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PICO-8 and Resolution

A topic by emongev created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 626 Replies: 5
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I see theres a limitation on resolution, if I were to use Pico-8 (ive wanted to learn about it) the resolution is limited to 128x128, would this go against the jam spirit?

Already found my answer by retroshark: "Yeah dude Pico-8 will not work for GBJAM because it doesn't meet the resolution requirements."

I guess you could use PicoLove and increase the resolution there? maybe?

Paging @retroshark here... wait, can you even page people on this?

I'd argue that since you can reduce a GB screen down to 128x128, it should still be allowed. Here's how you'd do it on real hardware:

  • For reducing horizontally you'd use the GB window feature. Sure, you end up with something off-centre, but that's OK.
  • For reducing vertically you'd use a scanline interrupt.
  • In any case, if you aren't using a particular scroll direction, you typically don't need to reduce in that direction, you just need to limit the tiles used to that space and, in the case of horizontal, ensuring that the sprites don't cross past that, or applying some sprites to hide the transitions.

It would be much more respectful to the GB than some of the outright blasphemy that happened in GBJam4.

PicoLove could be modded, but realy would just sugest to go for regular love2D at that point
heres a starter project thats in the correct resolution and has 4 color limit, hope this can help you out


DUDE! Thanks! Thats great, I've never used Love either, and could consider learning it, its just that since i bought Pico8 I wanted to use that xD