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Thank you! We thought it was pretty good. So much so we're (slowly) working on a full version. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, I'll share more about it as we have news. :)

thanks for the lengthy review! And yes, all the things you struggled with were 100% intentional, at least that remained in the latest build. You see, we as a team had actually just gone through all the NES mega mans together, and suffered through all the frustration, but to come out on the other end victorious is that much more satisfying as a result (isn't it?). Had it been simple, or even just less difficult, any given player could be at it within a few minutes, and likely never think of it again. The strategy with all these older games was to make them challenging thus keep the player playing a while. Haha

As to the plant theme, our protag Leif is a lil tree man, who's sole reason for existence is to protect his fellow plants, from the evil robots that are trying to destroy them! :)

Thank you so much for the elaborate review! Also, so glad you stuck with it through the end. And yes, we definitely wanted a more epic ending, but as always, saved that till the last minute, so this is all we had time to make. With your encouragement, and that of others, we will definitely make a full game using this character and feel! :)

1.4 is truly post-jam with some improvements including a better fire weapon sprite, and one special palette swap spot... ;)

1.4 is truly post-jam with some improvements including a better fire weapon sprite, and one special palette swap spot... ;)

thanks, and totally fair! We were going for that classic game style, where they offer no instructions and you have to just sort of figure it out, but I understand that approach won't be ideal for everyone. Glad you were able to do so though! :)

I think you're on your way somewhere, but if this is supposed to be a game boy game, it would need to be at the game boy's resolution/aspect ratio.

I like the concept a lot! I had issues with the ui, specifically text overlapping etc, but I'm sure if you put more time into development you could sort that out and bring your vision to life!

Thanks! And ya, I totally see that, in fact it is directly inspired by nes mega man games, however they did have ports onto game boy for some of them, so really it's kinda like that? a port of an nes game onto game boy. haha

ya that's the direction I decided to go. Thanks! :)

OOOOOOOH! haha, ya I did click on everything that looked notable, so indeed it must've been pretty well hidden. Another way to assist in making people double check would be a different dialogue accepting the keys but then saying something like "are you SURE you aren't forgetting something?" But that's just a suggestion from someone who doesn't play these kind of games much. *shrug*

Looove the character sprite!

I had an issue where sometimes the plants hurt me and other times they powered me up. was quite confused. haha

Really interesting concept and touching story. I had an issue with the second chapter where even after I got the keys the dialogue with amanda stayed the same, not sure what I missed there. Anyway, enjoyed the rest! :)

Fun lil game! A lil glitchy here and there, but I got through it! thanks!

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1.3* has slight tweaks, mostly to make it more fair, but I couldn't in good conscience replace the earlier bugfix version, since the adjustments were made after the jam period. That said, if you want a better experience, and especially if you've already rated 1.1, feel free to play 1.3*! :)

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1.3* has slight tweaks, mostly to make it more fair, but I couldn't in good conscience replace the earlier bugfix version, since the adjustments were made after the jam period. That said, if you want a better experience, and especially if you've already rated 1.1, feel free to play 1.3*! :)

How do you feel about a balancing patch? I already submitted the fix for the crash, so I can wait to release this one till after voting

much like our beloved helmeted friend in the original mega man series, there's a timing to it. ;)

Not only did I not (forgot I had to work the next day so wouldn't have time before if I did), but as a result I created a game-breaking bug trying to fix another, but didn't realize till it was too late! I made a new topic, but just now noticed I can't upload the hotfix, is there *any* way to upload it, it's literally just one line of code to prevent crashing during the weapon get screen! D:

Gosh, I wish I could've used the extension to get some sleep, but I had to work today. In my tiredness I made a quick change (to fix another bug) and like an idiot didn't test it everywhere, and turns out it broke the weapon get screen. I know exactly what to do to fix it but was wondering if I could post the fix without violating the rules of the jam etc? I guess I can just post it as the "post jam" version, but I'd really prefer people to play a non-broken version of the game y'know?

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Game-breaking bug at the weapon get screen, hotfix coming soon! Sorry everyone.

EDIT: fixed and uploaded as "1.1", if you had issues please download this version instead. thanks!

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Hotfix coming soon, there's a glitch with getting new weapons. Sorry everyone!

EDIT: fixed and uploaded as "1.1", if you had issues please download this version instead. thanks!

here I was planning to stay up till 4am my time to finish implementing the music (have to take mockups and gameboy-ify them). Still plan to do it, but at least now I don't absolutely *have* to. Thanks!

Decided to play the highest rated games. This was honestly fun and heartwarming! Not sure if it's been said already, but I had an issue where I was moving the heating tool out of the way, holding down the mouse button, and dragging over the "done" and "reset" buttons, where sometimes I would let go, and it would activate the buttons! Definitely shouldn't let those activate if you're holding the tool. On top of that, there was no "retry" after each letter, so even though I wasn't done, and got a bad score, I couldn't retry that specific letter... :/ Anyway, great outside of that, I really enjoyed it

aww sorry you struggled with the boss! Ya, he doesn’t shoot until his final phase, and he does have a looot of power, but if you get powerups he goes down pretty fast. Was hard to find the balance between not too long w/out p-ups, and not too short with them. he says “what” for each phase (though there’s admittedly no differences between the phases until the final, something we’d change in an updated version). 

Thanks so much for playing and so glad you enjoyed what you did! :)

What a cool game! Admittedly a bit difficult to line yourself up at times, with asteroids in the way etc, but what a treat for the eyes! Also badass music. One interesting glitch was the quality level effected the position of the score indicator after dying. Highest quality it seemed in the right place, but with the others it was smooshed amongst the explanation text. No biggie though. 

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Wow! That was fun and cool! I really liked the character designs. Those sand worms are *relentless*!! Elaborating on this game would be great. I would love to hear to sfx, and of course just more areas etc. Really great start to something!

Oh I did run into a weird bug where when I died at the boss and pressed "any key" (by the enter is apparently not on the list of any keys haha) the camera was partway through the room and no longer following the player. I couldn't play since I couldn't see myself once I got in the view, then back out of it. I'm sure it's a relatively easy fix, but just figured I'd mention it.

Wow! That was hard! haha I probably should've prepared more before trying to fight the boss (and also should've realized the big enemy was in fact the boss). I'm a total newb at this sort of game, but I still enjoyed it. Great visuals, interesting gameplay, and delightful music. :)

first off, I was totally kidding about the warning. I just thought it was funny. As for the plug coming unplugged, it seemed to happen even when the cable had slack, but to be honest I can’t say that with certainty at this point. Anyway, it was definitely a very unique and fun experience. :)

oh ya that makes perfect sense! Ya ours was technically built off of one I made a looong time ago as well. 

it’s definitely a challenge, but the good thing is you don’t have to keep putting in quarters to try again. Haha

Thanks for playing. :)

I’m so glad you noticed! Ya, one of the things I wanted was for the sounds to pan based on where they were coming from, which is kind of a hassle to do. Also, once we had enemies being generated by the music, I wanted the weapons to fire to the beat as well. It’s not quite a rhythm game in the traditional sense, but it is in that as many things as possible follow the beat, so you can groove along as you play. Thanks so much for playing! :)

oh my gosh thank you so much!! Yes I considered adding screen shake and particles (though the particles had a specific purpose besides just visual fun), but it was very late in development and I needed to make sure everything was working properly. At this point though I think we’ve decided to expand on this, so look forward to that!

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Totally fair. It was interesting trying to find ways for the movement to match the music I originally tested a stop and go to the beat thing, but that didn’t work for the faster rhythms. Other directions would’ve been good though, we did add the horizontal projectiles later in development at least. Haha

Oh and as for the neon, I was really banking on the shader to neon-ify things, perhaps not to the greatest effect? 🤷‍♂️

oh weird, it was the logo, and the splash screen that look like an older gms. Anyway, my bad! 

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Very unique game concept! You should put a warning that it's dangerous to plug so many power strips together ;P  I had a problem where the plugs came unplugged randomly, had to go back and replug some in. I really liked the physics and animations though! :)

Oh, and a couple times when something was behind a hedge, I had trouble clicking it. I was just guessing and spamming click til it grabbed. haha

Aaaaand I just discovered my keyboard doesn't have rollover, meaning this game is unplayable on it. :(

I had fun doing the 2 moves that registered! haha

That was pretty fun! A bit shaky here and there, but great job for your first jam game! I would say for the next one maybe try to keep the scope a bit smaller and really polish it up (we only ended up doing one level and a boss for example, which of course isn't very much).  3d or even iso can be really hard in gms2!

Wow! The difficulty ramped up fast as soon as the beacons were lit! I'm swttin and runnin around, and they're just destroying everything! haha