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For resolution clarification, you need the game to be 160x144, but you can scale it so that it runs in a window large enough for people to see. In past jams most people scale x2 or x4. A lot of people usually even include options in the settings to allow for scaling preference.

Basicaly, the game needs to be made of 160x144 pixels no matter how scaled up the pixels are, right?

Yeah it still needs to appear as though the game is 160x144 res

I think he is asking if you can put a background around the game that isn't the game, like the graphics that surround Cat Astro Phi.

If that's what he is asking, it is answered a bit higher up in the post.

Yeah that was it, on the GB the buttons was not on screen (really?!? :) ) but for this & be able to play on mobile you need that or use accelerometer (could be cool)