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i am adekto, and i approve this message

maid64 LOWREZJAM 2018 edition found here

PicoLove could be modded, but realy would just sugest to go for regular love2D at that point
heres a starter project thats in the correct resolution and has 4 color limit, hope this can help you out

framerate of 59.73fps, yea right dont forget to add the ghosting :P

i dont think your alowed to swap for say for example a day night thing or any other reason, however i think people could apriciate having a couple of pallets they can change to manualy for people who are colorblind or just similar how the gbc/gba did it at startup.

for anyone who likes lua or using love2D i made a little starter kit for this jam
here is a download from love2D forum

i went with ScreenToGif for windows, it works fairly well

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what i did today:

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I made this post on love2D forum but might be helpfull to share it here to, easy to use scaling all ready made template, works in full screen and window mode.

Have fun everyone if you going to have questions i will be streaming on twitch, so if your stuck with love2D ill see what i can do for you.