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That is exactly a feature I'm looking to implement eventually! I had a request for that from someone else as well, so know that you're not alone.  The main thing is a)figuring out the best way to display it, and b)to do the work of inputting all the notes as common names, ie "Bb" "F#" etc, rather than the way the program automatically named the files: "A_3" where the _ represents a #... clearly not very obvious. haha

Thanks for your interest!

well there's been an update since you commented, so enjoy! There's more to come too of course. :

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Sorry about that, it's in no way dangerous of course, but not sure of the best work around. I know when I get those messages there's usually an option to "open anyway"

edit: just tested it, it says it's an "unrecognized app", I clicked on "more info" then " run anyway" at the bottom.  It's up to you of course, but as I said it's not dangerous and I've opened countless indie games that gave the same message


HEEEEYYYY!!!! Great stuff, man, absolutely love the vibe that's created, and already enjoying the small bit of fighting and puzzles. 

I have only two things, and unfortunately they may be a bitch to resolve. 

1)  As others have said, there can be lag, but I have a suspicion as to what may be happening, as it's not like a frameskip lag, or anything, but literally like time slows down and speeds up.  One thing I ran into using GMS2 is that the gamespeed is completely loose, depending on how much is going on, and thus the framerate is allowed to fluctuate dramatically, to the point where the timing you've perfected with the character on a blank bg completely changes in an environment.  This appears to be what's happening: the more that's on the screen (aka being processed), the more slowly things go.  The solution I had heard about (but unfortunately have only played with, I'm a seriously novice dev) is something called "delta_time" which basically measures the gamespeed vs real time (microseconds), so you can then compensate if it gets behind (or ahead for that matter).  Look into it if you're curious, it may make the game run better (or may not, again novice).

2) This may even be related to the first issue, but the voices, which I can tell are 1 syllable audio files being called, are sometimes overlapping, ie keu is talking to herself, but it sounds like multiple voices on top of each other.  Again, this was only sometimes, for some words.  I can only guess at a solution, involving each file "waiting" till the last file is finished playing, but that may result in some lengthier monologues, so you can play with it.

All in all, this game really is one for the books.  The altogether vibe that it emits is just something universal, I truly feel everyone can enjoy.  Great job man, really.  

Woo! Congrats @quickalas529

Daschund You caught me! I'm the composer, and I was looking for a contemplative sound, and of course that's what came to mind. But of course I took it in the dark dungeon direction. haha

Ya, I'm not looking to monetize my compositions, yet... I just love games, and making music for them is a life long dream, one I'm finally making a reality! :)

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Enjoy! :)

Pretty much title, I am very interested in making some chiptunes specifically for your project. I'd even be down to do multiple projects, just hit me up! for my latest game jam tune.

modalmodule at gmail dot com
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I had this exact thought when I read about this! Of course, I'm a musician, so I guess that's naturally where my mind would go... That said, I can provide music for anyone's game, or help test with midi hardware! :)

my soundcloud