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I have to agree, the jumping ruins this game

Haha that's kind of the way I took it as well. Intentionally bad games are full of bugs

Got trapped by the "i like fire" person haha. Can't seem to move from here

This game isn't bad at all imo, haha. It's actually kinda fun

I got stuck ;( pretty good parody though

I made it bad on purpose, that was kind of the point

I think the idea is to make a game so bad that it's funnily so. Sloppy art, unfitting sound effects, bad physics, etc can all contribute to this effect

Clipped out of bounds in the first level and they kept shooting me ahahaha

Fair enough, I just got lazy haha

Really cool hopping mechanic. Nice to play a platformer where movement is more than just arrow keys

Whatever works! Thanks

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Sorry you didn't like it

They're flies, lol


We came up with similar ideas lol. You implemented it a little differently than me though :) nice work