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Thank you for your video!

Thank you! I'm happy you found it funny!

Thanks for these videos! Gave me a chance to see all the games I didn't check out myself from the Jam!

Hey, I did reach (all of (?)) the endings in that case! I thought it was a very neat idea to make a maze like that in Bitsy!

Most of the characters don't seem too content on the second screen, which I imagine is the point :P

I think the warp outside of the maze happened if I went into the upper right corner of the first screen with the dog showing in the middle, if I remember correctly!

Thank you!

This was pretty cute and interesting, but I didn't manage to get an ending if there is one. Are you supposed to be able to get stuck "on the other side of the fence" with no way back in? http://prntscr.com/ftmzdd (except I just noticed the character can kind of walk through the walls when you click instead of using the keyboard)

Thank you very much! I find it interesting to think about the possibilities you have with such a simple engine, you have to think outside the box a bit more than usual!

Thank you! It was definitely interesting, it took so many rooms that the engine started becoming unresponsive in the end D:

That's a surprisingly accurate answer considering what song we are talking about!

I'm glad I found it, too! Good work on the game!

Yeah, I think that probably works well in a VN, while RPG Maker is less than ideal in the way you have to input dialogue! I don't want to imagine how much work localizing an RPG Maker game is, since you'd normally want a text dump that you can directly translate and feed back into the engine I think...

Alright, I might check it out in that case!

I hope they'll be useful to you, and I'm trying to reply to you quickly but on dA I have a log of unreplied comments that go back quite a way. D:

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This was pretty bad, I mean good, I mean what do you even say as a compliment in this jam! Loved the soundtrack and the fact that the cursor was a hit indicator (complete with appropriate sound)!

You can put the cursor slightly below and to the left of the duck in the mini game and all spinners seem to pass through there PogChamp !

Edit: Song name please? Kappa

At first I thought "Isn't this just Flappy Bird with really good sound design?" but then a whole new world revealed itself! 9/6 best gaem

It's definitely not nearly as complex as your VN that I played, but you'll see I guess!

Definitely, I'd personally like to get better at motivation/self-discipline outside of those pressure situations, though!

That sounds intriguing, changing so many elements of a VN after already starting seems like a lot of work! I still need to figure out how to write more complex stories, the rather few stories I've actually written down so far were rather simple, like KDM or my VN. I like Slice of Life a lot both in anime and manga (and VNs as well), but not many of my own story concepts really fit into that genre either, I think. Maybe I should check out your other upload here, too, but I'm afraid it'll be sad, haha! D:

http://prntscr.com/ft8pa1 this is the darkness effect, as far as I remember I didn't get it to work properly without "parallel process", but that's a bad way to solve it because it causes a looot of unnecessary computations. It would definitely have to be tweaked a bit so it doesn't cause issues on slower PCs. On entry into brighter rooms like Yuki's I just did "Erase Picture 1" without any conditional branching, since I didn't use that slot for anything else.

http://prntscr.com/ft8qoa , http://prntscr.com/ft8qsv , http://prntscr.com/ft8qyz this is the event scripting for the kitchen stool, if there's anything that needs explaining, tell me!

That's good, I love comments, too! Though I can be really slow at responding to them D:

I think I'll make a list of findings when I play it again then! If there are hard to get endings you can send me a walkthrough guide. I noticed that my playthrough didn't unlock any of the fan art, so I do wonder how to get those!

Oh I actually meant "proper" endings, I didn't consider any of the deaths as an ending! Zuri kind of gives obscure pointers to every normal ending!

I hope you will like the VN! It's my first attempt at one, but I had to rush it a bit because I noticed the Jam too late and procrastinated before starting (common theme, eh D:). I'm glad you like my art style, even if it tends to be all over the place and varying wildly - at least it seems that way to me, but some people still say I have a recognizable style? :S

Somehow working under pressure sometimes seems necessary, in the way that Jams enforce due to having a time limit. But it's really cool that you decided to take your Otome further! I think that's better than making it in time for the Jam deadline, in a way!

Ahh thank you for your encouragement! As mentioned I've been procrastinating one I wanted to make for a really long time now, so hopefully there'll be another one to play...

The light in KDM is a "Show Picture" with a black picture with transparent feathered circle in the middle, but I'm not sure how exactly I did the events for it anymore. If you want to I can try to look it up, but I know I did something wrong because the event code for it causes heavy lag on some computers!

I think the stool was just a check whether the player is facing left on interaction and the doing move route 1 left, and either triggering a self switch or incrementing a variable to keep track of how far it's supposed to be pushed. Again, if you want, I can try to look that up as well!

I'll send you a note on dA about Dizzy, since I want to link a video and it'd cause a huge embed here. I already feel a bit bad for spamming so much text on your game page! :P

Wow, that was quick! There are multiple endings indeed! (4+) What you got is what I would consider the "true" ending.

Maybe in the future if I ever make a follow up to it! I did try to imply the possibility of them getting together in case I don't make a sequel!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it and that it managed to be emotional!

Yay! Genius, how so? ( o///o) I do agree the water source entrance is not great, I would do that differently now, in new games or if I overhauled KDM (again)! I hope you can continue!

Ahh, art blocks of any kind suck, but these Jams are really good medicine! Especially if it's something like this one where you're encouraged to "slack off" a bit, in a way! I have procrastinated an RPG project forever now, I hope maybe the Jams I entered finally boosted my confidence to start it. D:

I think hope is a good theme, if something gets too dark I find it hard to care about what happens sometimes, because the default assumption is that everything will stay terrible (or get even more terrible) for all the characters anyway. D: If I even start playing/reading/watching it at all, in the first place!

The Otome is very nice so far, and I hope you reach a point where writing becomes easier again! When I started work on my short visual novel for the TyranoBuilder Jam - which made me find this nice website - I was writer's blocked so much that I wrote 4 lines of text (which were changed later) in the course of about 4 hours initially. D: Good luck continuing your work on the Otome!

Haha, it must have been fun for them to voice a couple in that case, and a cute reason for the way the story turned out!

The character in my avatar is Dizzy from Guilty Gear, since I saw that you found my deviantART you've probably already seen her there, but I can explain why your description reminded me of her if you'd like!

I really can't remember that much about X, I'm not sure how many years ago I read it, and the fact that the ending never got released here made it very anticlimactic. D: Though it doesn't mean I dislike it in any way, maybe I should re-read it some time since it can be fun to revisit things you've read/watched/played in the past!

I've been a PC gamer forever as well and only got my first console rather recently, specifically to play Atelier games and Demon's Souls. It's always kind of interesting to see what games someone grew up on depending on which game systems s/he had available at any given time! Many games seem a lot cheaper now indeed, although I imagine some are hard to get due to availability!

Wow, shame on me! I really thought it was him, but that has sometimes happened to me in other games where I hear voice actors whose voices (I think) I recognize as well... D:

Ohh, in that case I think I might play it again after you patch it and look forward to possibly having the introduction scene?

No problem, with a work with this many words that's bound to happen! Should I keep a list of things I find if I play again? I don't know if a walkthrough is necessary unless there are some very hard to reach endings? I noticed that I didn't even get to meet the other girl character in the route I chose, so I imagine there are some larger differences depending on the choices.

I noticed your YouTube videos and intended to watch them at some point unless I forget!

I liked this, I chose Emmet's route, which made it a bit weird since I think he's voiced by the same person as a certain... Jackass? :D He and Sera were wonderfully awkward together though, and I enjoyed it!

I was a bit disappointed the (likely also awkward) introduction into the all-boys school isn't part of what we get to see, but I suppose it's probably better to start the story where you did.

There were a few mistakes in the writing here and there (I think I spotted a dreaded "could of" instead of "could have" somewhere), but I think this is a WIP in its entirety?

One thing I noticed in particular was that there were multiple instances where a verb should have been plural but was singular (like "my arms that was rested on the table", I think was one of the sentences).

Maybe I should have made a text file to keep track of the things I found to send you later D:

All in all, it's not a big deal however, I liked the concept and execution as well as characters. I might go back and play another route at some point!

Yeah, it definitely does have many interpretations, as we can see in all the lovely entries the Jam got (though I've only played about 7 of them so far, but they were all very different). It's a nice idea to make the game according to that vision, just a lot more subtle than most of the entries I've seen including my own. Which doesn't mean it's bad at all, in fact I rated your game the highest out of all the ones I played because I enjoyed it the most! I think I'd be up for playing a sequel to the game made in a similar vein, yay for pirate tiles!

I generally prefer happier stories, but I do have some dark concepts as well that may or may not some day become reality. A Jam like this might've been a good opportunity to mess around with themes like that in a not too serious manner indeed! I saw you had a post-apocalyptic game uploaded, but instead went and just played the Otome (I will leave some feedback on the page of that game).

I appreciated it! I really loved almost everything about them, Callie reminded me of Yuki from my own game a bit because of her broom (though I think you didn't reach that part in KDM yet) so that made it fun, and Bobby's ultra relaxed attitude (up to the great dialogue after the Mona bossfight) combined with his voice acting were just great!

That description of Amina reminds me a bit of a certain character I love a lot (who also happens to be my profile icon)! I only read one CLAMP work, X was actually one of my first mangas but it was never finished here. D: It's so long ago that I don't remember if it had any twists of that sort up to the point where the releases stopped. I found the twists upon twists at the end of your game very entertaining regardless, however! I must also admit to my shame, that I've never played any Final Fantasy. When it comes to JRPG, Atelier is my favourite series and one of the only JRPGs I've played a lot of!

Your "voice acting mission" seems like a good one, since I think voice acting in the west should to be brought up to a more respected position like it seems to be in Japan (how some western games don't even seem to credit their voice actors is beyond me). However, I personally wouldn't even know where to get voice actors, I usually try to do everything in my games myself. D: Probably part of the reason why I haven't made super many yet and have not too much confidence in my work!

It's a nice offer, but I didn't mean to sound like I was trying to force you to make a Let's Play of it!! D: (Although I would really love to see one, since there's only the half-hour incomplete one by NLAigis, from what I know)

Yeah, it really is the best feedback, you can often tell instantly what things confuse a player, or what s/he particularly likes or dislikes, etc.!

I hope you can make it to the end! I really wish I could watch you play, there's no more informative feedback than that and I've only gotten to watch very few people play KDM. D: I'm glad you like the concept!

Yeah, this Jam certainly makes rating things really difficult... is high production value a plus or minus? Who knows, but for me it was a plus in this particular case, because there was still enough (intentional) badness that I felt the game fit the Jam theme! I did find the cover to be way too nice for this Jam, but I can see your intention with it! (It's really weird when good things are reversed because the Jam makes us view everything through a different "lens")

I kind of just wrote that "would of" off as intentional bad dialogue, it's just a pet peeve of mine. But with how well written most of what I've seen from you has been, I thought the mistakes were likely on purpose. There's no need to fix the bakery, I think, it all fits the Jam theme after all!

Yeah, I really liked the family dynamic it had, since in most stories parents just get removed from the main plot in some way!

Those anecdotes from your team are quite funny! I noticed in the credits that you voiced Amina yourself, and I thought her voice was quite nice, just like most of the voice acting (and the rather few parts that felt less good felt less good on purpose). I've never worked with voice actors myself and it adds so much to the game! It's amusing your brother didn't recognize your voice, I guess I already just mentioned that, but it's just so fun to imagine!

No worries about the long comment, it's nice to talk to a fellow game developer, that's actually something I haven't done very often yet!

Good luck! I really hope you're enjoying it, so far it sounds a bit like you might be getting frustrated :(

They're in the lower left flour bag!

(Edited 1 time)

That was quite interesting, at first I thought the objective was to extend the time enough for people to leave the map, but it was a box with a purple top instead! This seemed more like a really weird abstract game than a terrible one however (except for the volume increase in the second area and the controls in the third). Due to that, I'm going to abstain from voting because I'm not sure what to rate this!

(Which does not mean I disliked the game!)

It was more fun before I attempted the speedrun :( (I got a 60 second time early on, too, but then it took many attempts after that to get it)!

Well, it was still fun overall!

I loved the name and the sound/music, but I ended up being stuck in a huge ball of wizards in the corners of space and it took really long to complete the game. :P I still liked it however!

Oh, that would be harsh! In that case I would have made the light radius bigger without the candle! My initial hope was that you'd be able to light the dungeon up as you go, but I had no idea how to do that in RPG Maker. :( That engine really is troublesome for some simple things sometimes...

I hope you're not still stuck if you continued, but you have to light it by using the fireplace! (Probably not an optimal solution to have it be done by using a world object and not the inventory item)

That scene seems like a lot of people (out of the rather few that have played the game) like it. It was initially just a real game over as I was testing RPG Maker functions, but then I turned it into that gag later on!

Ah, I know Lorem Ipsum, but the other incantation is part of the magic words Sacrifice used, maybe they were referencing that movie as well!

I appreciate that the skeletons have the decency to explode upon death, too many contemporary video game enemies lack that common courtesy!

That said I am a bit in the same boat as XCVG, the game was almost too good, so I think I'm going to abstain from rating it since I really don't know what's appropriate as a rating in that case. Which, again, doesn't mean I disliked it, there was a lot to like and I had fun! 

I loved the Skellies' animation when they were not yet aggro'd as well as their sounds. The whole game reminded me of Duke Nukem, but my main disappointment (because of that fact) was that you can't kick while punching while running, all at the same time. (It also made me expect you could somehow replenish health from the water coolers) Levels were a bit on the big side, but I didn't have many stretches of not encountering anything!

I did like that you can reach negative HP when I tested what happens upon death after my playthrough, made me think of Daggerfall!

What I'm currently trying to make (I hope I can manage it before the deadline) is more of an animation than a game, but we'll see if it works out!

Oh, I frequently saved while playing your game but I didn't actually encounter anything that stopped me in my tracks, just the thing that caused me to restart that I mentioned in the comment page of your game. It was great!

Ohh, yeah, I actually knew that could lead to a softlock, I assumed it was fine (only in the context of making the game terrible, of course) though because of the save point right next to it... but maybe it was not fine? D:

Nice! I loved that track. I was referring to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacrifice_(video_game) because the incantation reminded me of the ones used there, but maybe I'm mixing something up... D:

I loved this, initially I almost feared the high production value would make it ill-suited for the jam, but when I saw the first outside map I knew there'd be enough badness in there. :P I liked the story in all of it's silly glory as well as the characters!

Some of my favourite things were:

  • Library voice acting and Mr. Cabbages (I think it was the same voice actor?)
  • Just the voice acting in general
  • Jackass's party buff having a wolf howl sound
  • Cabbage tower
  • Father's dialogue after the Mona boss fight
  • The fact that your party consisted of your family, that seems very unusual

Everything else was great, too, though, and there was certainly enough "badness" that it fits the Jam's theme!

Small note and not really relevant since it fits the theme, but it seems you can enter and exit the bakery right away and advance without ever getting a bread! I restarted the game after I did that, because I wanted to try to see everything there was in the game (though I'm unsure if I managed to). Also there was a "would of" in one dialogue, but maybe that was on purpose because of the Jam theme, I can't be sure!

I just finished it, took longer than I expected! I had fun, my favourite part was probably the bar, that music was just... wow! Was that a Sacrifice reference in the incantations at the end?

Ohh, the candle will hopefully make it quite a bit easier, but I'm kind of happy you didn't immediately quit and actually tried to navigate the darkness :D