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Great little game, dude! SFX and GFX were great. Have you played Hidden In Plain Sight? It reminded me of that. I did spend about 10 minutes trying to find the wooden leg punks though, I couldn't find more than one most of the time!

This was good fun! A nice cohesive art style and the movement felt pretty good too. I'm curious, how did you get the platform shadows to work? Are they manually tiled, or are they from a light source, or programmatically generated? 

How good is ChipTone! I used it for my sound effects too.

Thanks, Fodi! I'd hoped to make more levels but time got away from me. I want to add some more mechanics like rivers that affect movement and create one way corridors, or doors that open and close on timers etc but had to scope down just to get it finished. I plan to work on it a bit after I take a few days off, it's been an intense week and a bit! It makes me happy you found the banana funny too. :) 

Thank you for playing and your kind feedback.

hahaha I'm so glad the bananas tickled your funny bone. I still enjoyed it after testing it so many times. 

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback. Much appreciated!

You did a great job! I'm much stronger in art and music myself yet my game has barely and art pass and no music haha You should be proud of your game, definitely more than a little victory.

I completely understand not addressing performance, it’s hard enough just to get something working! Your game has been one of the best (maybe equal best) I’ve played from the jam so far!

Don’t apologise for spending more time on the art and music, it definitely shows that you did; They’re good! What engine did you use to make it?

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Game Title/URL: Lock'n'Key 

Pitch/Information: A chill "puzzle" game made to be played by a 3 year old without them getting frustrated.

I'd like feedback on: It won't pose much of a challenge to an adult but if you have a young child handy I'd love to know how they go!

Nice, happy-feeling game! The sombre music on the gameover screen was good. Adding the player's score to the gameover screen would be beneficial as I had a few good runs and then had no idea how close I got when it went straight to the gameover screen! 

Also, see if you can make the Play Again button selected by default so the play doesn't have to take their fingers off the keys they're already hovering over. Make getting back in for "one more try" as quick and easy as possible.

Thanks for playing! I hope to continue making levels and with a few new mechanics to increase it a little bit but making it challenging enough for an adult might mean making it a new game as I don't think my 3yo will be able to play it then haha

Fun little game! The odd funny objects were nice to find (like sipping paint haha). Great vibe, nice work!

Fun game, I loved the whole package with jazz, horns honking  etc. The controls urked me though, like others have said. For your first original game this is super, keep it up!

Soooo good!

Humourous and polished PLUS it had a fart joke. What a lovely adventure. Well written and well excuted, congratulations!

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Great concept with only one level and tweaking the player movements. The lights off one was well placed as the player is completely comfortable with the level by that point. The tiny little block next to the switch was a great piece of level design. Without it each run would've been annoying. Like others said, the jump was sometimes annoying but jump is typically hard to get right.

Solid effort, well done completing it!

Great game feel! I particularly enjoyed the "crumbs" that break off when you hit a wall. They really help sell the impact. The art style reminds me of Box Boy which I love.

I would suggest removing the Enter key to respawn.  Just time it so the player respawns 1 second after the particle system ends. Unless I'm missing something of mechanical importance!

I had fun with this, great work!

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Wow, what a game! So much to love about this: 

  1.  The pacing was spot on. The way the game ramps up as you progress really makes it more intense, especially with that last phase and the "rage" type red overlay.
  2. The limited information the player has adds to the atmosphere
  3. Great sound effects and cues for events like when the killer enters the same room as you
  4. I enjoyed the safe mechanics, as storing the combo in your head and finding the time to type it in kept it white knuckled.

My only gripes with the game were that Q was an awkward key to map to lock/unlock. I would've preferred something I could reach with my other hand. Having said that, the awkwardness did add to the intensity so you could say it was on-theme haha

Second, the doors that were sideways (ie you could only see a few pixels off were sometimes difficult to see so the art could do with some better visual cues.

I had some issues with some pretty bad frame rates at times but I didn't care, as I was enjoying myself.

Congrats to the team, I enjoyed every second of this! 

Damn, here I was getting all excited about Juice FX and Smear FX and no macOS versions at all. What a shame!

I've never thought of uploading early as a type of Early Access! Very clever. I just wish I could work fast enough to have something playable that early.

Thank you for taking the time to play and leave feedback, zcarter! Seems most people wanted to a softer entry to the game whereas I didn't expect people to want to play it for long!

I have the itch again but I'm in the middle of moving house so I'll have to pass on the AGBIC jam :(

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Great "making of" video. I completely empathise with continually not being able to make something you're happy with. Presenting this and being honest about it was a classy move (and hopefully helps others).

Don't give up, buddy!

You're welcome! As always, a pleasure to play your games.

Keep it up!

Great game, dude! 

Love the animation, FX, music, sound etc. It's a simple concept that takes less than a minute to grasp, which is great! 

A couple of things that I think could be improved: 

  1. Separate hitboxes and hurtboxes: sometimes I felt robbed when nicked a ghost but also touched a mushroom. Separating them would allow smaller hurtbox for ghosts but slightly larger for mushrooms.
  2. Sometimes I had to scan for where the new piggy spawned. When seconds are precious that can be feel unfair too! Maybe some more FX to make it more obvious where the pig is spawning?

They were the only obvious things to me, I had a blast playing it!

Great work, gang! Balancing the movement and weapon kickback was a good challenge and the pick ups were a nice reason to make me move around a bit. It was also very quick to restart a game which great UX.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!

You're welcome! Just to reiterate, the levels that were more than a few units of scrolling are fine staying longer. They give a good reason to scroll. It's only the ones where the finish trigger was just off screen that I had issue with. I'd just bring those finish lines back to fit in the single screen. It could even be a case of forcing the game to a 16:9 or even wider ratio (with letterboxing) to better suit the gameplay!

Nice! It worked well, I wish I’d done something like that for mine. 

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Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. The FPS was fine in Chrome, it was just Safari that had the glow and FPS issues. Both browsers nearly melted my Mac though haha

How’d you launch to full screen? Was it a Build Setting or a script?

Nicely done. Great to see the update!

Nice game! I enjoyed the two modes and the mood each has. You've nailed ratcheting up the tension when it goes to night time. I got a JS error in Safari in Catalina that crashed the game (and it made my MBP fans go bonkers). I remember seeing this get retweeted by the GameDevTV Twitter account mid-jam and I'm glad I got to play it!

Great game loop! Satisfying effects when blowing up enemies and the little rest periods between waves were nice. I would've like it to get more difficult sooner as it was too easy for me and I ended up quitting at 10 minutes into a game because it hadn't seemed to get harder for a good while.

Nice work, this was fun to play (even on a trackpad!).

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Nice music and unique visuals. I played this on a MacBook Pro in Safari and it was unplayable (maybe <10 FPS and glow effects didn't show up). I tried in Chrome and got a better frame rate but in both browsers my MBP felt like it was about to take off and/or catch fire!

I am curious how you made it launch into full screen when I clicked Run Game! That's something I couldn't make mine do.

Amazing game, congratulations! It has a very complete feeling. A couple of minor gripes:

  1. Left clicking an unused portal when you already have an unused one selected should select the new one, not place the old one first (i.e. be a cancel and select function)
  2. I only realised half way into the game that you could scroll the level. This means the last part of a majority of these puzzles is meaningless as I passed the level  without being able to see that bit. Consider bringing them into a "single screen" (i.e. no scrolling) or make the puzzle meaningful if it's required to scroll.

This is one of the highlights of the game jam. A pleasure to play and an incredible achievement for your first ever game. 

Nice work! Sold all round effort, I played it right through. I liked the themed levels and the unique characteristic each had. I found I could skip through the levels a little too easily by getting to top speed, jumping and then at the peak of a jump hitting boost. I just repeated that and the my runs were almost infallible.

The only thing that confused me was that after I dropped the package off I wasn't sure that I was meant to go back to the start. I kept trying to jump over the police or hide under the cover of the house I dropped it off to. Perhaps an indicator to hint where to go like Golden Axe (and other beat 'em ups) did with GO! or similar would work well. 

Anyways, great work, I had fun!

I loved the low res graphics. The gameplay was simple and fun. Great work!