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cam newton

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Fun game! Got a cyan screen with an error, had to question whether it was a fourth wall trick haha.

Thank you! It was hard to watch you "play" it with how little there was to do but in seeing you interact with it, it's given me some valuable feedback on what I should have done in posting something so basic. I'll add some background text that has the controls, so when you're in-game you know how to play and reset the stage etc.

Also, like I said on Twitter, the build I have ready to upload, sitting on my PC has two player controls, so there's a little bit more of a "game" to it.

Thank you again for checking it out.

Very cool, guys. Well done!

Replied to Synzia in Bridges comments

You're right though, death of a pet is inevitable, but your writing made me think about what I would do with Muppet (my dog's name) given the injuries and suffering that was described to me. I was thinking well, I don't want to take him to a library because I want to spend time with him doing something he'd enjoy but the options made me go there.

I'm not clever or a good writer but perhaps there's some sort of a balance between drawing it out and not making it a straight cut to the end. And don't apologise for making me upset, that goes to show that you're on the right track and you're successful at your goal!

I left some feedback on your page! :)

I liked the writing, it wasn't too descriptive and it felt genuine like a real dog owner would.

I was expecting that one of the options I chose was going to be the last so I chose carefully until I realised that I was going to have to go through all of the options before the game progressed. That made me a bit impatient and I started to skip through it. That hurt the ending a little because I was reading too hastily and cared less about the details in the writing.

Having said that, It did get me a bit upset because I fear the day I face this decision with my dog, so well done!

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Nice idea for a thread!


My game is called Litter Bomber.

I'd like feedback on:

It lacks any kind of polish but any feedback about the flying would be nice. How it controls, what you felt like doing, what feels "off" etc.

Couldn't do:

I wasn't able to do was to give the plane a little boost as the engine kicked back in. I tried addForce Impulse, but my main movement code overwrote the boost bit so I scrapped it in the name of keeping things moving.

Thank you!

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Thanks! Yeah, I freaking love UX. It's a shame it's still so vague to a lot of people!

I really, really want to upload something at the end but I struggle so much with ideas it gets really stressful!

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  1. I'm Cam! I'm a UX/UI designer (helped make on Procreate for iPad/iPhone). My passion is UX and video games and my goal for 2017 is to release one game this year and make at least 1c on said game.
  2. I participated in the last one (on my own) and ended up uploading something which was a personal goal of mine for 2016. It was incomplete but still it was a big step for me to put something out there. I aim to do the same with this jam. My biggest obstacle will be coming up with a small idea and executing it within the time.
  3. Hard to pick a favourite game, but Mario 64 is probably up there; Shigeru Miyamoto is a huge inspiration to me. I aspire to make a local multiplayer, sports-hybrid game, in a similar vein to Smash Bros, Bars Bari Ball, Samurai Gunn, Video Ball etc.
  4. I have been teaching myself to program C# with Unity and TBH I'm not that great at it haha. Previous to that I have had no experience with programming or making games.
  5. I'm passionate about UX. In particular the micro-interactions a player/user has with the software. Animations, transitions, feedback etc. All of the little things that polish the game to make something amazing. I also have a soft spot for local multiplayer, as a kid that grew up with the N64. There' something special to me about huddling around a TV with friends swearing, yelling and laughing at each other all night playing games.
  6. I guess the one thing I learnt from the first time I did this jam is that you have to think small. When you think you have a great, small idea, cut it in half again. And then again.

Thank you for the reply. That's an interesting way to look at things; How can I break things and what will the results look like? Best of luck with your poet project!

Oh wow, that poetry project sounds cool. I'd love to see it when it's done.

I looked up what boids are and that stuff really interests me. I also really like the idea of something that learns from experience. Sadly, I've a long way to go before I'm capable of doing that sort of stuff. I don't even know where to start because everything seems to be targeted at intermediate to advanced programmers!

I think I actually understand how you're explaining you would do it! Sounds like something I could probably do over a longer period of time than the jam, but I'd like to try this if not just for a challenge. Thank you again for your idea.

Thanks for the tips! I think for now I'll stick to doing things the nasty way as I don't want to introduce too many ways to fail when I'm already going to be struggling! That could be a refactor later. :)

Sounds interesting, thank you for the reply. To me it almost sounds like a Punch Out type game where learning the pattern and avoiding it until the gap is the key to winning.

If you don't mind me asking, how would you (pseudo) code the pattern? Would it be an array of (say) 5 ints, where each int is decided by a percentage chance to attack? I can't see in my head how to get the individual chances into a stream that plays out.

Thanks! A name generator could certainly be a good fall back as it doesn't require any art. I've never done anything like that before. Would you pull names from an online resource, or just hard code arrays of (copy and pasted) categorised words and chose them randomly?

I like Jasper's tutorials too. I began his procedural tutorials a few months ago but found I was just copying the code instead of understanding what I was doing and why (cave generation typically requires intermediate programming experience, which seems to be ~90% of procgen tutorials).

I believe I need to have a better foundation in programming before tackling procgen of that complexity. That's where I'm struggling; finding it difficult to grasp the full gamut of what procgen could be and mean. What it is in its simplest form. Is it simply using random elements within a semi designed constraint?

Thank you! I'd read that 5 Ways post but I think I get caught up in the definition of procgen and then confused by it all.

I made a new thread as you suggested. Hopefully it gets some traction and can be helpful to others. :)

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Hi everyone!

I'm an inexperienced programmer that is learning C# in Unity. I'm really inspired to try to do something for ProcJam but I'm unsure where to start, as most of the things you find on procgen require considerable programming experience. (I've read the "5 ways..." post but I guess I need a bit more of a helping hand or understanding to get me on the right path and the creative juices flowing.)

Perhaps this might even develop into a resource for following ProcJams for people like myself.

So if you have any tinsy-tiny ideas, explanations etc, please, I'd love to hear them. It doesn't matter how small the idea is I'd just love to submit and come out the other side having learnt something about procedural generation.

Thanks for your time.


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This is steering the thread off a little bit, but is still relevant to the title and you guys have got me inspire:

Could someone recommend some procgen ideas suitable for someone with basic programming experience?

I'd love to use this jam as an opportunity to learn something about procgen, but don't want to get bogged down in something out of my league and end up giving up. If you think it could develop into a useful thread for other beginners, I'll start a fresh one up

I'm not sure how Itch selects which emails I receive but I've received a few and they've all been of interest to me, so perhaps there's some sort of heuristic to it? I follow Itch on Twitter so maybe tweeting a link to the community early and tagging Itch will get a retweet?

Other than that, I'm honestly not sure how it'd get to me without Itch's input

Hey Cut Garnet Games,

Like Monsi, I only heard about it this morning via the automated email Itch sends out. It'd be nice if they could send them out perhaps a week before they start, or even two, so you can put it in your schedule and have a think about it!

I've tweeted at itch.io with the suggestion of having the emails sent out earlier, so perhaps if others do the same thing they might consider it.

Created a new topic From a proc gen virgin
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Hey guys

I wanted to say that whilst I won't be getting involved in this Game Jam (I'd love to but I'm way too green at programming in general) I really appreciate the effort put into setting up the resources. This one and MyFirstGameJam both had great resources which makes a huge difference to making it more accessible to Game Jam rookies like myself.

The one thing I'd love to be different and I suspect it's an itch.io thing over any specific Game Jam is to be notified of an upcoming Game Jam sooner. Currently I get the alerts ~2 days before they start, which for a beginner (programmer and game maker) that isn't a great deal of time to think about it and often ends up in me not doing something.

Anyways, thank you to the organisers and good luck to everyone!


Edit: I created a new thread to post ideas to help beginners like myself.

You rotten so and so! (good job :) )

My second game jam and I'm crap at programming haha. I'm doing a poor-person's beat 'em up.

no worries, dude. It was just a heads up for others. It was fine in pretty much everything else, just not the default program it opens in!

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A tip: Don't try to open this with NotePad. It'll be an absolute mess. Use NotePad++ or something similar to retain formatting!

woo hoo, that couldn't be easier. Thanks!


I'll be honest, I've not heard of a lot of the functions/methods (whatever they are in there) before! So I'm assuming you attach that to your camera? Perhaps sorting out the scaling is something I can focus on post-jam so I don't get distracted. haha

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Sorry, guys. I'm pretty new to game dev and am working in Unity. To set this up, I make my camera 160 x 144 but how would I scale it as is mentioned above? Does anyone have a guide they work off for newbies?

I'd like to thank everyone involved in organising this game jam. It was my first and I was impressed with how accessible it was made. I've since been looking for another to do, but none has come close to having the "community" feeling that this one had, even before I signed up.

I achieved a big personal milestone by doing this GJ and it was all thanks to you organisers...So I sincerely thank you and I hope all of you read this. I'd love it if you made more regular game jams to help beginners gain more confidence and experience. I'd sign up every time, as I feel like there's now a void for my particular skill level and that sense of community really helped.



Thank you! :)

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Thanks, Vivaizix!

Out of curiosity, will the game ideas be anything Pippin has posted? I'm not an experienced developer so the more lead time I have on the idea the better for me!

yeah, I use Discord. I wonder how useful it'll be at this point in the jams though. Most people probably won't find it, I suspect

Somewhere to troubleshoot things, ask questions, share progress etc? The My First Game Jam I just did had a discord channel which was pretty good!

Hello everyone.

I'm hesitantly posting this here. This was my first game jam, my first game and my first time exposing my work online so some big milestones for me.

My game: https://b4ttlecat.itch.io/dropkick

I'd like feedback on: I'm not really sure what to ask feedback on as there's not a lot here to actually play. Just anything you could think of would be appreciated. I didn't complete my game, I didn't get close, but I focused on getting the main mechanic working, which is the dropkick. My inspiration was Miyamoto's quote about a good idea solving multiple problems. By holding the button to jump and releasing to kick I feel like that was hitting that quote. It also felt good to me from the controller-player connection. Holding the button and then releasing replicated the player holding the kick and then letting it go with a big force.

My immediate goals:

  • Figure out how to get local multiplayer working with two controllers.
  • Make destructible walls (different types: wood, spikes, doors, concrete etc)
  • Add some deeper movement mechanics such as commando rolls, dodging etc without complicating the simple control scheme
Thank you if you take the time to view my "game". Congrats to everyone who got this far.


Hey everyone. I'm Cam. I'm a designer, artist and animator. I'm also teaching myself to program (I'm a numpty).

I've been planning to do a Game Jam for some time but never had the guts to do it. I've never felt ready, I know I'll just let myself down and be disappointed with myself at the end of it. I decided it's time to jump in, ready or not.

When I was very young I'd go around saying I wanted to work at Nintendo. What I didn't realise was that I wanted to make games in general, Nintendo was just the standard I aspired to. So obviously a lot of what Nintendo have done over the years has inspired me. I enjoy plenty of obscure games, although typically they're from smaller dev teams (just seem to have more soul).

I have never made a game before, but I've done many tutorial series/courses on Unity in C#. I have very little confidence in my programming ability but I hoping this will accelerate things and give me confidence to keep doing Game Jams.

I've worked at a small but successful software company where I was in a very hands on role with UX and UI design. I've also worked as an animator on a TV show and a designer in a branding agency. I (for better or worse) set a very high bar for myself and others.

What I want most out of a career is to be able to entertain people through my work .I'd be happy to only have to work part time in a "everyday" job because my video games are supporting me.

Good luck, everyone!