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The resolution limit

A topic by FreneticGamez created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 1,427 Replies: 25
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is 160x144 on the game but can i have let say 500x300 background that not in the game it self?


The "view" must be 160x144px, but the "room" can be much larger. So you can have a huge room with a huge background, so long as you only see 160x144px of it at a time.

Ok thanks

What format do we need to do, apk, html etc

and resolution / screensize can we make it fit a lets say 5" phone and a 24" monitor

What format do we need to do, apk, html etc

and resolution / screensize can we make it fit a lets say 5" phone and a 24" monitor

Yes, exactly, I came here to ask exactly this if we're allowed to stretch the viewport or something since... you know 160 x 144 on PC for example could be super tiny if you HD or superHD resolution or whatever it's called.


You can stretch the viewport as long as your base resolution is 160x144, you can scale it as needed.

Best way to do this is to render everything to a 160x144 texture, then draw that 160x144 texture covering the whole window. That way you don't get any horrible subpixel crap.

Oh yeah, as for format, if you can get it working on the web on a not-phone it should be fine, if you only release an apk you are seriously limiting your audience.

I think the idea is to post it here so you can have a downloadable or something that plays in the browser.

This doesn't answer the question about the resolution :)

Same question for me, cause a 160x144 on a 4k screen is going to looks... XD

and for what I have seen from past BGjam games seem none is a really 160x144 pixels (but I don't know if the rule was the same).

so do the screen of the game just to be some grid of 160x144 squares ?


For resolution clarification, you need the game to be 160x144, but you can scale it so that it runs in a window large enough for people to see. In past jams most people scale x2 or x4. A lot of people usually even include options in the settings to allow for scaling preference.

Basicaly, the game needs to be made of 160x144 pixels no matter how scaled up the pixels are, right?


Yeah it still needs to appear as though the game is 160x144 res

I think he is asking if you can put a background around the game that isn't the game, like the graphics that surround Cat Astro Phi.


If that's what he is asking, it is answered a bit higher up in the post.

Yeah that was it, on the GB the buttons was not on screen (really?!? :) ) but for this & be able to play on mobile you need that or use accelerometer (could be cool)

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Sorry, guys. I'm pretty new to game dev and am working in Unity. To set this up, I make my camera 160 x 144 but how would I scale it as is mentioned above? Does anyone have a guide they work off for newbies?

I used this in #lowrezjam. ( Unity )


I'll be honest, I've not heard of a lot of the functions/methods (whatever they are in there) before! So I'm assuming you attach that to your camera? Perhaps sorting out the scaling is something I can focus on post-jam so I don't get distracted. haha

Just set screen resolution in w, h. drag code into camera. Done :)

woo hoo, that couldn't be easier. Thanks!

Any tips on making the Graphics in Inkscape??

don't think inkscape is very easy to work with, look at my other comment:

In theory you can use Inkscape, but practically you'll most likely have more work getting your stuff to look good later, even if it's just due to reducing the number of colors (Inkscape will use aliasing after all).

Draw a simple character or object, export it as a 16x16 pixel image (Gameboy games typically used 8x8 or 16x16 for tiles and sprites) and see how it looks like and how much work it is for you to get it right (i.e. reduce it to 4 colors or 1 transparent + 3 colors while still looking good)