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A narrative gameboy RPG
Submitted by Polyducks (@polyducks), Rhoq (@Rhoq7), darobyn, retroshark (@retrostark) — 2 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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What a great little game! The story is wacky and fun - I enjoyed following it through to the end. It's cool walking around and talking to everyone to see what silly interactions there are. I like how the NPC dialogue changes throughout the game to comment on new events.

The art is really impressive. The Gameboy style looks great and there's an incredible amount of detail in the environment considering the highly limited palette. The music is also great. it was nice touch giving the "thief" his own theme. I suppose there could be more sound effects but that's pretty minor. Considering this follows the actual console limitations that would probably mess up the music too - I noticed it cuts out when pushing blocks.

Oh, and it's super cool how you have an actual Gameboy ROM (plus I a saw a picture of the game running on the real  console). I guess there's no complaints I can make about the authenticity or this one!


This game was really cool!  The story was very amusing, and a retro styled rpg setting felt like a very fitting home for it.  The game also felt very polished, and just like a real GameBoy game.  Great work on the art and sound design!  My playthrough is here if you're interested:


Cute! Really nailed the GB vibe and tone. World is surprisingly fleshed out with fun tidbits here and there.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Disclaimer: parts of font are cannibalised from my own font:


just played through it while livestreaming, tried really hard not to do any play testing before the final release. I love everything about it, the sprites are amazing, the storyline/dialogue is great and it's bite-sized! only takes about 20min to play start to finish!

everyone should check it out when they get a chance, and through polyducks a few bucks, he deserves it <3