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Woo! Congrats @quickalas529

Daschund You caught me! I'm the composer, and I was looking for a contemplative sound, and of course that's what came to mind. But of course I took it in the dark dungeon direction. haha

Ya, I'm not looking to monetize my compositions, yet... I just love games, and making music for them is a life long dream, one I'm finally making a reality! :)

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Enjoy! :)

Pretty much title, I am very interested in making some chiptunes specifically for your project. I'd even be down to do multiple projects, just hit me up!


soundcloud.com/stephan-kalani-seguin for my latest game jam tune.

modalmodule at gmail dot com
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Hello! I am looking to provide music for games! I'm an experienced composer but haven't gotten connected with any game devs yet. So hit me up if you want some badass music to go along with your badass game! Influences include Nobuo Uematsu (final fantasy series), Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile), All Megaman and Castlevania games, and all the classics. I can do anything from chiptune to contemporary electronic to symphonic to solo piano, you name it, or just give me inspiration by way of screenshots or video of your game!

my soundcloud

email kalaniseguin@gmail.com

ps apologies if I'm not supposed to post this here, I'm a newb after all...

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I had this exact thought when I read about this! Of course, I'm a musician, so I guess that's naturally where my mind would go... That said, I can provide music for anyone's game, or help test with midi hardware! :)

my soundcloud