantly if I make a patch for the game after the jam period!

I'm sorry for the slowdown, the rushed way I had to make the boss fight towards the end of the jam meant the bullet pattern became much crazier than I intended, and I had no more time to iron things out!


I thoroughly enjoyed this one! The effort put into the customization is nice, even though I mostly went with the ship that was a bit reminiscent of an A-Wing, in pink. The music was very fun, it somehow feels nostalgic. 

I'm also thankful that you put infinite continues - or at least enough for me to finish the game, if they're not infinite. I played kind of badly and my score was really low as a result, but I got to see everything you made!

My only two minor gripes would be the controls indeed being a bit "slippery", like RedWool also mentioned, and the fact that something about the pixelation, or interplay between the resolution and textures and models, kind of made the whole screen flicker a bit during gameplay, at least on my end.

Overall, I had a great time with this game, well done!

I did not expect to be spooked during a bullet hell jam! Something about the atmosphere felt kind of creepy.

Conceptually, I think it was a really interesting take on the genre, and I had fun! Are there only two rooms in this version? I actually would have liked to play for a bit longer! Well done! :D

Thank you for your comment! I hope to remedy both issues a bit if I get to make a patch after the jam duration. You can double or even quadruple dip on damage by hitting the boss and multiple turrets (which is a... semi-intended mechanic), but if you only hit one target, the damage is indeed way too low!

It's really well polished, and has very good music and an interesting aesthetic (a little dark for my taste, but that's just something personal)!

Unfortunately, it seems like the continue does not reset the position of the walls? I died to the walls being 1 pixel thin on the first boss because I thought I was maybe supposed to spare them after their shield went down, given there's talk about empathy and two different endings (I even flew into the boss to go for a "hug"). Then the walls just instantly destroyed me again after continuing!

This is a very minor thing, but does this engine, which I'm actually completely unfamiliar with, allow you to name key binds in the menu? I had no idea what I was re-binding, since I think the slow-down button is called "Fire 2" or something. :D

Overall it shows that quite a lot of work and polish went into it, and I liked the boss' bullet patterns! For now, I had to give up since I want to play some of the other jam games, but I might go back and try it again later!

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Thanks for the comment!
I think I made the base player speed too high overall, but you do slow down (at least that's the intent, I'm not sure if there might be a bug) when you press down the shooting button. I'm not really a bullet hell player, but I read online that that's something people like for controls... it seemed better to me than a toggleable speed, but I'm uncertain.

I fully agree with turrets being not very visually clear! I would've liked to add explosions, but there was no more time left. There's also a bug that makes them invulnerable on respawn sometimes... most of the time? Not sure what happened, there. :(

That's a good point! The hitbox is a very tiny circle in the center mass of the character, but I think something that you can visually register would really be a good idea. I'll have to see if I can add something.

Yeah! Some of my turret code turned out non-functional (Even though it had worked at an earlier time) and my time ran out completely, so it's unfortunately very unpolished in the gameplay department. I do hope I get around to patching the game and making it a bit better after all the effort put into the art and music!

Thanks for the mention, though I already had that setting on and tried the game on Firefox myself, no idea what actually happened there! I will consider adding a downloadable version when I get to patch the game after the jam period, though, thank you!

I liked the idea of emulating an old system, and I think it's very well done in both sound and art! The game feels very snappy and good to control, and I like both the idea and the style!

The issue I found most frustrating has already been mentioned, which was the pickups being hard to get. Other than that, the main problem I had was not knowing what killed me, sometimes. One time one of the skulls barely damaged me with one shot, only for the next shot to instantly kill me from 400+ Power, so unfortunately it felt a bit random to me at times! Maybe I missed something during the quite frantic gameplay.

Well done, the game feels very polished overall!

I can relate to not having enough time, I had to just add random things to my game at the end because I ran out as well...

Even still, I enjoyed your game and your idea, the things I mentioned didn't hold it back!