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I'm loving thee tiles and the player sprite looks amazing! :D

I love the idea and I can't wait to check it out.

You're making really good progress, keep it up it is looking great!

you can never go wrong with a good bet em' up!

hahaha this is great (:

Looking good so far! Keep it up :)

This looks sweet! I'm really digging the graphics, really feels retro!

Looking rad, I can't wait to check it out!

it's fine if you would like to use perviously made fonts :D

GBJAM's Kickstarter has officially launched and we need all the support we can get! If you love GBJAM and want it to grow well into the future, your support is needed. The best part about donating is you will get awesome GBJAM merch like T-shirts and stickers!

If everyone who signed up to particiapate in the annual jam this year donated as little as $5 we would exceed the goal!

Head over to the GBJAM Kickstarter and pledge a little bit, it will help more then you will know!

If that's what he is asking, it is answered a bit higher up in the post.

Best of luck to you!

Check out some of the musicians who have posted in the community already, they might be happy to team up with you!

Yeah it still needs to appear as though the game is 160x144 res

For resolution clarification, you need the game to be 160x144, but you can scale it so that it runs in a window large enough for people to see. In past jams most people scale x2 or x4. A lot of people usually even include options in the settings to allow for scaling preference.

The point of the jam is not to completely and 100% authentically follow the GB limitations, it's a modern take on the GB while loosely following it's limitaitons.

That's fine since you are trying to give it a more authentic GB 'feel'

Maybe have an option in your settings to turn it off if the player chooses too.

Correct, You can switch your colors as much as you would like, but only 4 colors can be displayed on screen at any one time!

@SetTheBet as for what you are saying, you are more the welcome to stick to the old classic GB hardware :)

Gotta start at the beginning.

No worries at all, welcome to the jam world! I'm just trying to help clear up any questions you may have :)

I would hope since it's for a jam he is talkin about free

The jam is loosely based around the GameBoy limitations, it wasn't designed for people to strictly follow all the limitations of the GB nor the GBC.

The way the jam is currently set up allows for a lot of creativity and freedom, but still helps everyone produce a game with a GB style.

That would be very cool, can't wait to see what you come up with!

And this guy is who I was referring too.

Only restrctions you have to strictly follow are the rules posted on the GBJAM homepage! :)

As long as only 4 colors are displayed on screen at any one time you are fine :)

To help clarify, 4 colors can display in game at any one time. If there is more then 4 colors you aren't following the rules of the jam. It can be any 4 colors in the entire color spectrum, but no more then 4 colors at any one time onscreen.

I'll write something up.

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GBJAM's aren't themed so your free to make whatever you would like but we also hope you will respect the jam and it's participants and not start working on the game until October 1st.

Also why is your profile picture of Mo from gamesbymo?

It really depends year to year if I have time to participate, but if I do I will be using unity.

Yeah dude Pico-8 will not work for GBJAM because it doesn't meet the resolution requirements.

What language are you going to make the standard within your GBJAM IDE?

Glad you are looking forward to the jam and happy to hear that it is your first. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Yes that would be cool, but good luck getting it out there before October 1st.

Yes that is fine! A couple people in the past have done that in the options menu and you get to pick a palette to play with.

That last bit about the starting the jam early is very well put Daniel, thanks for helping with the great response! Happy jamming :)

Yes you are more then welcome to work in groups!

Thanks for answering all these questions for him your right on the money with your answer!