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Palette swapping?

A topic by oxysofts created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 298 Replies: 3
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Last time I did a GBJam was the very first edition I believe, so I don't remember at all if anything like this is allowed. It says you must use 4 colors only in your game, but if you swapped to different palettes in the middle of the game, would that be allowed? I assume not but still thought I'd ask

i dont think your alowed to swap for say for example a day night thing or any other reason, however i think people could apriciate having a couple of pallets they can change to manualy for people who are colorblind or just similar how the gbc/gba did it at startup.

Yes you can (unfortunately). Read here:

I would like to have old classic GB hardware but it seems you can pick any colors and swap as much as you want to ( as long as you have 4 c on screen). So basically you could do any kind of palette-rotating effects. I will personally stick with classic 4 grayscales.


Correct, You can switch your colors as much as you would like, but only 4 colors can be displayed on screen at any one time!

@SetTheBet as for what you are saying, you are more the welcome to stick to the old classic GB hardware :)