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nice game. I like animation of little guy. :)

Thanks for comment, I will add more detail.

I aim for 5 minutes. :)

It's finished for the jam but still have something that I want to add for post-jam version.

I decreased mouse speed 50%.  

Thank, I fixed sensitive mouse control.

Entrance for 3rd area can be found before reach the door. 


Day 3:
I overestimated my 3d skills and Try to make every area connect seamlessly. It took me almost a day. The result is not good enough. 

Day 4:
I started again with one scene per area and make the transition between scene. At the end of the day, I have first area finish with all scripts done.

Day 5:
   I added ambient sound and SFX to make the mood of the game when I testing. It starts feeling spooky. I continued working in the second area.

#LOWREZJAM 2018 community » Devlogs · Created a new topic Hike

Project for #LOWREZJAM 2018. 
The project inspired by the moment I went hiking on the mountain and I almost getting lost.

Day 1:
 Start working on a movement mechanic and display on 64*64 pixels.

Day 2:
I planned to use sprites in the 3D world using bill-board. Everything looked good until draw order issue appeared. It took a few hours to solve this issue by wrote own sprite shader instead of unity's sprite shader and set "camera.tranparencySortMode" to "Ortho"
   Also, Implement flashing light from the phone to interact with objects in the game.

Nice music.

nice animation. :)

Shh... Dont tell a secret about x button. ;


I am unity programmer. I can do 2D game. I am looking for an artist to team up.
Anyone interested. Send me an email. ( [at] gmail dot com )

p.s. you can see some of my games in my profile. :)

Just set screen resolution in w, h. drag code into camera. Done :)

I used this in #lowrezjam. ( Unity )

Try this.