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Composer offering to throw some chip tunes at your awesome game!

A topic by ModalModule created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 483 Replies: 6
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Pretty much title, I am very interested in making some chiptunes specifically for your project. I'd even be down to do multiple projects, just hit me up! for my latest game jam tune.

modalmodule at gmail dot com

How much will you be asking?


I would hope since it's for a jam he is talkin about free

Im new to the whole Game jam thing XD


No worries at all, welcome to the jam world! I'm just trying to help clear up any questions you may have :)

Ya, I'm not looking to monetize my compositions, yet... I just love games, and making music for them is a life long dream, one I'm finally making a reality! :)


Just sent you an email :)