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MRU:LV-426 Patrol

A topic by erico created Oct 02, 2016 Views: 804 Replies: 11
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Submitted (Edited 13 times)

Mobile Response Unit: LV-426 Patrol
A Roguy Not-endless Runner Shoot em Up.

In fact, a zero or an alpha version sub titled: "Escape from Hadley's Hope" ;p

This is a Cracker Jacking time game, it requires total concentration!
Can you make it? Go download the ACTION!

Here my first attempt on the very first run of the release version :)


Code Forum Thread
Latest Beta Version (Map Generator only here)
Map Generator controls:
[arrows] to move cursor.
[+ shift] to scroll terrain.
[z] [x] [c] to fire guns going from single to wider shot.
[enter] to generate new game.

Powered by Glbasic

Submitted (Edited 24 times)

Entry 01: The Ghost

I probably first saw something similar with Polaris (1980) Arcade.
Of course Moon Patrol (1982) takes the crown.

The very first game I ever did in high resolution with my CP-400 color 2 was a similar take.
Drive a jumping/shooting tank (constantly redrawing set of lines) to the right avoiding odds to advance to the next screen, no scroll.
It looked something like this:

Keep in mind the machine...:

I made many variations throughout the years, even on QBASIC.
Some years ago I was drawing GameBuino Mockups and made a Moon Patrol Demake at its 84x48 3 colors.
The Real Deal:

GameBuino is this stuff here: http://gamebuino.com/

Then came a Lowrez jam. I teamed up with 2 friends.
We didn´t make it but the game evolved and got to a concept stage. Hey, playable!
Line of fire, screen size, huds, backgrounds, enemies, etc. Lower right shot is the last prototype version:

Finally, an adaptation of the original design to the compo´s format, Game Boy resolution.

History mode off.

I spent most of the day preparing a plan, setting up the project and what not.
Right now the most important asset to finish, is the precise visual layout.
It took a while but should be ready any minute.


Submitted (Edited 4 times)

Entry 02: Skeleton Key

The layout:

The red area is the GBJam´s resolution.
The green area is my preferable way the game should be pictured (desktop and mobiles).
I will support both and concentrate the main action on the overlapping area.
The blue area gets rendered but not shown, it is just for the shaking effect.
The yellow area contains the ground track now made with 6x6 tiles.

Made newer proportions and remade some testing gfx to fit it...and fixed image link ;)

Very nice but I can't see the LAYOUT.jpg?

Keep it up!


Yep, linking to google drive/img does seem a bit clonky.
Should be fine now.


This looks sweet! I'm really digging the graphics, really feels retro!


Thanks, drawing with 3 colors was quite a challenge.
4 should be an interesting take.

Submitted (Edited 8 times)

Entry 03: Play that funky Track

A World is needed for things to trive.

In this case, a 25 slots map stripe containing 7 check points (one of each type at least).
A track of 1000 x 11 tiles is created from the map stripe.
All random, each game must be unique.

The mighty track is destructible!

Submitted (Edited 1 time)

Entry 04: A Bridge too Far

Full game procedural terrain can be generated a click away. :)
Bridge´s generation is now complete too.
This should be it.
I just finally need to test the destruction on the scenery and generate the enemy wave layer (layer 0 of the track array).
Here the map editor and a bunch of happy bridges.

Submitted (Edited 7 times)

Entry 05: Destruction Imminent

Finished aIl map stuff early today as well as the destructibilityof it.
The way the bridges colapse was particularly tricky.

Beta of it (and any) will be on the first post soon.

Here a video of it in action: (So much Amiga Walker :D )

Submitted (Edited 2 times)

Entry 06: sssswat I got

Now you can play the whole game! Terrain wise at least:D
It is comprised of 25 ~screens and your journey goes 3 times over the whole track, forward, back, forward.
Your vehicle is always going right, the track gets flipped when going back.

I have added a {no weapon)player and balanced its movement against the background, should be ok as it is.

Submitted (Edited 1 time)

Entry 07: There is Always Time to Catch the Hat

After last entry, I had to check the time left against what from the main idea I could still add and that could make for a fun side game.
With a nice set of elements somehow working, the ground, player, enemies, bombs and checkpoints, I somehow managed to fit a not endless runner while having to avoid bombs that destroy the ground you will have to cross and recross 3 times...ufa. It´s that Indiana Jones rock scene.

To help you up, each checkpoint if crossed around the base, can grant you one of 4 random power ups (you will tell by sound).
.add jump jets (+5 total)
.increase hull max (+3 total)
.fill hull energy to the max

If any of the first 3 choices can´t be done by nothing to add, then a repulser is chosen.
That makes the ufos go way for a short time and makes the terrain an strategic resource in the possible future.

The game is extra hard, the way I like it :)

Apart from doing the original design with guns and what not, maybe a post compo version could be a deal, here is what I would like to see:

.up to 3 simultaneous players keyboard and joy supported
.a random parallax background creator that uses larger blocks.(Here I hope to make it more obvious when the path flips and also to give a deeper sense of location, some drawings were done but had no time to implement the basics)
.a few more different ufos and weapons
.a few more power ups?
.daaa musica!
.better dealing collisions between the tank and the ground array [gasp]

I don´t know. It was fun, now it is time to try to beat it.
Let me know how it goes ;)

...better finally update first post too.