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haha no worries. Updated it and saw the UI. Looks good! 

My high score is 24...I curse my past self for the ghosts of big screw ups (particularly the ones requiring reversing and 180's).

Once again, great game, dude.

Awesome game! Such a cohesive theme; the art, music and SFX are fantastic. I love how the better you race the more creative you have to become in completing more laps.

My only criticism is that I couldn't figure out how many lives I had, or what the measure was for triggering the game over.

Anyway, that's just a minor thing. Well done on Nightmare Drive!

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1. I'm Cam. Hi!

2. I've done this a few times but I don't get much time to do game dev so every time feels like the first time. I wasn't going to do this but it's probably going to be my only creative outlet for a long time.

3. I love a heap of game types, it's hard to narrow it down. I've never played an Assassin's Creed game though.

4. I've used Unity so that's what I'll be sticking to here. My main aims are to improve my game design (core game loop) and programming.

5. I'm passionate about UX and I hold Shigeru Miyamoto's quote "A great idea solves multiple problems at the same time." in high regard.

6. My goals are to keep scope waaaaay down and submit something, even if it's trash (narrator: it will be).

7. Biggest advice for anyone of any skill level is to keep cutting your idea down. Just keep cutting the cruft away until you have a fraction of the original idea and then do that. Edit: Make a browser version of your game if the engine makes it easy. You'll get way more players try it out with a low barrier.

8. This jam has a great community so I'm not sure what could be done to improve it. The only thing I can think of that may help newer people is having the theme announced a day before the jam starts to alleviate some of the pressure when it starts.

9. I think it was the last one I made Drizzle Dash, which is my most complete game jam to date. I spent a little more time on the graphics and had a complete game loop. I think I got that much done because I whittled the idea down to something stupidly simple.

Sure am! That's how I found it. I was checking out last year's submissions after joining up. I hope you're doing it again, I'd love to see what you come up with. :)

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Had a blast playing this, great work, David, Aubrey and Anton! I particularly liked the lighting cues. 

I'd love to try the other levels but I'm unsure how to load them. I've tried "Open with..." on the .maze files but no luck. Any clues?

Great concept and overall polish. Took me a bit to figure out I could go backwards but I'd say that's me being stupid more than anything. I battled with the jump being attached to the up key and would've preferred space, but that's a minor thing.

The only issue I had in-game  was bouncing between trunks but couldn't get above the branch because I kept hitting my head.

Overall, I loved this. Simple, focused and obviously well scoped because you got nice gameplay, SFX and VFX, and a menu and title screen. Top work!

Nice little game! I love the battle between wanting to smash a fireball back and needing to make it over a gap. The dual result of the attack works really well with the level, it kept getting me killed because I was greedy. :)

Great little game. Didn't expect it to go where it did, which was awesome. Got stuck like others in the eye room with the right button being completely off screen (despite being fullscreen WebGL). Regardless, top work!

Thanks for playing and your kind feedback! Having the players share input was an experiment to see how it would affect the experience extrinsic to the game itself. Would players sabotage, push each other around, cheat? I thought it would be interesting to see how that worked when under time pressure.

If I wasn't purposely testing that, I totally agree with you that it would've made it easier to play.

That makes total sense now knowing how you've set them up. When it happened for me I was jumping along in a silly manner across the bottom as I tested out the new raycasting so I'm thinking I probably triggered it under both platforms. :)

Thanks, Ludonaut! I grabbed the (~49MB) 2018  zip and had to do some shuffling around of the file structure to get them to load.  Maybe I did something dumb to get them not to load properly, I don't know! Whatever happened, this is how I fixed it.

  1. Extract contents of zip to a new folder
  2. Create a folder in the new folder called "18" (minus quotes)
  3. Move "softs" folder into "18"
  4. Move index.htm into either img or Images
  5. Open index.htm and fingers crossed everything should now load

That works a lot better! I got "Oh come on!" trigger several times though. The first time I played it I only noticed it once, when I fell. This time it triggered a few times as I made my back to the ladder thing. Could that be a result of the raycast? Maybe it was always there though and I just got lucky the first time.

Regardless, nicely done! :)

Please don't feel  to play my game back, it really isn't required! 

That's great that you're able to make a game like that when you're into something you don't even see. Very nice work!

I primarily use Unity. I started in Unity with Playmaker--a visual programming plugin--and I enjoyed that but thought for the long term I'd need to know more programming so off I began learning C#. I enjoy the logic puzzles but yeah, it's a different way of thinking when you have to work out the code to go with the logic. It's fun though. Before that I had a go at Construct and that was great for getting the idea of logic down pat, like you said.

Yep, that's exactly what I meant! Would you say your strength is in programming? The reason I ask is I'm not and I feel like that's the biggest thing stopping me from having such a complete package at the end of the jam like you have. You've got a really nice product with sound, art, a full game loop and for bonus points two languages! haha It's really good!

No worries! Like I said, I really enjoyed this one. :)

You know, this was my "ultimate" concept (that you can see in one of my sketches in the dev log). It's a 3-4 player game in more of an isometric view. Players have a cursor can move around the edge of the circle to blow their gust of wind inside the the play area--Imagine a similar style of game to Hungry Hungry Hippos, with clouds bouncing around in the middle. Each player has their own fire, but if it were a 4 player game there would only be 3 clouds. Players can technically blow any cloud so it's a fluid tug of war over defence and attack. 

I had thoughts about a limited power up: being able to teleport to the opposite side of the circle (with a cool down after use). This could serve as immediate defence or attack. If you used your teleport ability  whilst touching another players cursor on the outside of the circle it teleports them over to the opposite side. This makes it a sabotage tool as well.

This was all waaaaay to deep for a game jam haha so it got pared down to what I ended up making! I'd still like to develop that concept when I'm not slogging myself out over game jams!

The idea of it starting in random spots each time would certainly solve an issue. The problem that comes to mind is there'd need to be two clouds per side. One that's over the fire and one that's in the new random position ready to sent off. Otherwise, As soon as the cloud stopped moving, it'd reappear in the new random spot and if you landed it over the fire that would stop you scoring points. 

I had a thought about starting the game without modifying the current gameplay too much: A game of "get the power bar closest to the chosen random value to determine the player that goes first". Still not ideal but it'd be a skill-based solution instead of luck of the draw. *shrugs*

Thanks, dude! I wonder if garlandicus will be back to update their lazy-loading translated page...that was great too.

Hello again, everyone!

Will there be a sticky post with alternate ways to view the famicases this year? Last year there was a great post that included rar files to download, translated pages and archived views for previous years. It was all a very welcome UX improvement to browse through the huge amount of awesome covers.

Looking forward to this and I am over the moon you all made it a one month jam. That is rad!

Great progress here. It took me a while to get it to actually load a level which was a bit frustrating but I liked the little slot machine. Like others have said I kept getting stuck in spots which was odd but I'm sure you have an idea what that might be. 

Nice work!

Hey MisterLemon!

This was cool. I like that the game wasn't over when you found the blanket and the level was nicely designed to take into account the new mechanic with blanky. 

Something that could do with some post-jam tweaking is the gliding part. Even if I didn't want to use blanky I had to which made small, quick jumps tedious (eg. climbing back up the rung things). Perhaps a ray cast downwards to detect if there's ground there and if there is, don't pull out blanky? I don't know, you could probably think of a more elegant solution than that haha

Anyway, I enjoyed this. Nice voice acting (especially the "oh come on!" haha) and peaceful music. Well done!

Something I personally love is low fidelity graphics and story telling that allows your imagination to fill in the gaps. This was great fun to explore (it reminds me of Zelda, inspired by Miyamoto's adventures exploring as a kid) but if there was an end, it wasn't clear.

Very nice!

Great all round package here! Complete game loop, music, sound and graphics (and even two languages) all come together nicely. Well done!

If you don't mind me asking, what's your background? This is all so polished!

I love how simple this is. Like a couple of people have already said, it's a bit easy to score points when most of the time you can let your girlfriend run free with little risk of getting rained on. That could be fixed a couple of ways (probably combining some of these):

  • Make her change direction randomly
  • Ramp up the raindrop frequency with the number of points scored
  • Only count raindrops that are going to hit your girlfriend

The game has a great vibe though. Nice to see something non-violent (not that I'm really against that) with a happy tune and cute graphics.

Thanks, Steven! 

Thanks for letting me know about the fullscreen button, I turned it off in Itch.

I agree with you 100% on P1 having the advantage. It's something I was aware of but didn't have time to think about an elegant solution for. A few ideas that crossed my mind. The easiest was swap the starting player between rounds but that would mean in any "best of <odd number>" rounds one player will still have an advantage. Another was to have a skill-based mini-game to get the match started but designing a game within a game was going well beyond the scope of the game jam haha. So yeah, still no good idea to solve this one!

Thanks for playing and taking the time to leave feedback. :)

Hey there! Nice work on what you got done. 

I was thinking maybe there could be spawn points for the fire demons that you have to destroy. That would give you something to push forward for.  The idea of traps/pits sounds good too. Maybe you could even choose to fill a pit with water to make it an offensive trap to kill demons in?

Thank you for playing and leaving some feedback.

Thank you so much for the feedback. 

It's so nice to hear about your experience. Especially because having players use the same button was an experiment to see if it caused a game of sabotage outside the game and it looks like it did for you! :)

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Unplanned improvements feel awesome!

I didn't plan on doing much to the game as we're so close to the end. I didn't want to stuff something up or get caught mid way through something. However, I got on a role and had some great progress. The only down side to this is I'm up late again and I'm going to pay for that tomorrow. 

New art direction

I didn't think I'd get time to update the art but I'm glad I did. It was very dull and boring with the placeholder assets. I was worried I'd struggle making it dark and gloomy while still appearing lighthearted but I think I've done ok capturing that in the new cloud.  Let me know your thoughts on progress with the new art direction! (Here's a GIF with crazy banding)

Big UX win for player turns

Another change I got to make and wasn't expecting was related to how players build up their next shot. I knew how I wanted it to play but after a brief playtest today with a workmate (thanks, Rob) he said exactly what I wanted to do, without being prompted. That inspired me to have a look at it in spite of not wanting to touch the code from here on. 

I figured it out (quite easily, which was odd) and in the process removed around 20 lines of code. <feelsgoodman.jpg>

Tonight's progress

  • Complete colour palette overhaul
  • Added shadow to cloud
  • Updated art assets
  • Added ability to hold button to power up next move whilst previous move is still in motion (big UX win)
  • Added 3 visual stages to fire assets
  • Player settings configured, ready for build (icon will need revisit with updated visuals)
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Short but sweet

Finished up early again tonight, but had a productive night. Probably because I didn't play any games...

  • Icon designed
  • Added sky gradient
  • Added burnt out fire graphic when fire is extinguished
  • Added drop shadow to cloud and rain drops
  • Fixed Alpha Cutoff on rain drop material (smoother edges now)
  • Middle raindrop stream now does 33% more damage than outer two streams
  • Increased rain drop particle spawn rate
  • Added more random values to rain drop particles to feel more organic
  • Decreased stream hitbox width to feel more fair
  • Decreased fire hurtbox width to feel more fair

What's Next?

I might spend any extra time I've got on art and stay away from the code. It's all a bit dark and flat at the moment so hopefully I can give it a bit of dimension.

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Early night for me tonight, need some sleep. A quick(ish) win today avoided a Zero Day.: disabling player input when cloud is moving.  

I also noticed in one of the above GIFs that the odd rain drop disappears. That might be to do with particle triggers and colliders that I was playing with but didn't get to work. Hopefully if I turn those off it'll fix that issue. 

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On a roll

Had a super productive night (and lunch break). 

game state

I wrote some spaghetti code for the player health that half worked but was super confusing to get the last bit done, so I scrapped it all and rewrote it into 1/5th of the line count. So fresh and so clean (and it works 100% like I wanted it to).

The game state is now implemented, including a game over screen and reloading the game to play again.

A minor detail was making the drop sizes a bit more organic by varying their size.

I really wanted to have a build posted to the half way play testing thread but Unity did its usual thing of blowing out build sizes and flat out failing my WebGL builds so I'm going to miss out on that. Does anyone know why WebGL builds have failed every single project for me? Super frustrating.

What's left?

Besides the things in the last post, there are a couple of things that need fixing when it comes to gameplay:

  1. Disabling player input when cloud is moving (should be trivial)
  2. stop cloud moving off edge of screen (not sure I'll tackle this one)

I think screen wrapping the cloud might also be fun for penalising overshoots but that's not going to happen in time for this game jam.

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Didn't get up to much yesterday as I'm trying to look after myself, getting over some nasty viral thing.  I did a little bit of setting up for the player damage system, which will round off the game loop. I'm confident that's all stuff I've done before and shouldn't be too difficult. We'll find out tonight.

What's left to do?

  1. Rain deals damage to campfires
  2. Game Over screen
  3. Start screen
  4. Design logo
  5. Game icon/thumbnail for page
  6. Generate builds (I really hope to do a WebGL one this time) and upload - WebGL is still failing...FML
  7. (optional) Animate fire
  8. (optional) Replace placeholder art
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Hey watercolorheart! Thanks for your post and the feedback. I really wanted to do something more complex like the waterfall sketches (think a local multiplayer Game & Watch) but realised that was waaaaay out of scope and I'd never complete it. I ended up coming up with something heaps simpler and I'm pretty confident I can finish!

There' no reason why it couldn't be online MP but there's no way I'd get that done for this game jam. For now it's just a one button (space bar) local MP game, but sharing a button adds to the player experience I wanted to create so it was a lucky bonus.

I'm still pretty new to curves myself, this is the first time I've been able to use them so I'm pretty excited about that.They seem like a really flexible way to give something that might previously have linear movement some life and character.  

ac.Evaluate looks at which part on the curve the animation is at according to the time passed. The 'ac' part is just a variable name for the Animation Curve that I have exposed in the Inspector so I can tweak it visually. You can see that in one of the screenshots.

What an awesome community!

Not much to show today but I did get some help from Daftao, an amazing member in the My First Game Jam community. It was nailing the problem I had yesterday in getting the last part of the curve to render. I can't begin to thank him enough for taking the time to look at my code and figure it out. Such a minor change, I never would've figured it out myself.

The result is a cloud that has a little bit more character. I could continue to tweak the curve as it still feels a little mechanical but I don't have to touch code to do that. This is about as far as I'll push the animation during the jam. I could spend forever making it bop up and down as it chugs between points but I'll end up failing to close to core game loop.

Thanks again, Daftao!

Polish (like shine, not people from Poland)

Didn't do much tonight, trying to take it easy because I'm recovering from being sick and can feel myself getting rundown again.

What I did get done though was again impressive for myself. I've added a little anticipation and follow through to the animation. I had to rewrite the code a little and whilst it runs there's strange behaviour in that the anticipation works, but the follow through doesn't. I have no idea...I might post it to Discord tomorrow to see if anyone knows about animation curves. I've not used them before but they're super cool to spruce up a boring lerp.

Thanks heaps, Jupiter!

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I wish I could post MPEG4s here!

Well, well. 

I am rather chuffed with myself tonight. I set out to make the cloud animate between start and end points and whattayknow, I did it! I really didn't expect to get this done so easily and I even got bonus points for rigging it up with an animation curve and having the time vary depending on the distance. 

All small things to experienced programmers because it really is simple math (distance / speed = time) but putting the whole thing together in only 2 hours made me feel godlike. On a personal level, it was a huge confidence boost to be able to objectively see that I'm getter better at programming.

Any ideas?

I tried to add some anticipation frames (bottom image) at the start and some overshoot at the end but the animation curve clamps values to positive to the same effect as the default ease in-out curve (top image). I might still be able to get the effect I want but if it's not easy I'm going to move on as it's a nice-to-have. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be super grateful!

Next Step

Rig up the player health so there's a complete game loop. 

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Finally, I made some progress on my game (I'm going solo again). After starting with some ideas that were pen and paper tested I decided to scale it right back. The design I came up with was more suited to a 3-4 player game and was too large in scope for a game jam. I whittled it down to its essence and shunned a dimension.

The aim of the game

Each player takes turns in pushing a rain cloud back and forwards with a measured gust of wind. Put out your opponent's campfire before they do yours to win. Every millisecond the cloud hangs over your campfire it'll lose health so the pressure is on to get that cloud off your campfire and onto the other without wasting your turn! 

What's next?

My next task is to try and animate that cloud between points instead of it snapping to its end location. I gave up on that tonight and implemented some UI instead (which went better than expected). I also need to give the campfire health and a health bar. I'd love to animate the fire to represent the health it has but I don't think I'm going to get time to do that. I need to close the core loop first.

Fun stuff

Here are some sketches (minus a bunch of brainstorming I made in Pages, which I could provide if there's interest), along with the first gameplay GIF. (Anyone know how to resize images in the editor here?)

Sketch page 1

Varying ideas from brainstorming

Sketch page 2

Honing in on the idea I'm pursuing through refining scope

Thanks for playing! :)

Ahhhh, gotcha! I think if you prefaced that question with the explanation you just gave it would totally change how it comes across (to me at least, maybe no one else had the same reaction). I would've spilled my guts into that space knowing some great resources may have been found to help me on that journey. 

I love that you organisers of MFGJ go to such effort to help everyone. The camaraderie and community are why I come back each time!