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Walking in the dark with smartphone flashlight.
Submitted by OAB (@im_oab) — 47 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#254.7004.700

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Such an high ration of creepiness over resolution! :-D

By the way, there seems to be something broken with the alpha bits of the trees in the html5 version compared to the gif, it gives it a unique style though...


Liked this - very scary and some nice touches (when using the flashlight on certain things). 


Scary! The sounds and the character you encounter make it a good unsettling ambient.


Nice game. As recommended played with headphones and the sound is very immersive. I found the game very nervy, which was excellent. The only thing I struggled with were the controls, specifically the direction control being too sensitive. I did get used to it eventually, though. Good job!


This does an excellent job of being unnerving to play. I found myself twitching at every even slight noise. The standing people -- are they people? are they cardboard cutouts of people? -- seem rather silently menacing. Great atmosphere, and good sound design. It's hard to tell quite what's going on, which is a function of the very low resolution, but that's what lowrezjam is all about, so that's OK. The controls are really too sensitive, though; I found it hard to control where I was going because a tiny move of the mouse would spin me halfway around the screen, and I'd lose track of where I was facing. This is more of a problem with a game where looking back means you die...


I decreased mouse speed 50%.  

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Great use of atmosphere, although I do feel that the 64x64 resolution was a hindrance to it - everything eerie seems to become less so when it looks so cute! It's beautifully made, as well. Would have liked a sensitivity control for the camera, it was very quick, and I was kind of confused overall - I made it to the locked gate twice and was sent back to the start, and on the third attempt, I took a different route and ended up running into a minor jump-scare.

I imagine with a resolution bump and some general fleshing out, this would have a ton of potential for fans of horror games. Commendable entry!


Thank, I fixed sensitive mouse control.


I'm not really into genre, have got to the locked door - is that the end? Devlog mentions a third zone, so perhaps I'm missing some secret here.

Graphics isn't ideal, polygon that appears and disappears looks like a bug, but the game in general is very atmospheric.


Entrance for 3rd area can be found before reach the door.