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It's still building itself :p

Yeah, I had a bit of fun making a nice and simple story :)
Which ending did you get, just curious?

Thanks :)
And thank you for making the music to my game :D

Thank you for your thoughts on the game anarbitrarymustache. Matt is an easter egg character from another game(The Legend of The Lost Artifact) from which I'm friends with the developer. I didn't want the music to repeat in each level, but the reason it was like that was that I originally had the themes play at the start of the sections of the game (small, med, large), but I feared that the player would leave the game, Come back, press Continue at a level in which wasn't a start of a section, not hear music, then question if it's a bug. I'll probably update it with just doing that (music at start of each section) since it's unlikely that'll really happen much. I'm also still learning about level design and such, but I'm glad that I was able to have 15 levels in my game, and I'm still looking to improve :D

Thanks pazuzu for your feedback :)

Yeah, the slightly moving box thing was my main problem for the game, so the only solution I could think of is change the collisions on the player and make the boxes move faster.

Also, with difficulty stuff, this is my first puzzle game, so I'm just trying to learn the rules of it kind of :)

Don't worry, most people couldn't beat it, and it was my first game, and I've been improving ever since. Thanks for playing my game though, I really appreciate it :D

I also plan on looking at what I can improve on as well

So you know buckets as well. Neat :)

Just sent you an email :)

Thanks for the encouragement and spreading the worder around! :D