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Hey, thank you for playing! I saw it on your VOD, and realized I forgot to copy the gameplay instructions from the jam submission page to this one. Sorry about that!

I don’t know if we’re allowed to upload new builds before the jam is rated, but I’ll try to build it with your suggestions after the jam judging ends! I’ve dabbled with UE4 a bit, but not exported a finished game before this, so I missed the shipping build and VR stuff during the deadline panic. :D


I think I still am not, but thanks for the offer!

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Yes, it was! You kind of asked this a year ago already :D

Thank you, I’m happy you like it! It was kind of hard to make, the engine slowed down because of the sheer number of pages and symbols towards the end. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but bitsy still managed, thankfully!

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Thanks for making a video! I’ll watch it later! I’m happy you liked Iayin’s route, too! It was harder for me to write, compared to Airi’s.

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Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it! I was happy to find good music for it quickly. It’s nice to hear that you got into the story to that degree! 

That is, unfortunately, indeed a bug, which I did not have time to try to understand before I had to submit the game for the first jam deadline. It just happens sometimes and I have no idea what causes it. Restarting the game seems to sometimes fix it, but the characters‘ names are supposed to be Airi (Raven-haired girl) and Iayin (Strange girl).

I'm looking forward to it!

No problem, keep it up!

Loved the style and writing, very nice!

Interesting aesthetic!

Nice! It's a pretty spooky situation and well written. Only real criticism would be that parts of the text can be a bit hard to read on the "bus" background, but it's not too bad.

Pretty spooky, I liked the use of music! I also liked that I could skip straight to the ending to get the other two scenes. Good work!

Thank you very much!! That's very kind of you!

No worries, and thanks!

Thank you very much! I'd have liked to implement more outside levels as well!

Thank you! The light is supposed to be movable with the mouse, did that not work?

Okay, I don't know why, but it seems like didn't give me a notification for this message - I only saw it just now! Even if it's a bit late now, I'm thankful for your message!

Thanks, will do!

Haha, yeah... I am not sure if I failed the Jam target!

Thank you very much for your comment and organizing the Jam! I've had great fun both years with making my own entries as well as playing those of others! I've always liked Construct, though building something complex with it kind of made the whole project file very confusing...

I guess it might be a good thing if the game runs the danger of not being bad enough, but with my entry for last year being so over the top bad, I tried to do something more subtle this time!

That sounds horrible, I have a feeling that the startup layout that's supposed to load all the external .json files containing the dialogue, keywords, etc. might sometimes exit too quickly when not everything has been loaded. I'm glad you restarted and it fixed that! This was my first time really working with a lot of externally loaded data, I've got to be more careful about that in the future. D:

Thanks a lot! I worked late into the night for most of the jam's days to somehow get it done, almost giving up multiple times along the way because I'd overscoped the project for the time we had. I'm glad I pushed it through, though!

Thank you! I wanted to implement "press key to advance dialogue" but I couldn't get it to work, so I went with the next worse option - and then I made the text go by too fast because it takes up playtime, worried it would make it harder to play the actual game if it stayed there for longer. D:

That was pretty funny, I like hacking files with my fist !

Fun plot and object physics!

It's a great mechanic!

Ah that makes sense, I was playing in the browser, and "closing the game" isn't really available there.

That was pretty good, diedSong.mp3 / 10

Your game was one of my favourite entries so far! Good job!

Ahh, too bad I couldn't get past the "smileyface" then. D: I would have liked to reach the end but also want to take a look at other Jam entries!

I'll agree with the other commenters, this is a very nice concept! It's cool that you can scout the level layout before starting it due to the mechanics.

I'm not sure if what I saw at the end was the actual ending though, but nothing else happened after waiting for a bit.

Oh, I think I might have read that some time but maybe I forgot about it. Shame on me, considering I played through Hexen like 30+ times! It did have lots of moving 3D stuff, which wasn't really standard yet back then.

Hmm, guess I failed the fight then, or maybe he was 1 HP from dying when I facetanked that rocket D:

Autosaves do seem really important, though they alleviate that feeling of "oh, I saved 0.5 seconds before a rocket hit me and killed me, nice" that many old games had a bit...

I did some small amounts of Duke Nukem 3D modding back in the day, didn't even know Hexen had an editor!

Oh yeah then it was the final boss, I shot him with almost all of my ammo and made two of the bots explode next to him but it wasn't enough to kill him! Even if I hadn't facetanked a rocket I don't know if I wouldn't have run out of ammo before killing him. I failed to check for autosaves as I didn't expect them from something based on old shooters, so I can't comment whether they actually worked or not!

But yeah, with this jam, issues can indeed make the game more enjoyable!

This is pretty fun, I like the art style!

Thank you! The apartment part being more quiet is on purpose, though I would have liked to include a few more sounds if I'd had the time. I wish I could have made it so the player themselves can advance dialogue by button press, but I couldn't get it to work :(

Pretty good! I had fun floating and shooting eye lasers.

This was pretty fun, like a janky VVVVVV! Overall I'd say it's a good "so bad it's good" game. I didn't manage to finish it because there were two extremely difficult levels (got stuck on the first one with shooting guys, only managed to make it past the "smileyface" once and then promptly got Kaizo'd). Apart from that the player hurtbox is a bit on the large side, but still overall fun concept and game!

Didn't expect a Doom mod, that was pretty fun and educational - I like how I had to restart twice before the first mission because I got stuck behind doors in the police station! The plotline seemed pretty real, and I liked the name of the game. Died on what might be the final boss without saving, so I couldn't finish it :(

Thank you very much! Though considering the Jam theme, maybe I messed up? I hope you have fun if you play it more! I tried to implement "press key to advance dialogue" but for some reason couldn't get it to work, so I had to go with a sub-optimal solution :(

Thanks! I'll probably check out your entry soon. I know this is way overscoped and even though I worked late into the night for a few days to get this done, I could not within the timeframe of the jam. Can I ask where you got stuck? Did you die in cyberspace while reading a dataset? There's a gamebreaking bug related to that, but I just read that we're allowed to reupload if we have those in our games even after the deadline, so I'll probably fix it!

Thank you for your video!

Thank you! I'm happy you found it funny!