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What engine or language?

A topic by AVirtualKinG created Sep 28, 2016 Views: 2,797 Replies: 45
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What engine or language are you guys planning on using?

I might use PICO-8 or Game-Maker Studio

If anyone wants to team up, Hit me up!

PICO8 screen is 128x128 pixels. The Jam is 160x144 pixels.

what engine are you using?


Yeah dude Pico-8 will not work for GBJAM because it doesn't meet the resolution requirements.

what engine are you using?


It really depends year to year if I have time to participate, but if I do I will be using unity.

Godot :)

Me too o/


Disable threading in asset_library settings. There is a standing bug:

What's your point?

I will probably be using Haxe and Kha with a touch of my own engine code.

Haxe FTW ;)

*High Fives*

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I'm going with Game Maker Studio and the html5/webgl module, same as I did with my GBJam4 entry. This time however I won't be releasing exe builds along with them.


Why not?

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Just because of accessibility sake- just about everyone can play them in browser. I'll probably release an exe after the jam is done :)

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I'll use GameMaker: Studio

Add another tally to the GameMaker: Studio count.

Probably going to be using Unity for this.

Don't know if we'll find time to participate, although we do really want to - but if we do, ours will be a scratch-built engine like our other jam games.

for anyone who likes lua or using love2D i made a little starter kit for this jam
here is a download from love2D forum

Using love2D here.

Hope I can actually finish something this time.

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Using Defold engine.

Lua based also and very nifty for these kind of things.

Phaser for me!

Unity, I've written palette shaders, a resolution downsampling image effect and a dithering shader a couple months ago so I thought it would be a good opportunity to put them to use

I usually work with Unity, but in this case I would probably go with PhaserJS... it's much easier and lightweight for this kind of games imho.

Would love to participate btw, but I will never have time to create a full game on my own this year :(
If anyone wants to team up I would love to take care of the music and sfxs for a submission (I am quite good with LSDJ on an actual Gameboy, if we want to go for an authentic sound :) ).
PM me if you are interested (email is on my profile page).

Good luck to everybody!

I'll try with C++ and Allegro Engine.


Construct 2 FTW

Another Gamemaker: Studio user right here :)


for jams I really enjoy using game maker studio.

Game Make here!


Game Maker Studio

C, and I'll probably make a GBA rom.

I'll probably use Unity, I want something web-playable if possible, and it's the one I'm most familiar with.



I'm going with C++ and SFML.

Gamemaker studio here too

GM: Studio. I think I can manage an Android port, which I think is appropriate, given the portable nature of GameBoy. Just finished porting one of my other games, so I think it works out.

Unity is my choice , i use the standard GB palette

Also gonna be my first Jam :D

I'm gonna be using SuperpowersHTML5 this time round.

Kinda wanna do a 3D game... We'll see!



Try Clickteam Fusion 2.5 you can easily meet the requirements

If I do anything, Stencyl.

I'm thinking unreal engine. Looks like I'll be the only one

i started a crappy ruby lib to assemble roms on osx.

this will give me a reason to update it and make it suck less


Personally I just use WLA-DX for my GB stuff.

that seems like a much better assembler than what i'm using, and is cross platform - i need to check it out.


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Here, have a template: