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Gave it a try, it feels great!
I was wondering, as it supports the DRAGON 32 and 64, why not or what is needed to extend that to the TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER 1 and 2? They are very similar machines.
Great work going on with this!
edit: Got my answer from the support group :)

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Very nice Place´em up, I finally got above 70, nice challenge!

This is a beautiful superbly rendered game, everything here shines. It is super tough at first but you get the drill after a while and realize you can´t really take your time admiring the backgrounds and animations for time if of an essence (Do that when a friend is playing ;) ).
This is highly recommended, deep root oldschool and will sure remind you what a challenge in-game is suppose to be.  Sound effects and music are also awesome and so is the presentation. Can´t wait to see what the team is going to come up next.
Beware, if you are the kind of person who plays to always win and prefer a fake-game to massage your brain prior to sleep, it might not be the game for you.  

Just a note, in case anyone experiences slow down drawing, I just tested an OPEN GL version for windows and everything is rocking perfectly!
The game is super fast and furious, the kind I like, will savour it properly in a few days and come back with feedback.
Ace work! Kudos for Rich and his dedication to the project :)

Tried everything within my reach, no dice. Even newer gfx drivers. I still get black flashes during the game, not on title, just during the game itself. It seems like the computer is dropping frame for not being able to cope with the game, at least that is the impression I get from the erratic pattern. Heard about an open gl version coming up? Maybe that will help.

Yep, I got it working, but up to the title screen. Prior to that the window would stay white. Early today I gave a go and noticed that during the game, the whole window flashes black, never on the title. It is probably something weird related to my system, specially if it does not happen with anyone else. I will be testing further to see if I can figure out the reason.

Unfortunately no luck on my end. After disconnecting the second monitor the game boots fine and all goes ok, till the game starts, it then goes on erratically flashing black. Full screen does the same but it feels maximized window mode flashed a little less.
Great title music by the way! One can spend quite some time there just enjoying it

Sent to your email. Feedback on Melkhior's Mansion coming soon :)

It is fine.  I have encountered similar situations like this before. My system is a bit unusual in a sense that I run it in a very peculiar way. Everybody else sure won´t have that issue, so it is nothing to bother. Will give a go on the game later today. I´ve been expecting it for quite a while. Also, check my games, if any of them is of your interest, I will gladly send you the keys :)
I will come back later with a proper opinion about it, but I can advance that the difficulty/retro gameplay (from videos) of it is def my thing, not to mention the amazing art style.

Currently running DX11.1. I have an ACER NITRO laptop downgraded to win7 64b. The nvidia inside the laptop reports it uses DX12 here and there and it is impossible to upgrade this further without going win10. When running 2 displays, the external one gets driven by nvidea while the laptop monitor runs onboard GPU. With these running, all I get from the game is a white screen, sound is coming through. Primary monitor is set to onboard GPU, laptop screen. As I disable the second screen, laptop monitor runs with nvidea, at which point, the game boots fine. So, the second monitor and GPU running it seems to be the problem. I could probably force the laptop monitor to use nvidea and onboard for the second monitor, which in theory should also fix my issue. Thanks for the attention, I will finally be able to savour this game :)

Version 11. I will update to 12 and report.

It stays blank (white screen window) on my win7 machine. Tried both installer and portable. Could it be because of the second monitor? Nobody on the chat here seems to be having such issues.

Very well done!

I wish you the best. Im currently working on a dragon/coco game in basic :) using disk extended color basic.if you are interested. Check here;

Thanks for the offer and sorry it took quite a while to answer. I'm a bit tight on time to take in a JAM, most of the available free time is going towards building a new game. :)

Made some tests for output on the COCO. Used mono for I have been working artifact colors for quite a while, it works just perfect. Well done!
If you happen to have the AGD boot screen in full color, send it to me I will artifact it. I will be looking deeper into the system. Thank you and congratulations. Check my games and let me know if you want any of them, I will send a key to you.

Excellent work. Long time since The Settlers I got this feeling. Will retry all levels on a harder set now but I trullt enjoy the complexity.

Strange, the controls lock on second scene for me.

Great version!

Thanks! Some friends said the game works fine under those emulators. ;)

thanks for clarifying.  Kung fu master and Yie Ar Kung-Fu are more kind to the oldschool people looking into this jam too. :)


I take dragon ninja or vigilante goes along with type A? Might wanna add more references maybe?


Nice, I will, thanks.

Awesome game! I got to the end with an 102% complete score, is there more in it I missed?
Now while I wait for an extension of this game, I have to run it just so I can listen to the music. :)
Where can we get to the music and author? Cheers!

Did you make it to the end?

Thanks guys, yep, it gets hard on the second part and super instant death hard fun later up :)

Done with about 72 people. Will sure try again many times and recommend it to friends.
Great game.

A pretty interesting take on the ancient LOGO, well done!

It is fine. We are not going to ESCAPE FROM HADLEY´S HOPE of finishing checking all games (absolutely no pun intended). :D

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Entry 07: There is Always Time to Catch the Hat

After last entry, I had to check the time left against what from the main idea I could still add and that could make for a fun side game.
With a nice set of elements somehow working, the ground, player, enemies, bombs and checkpoints, I somehow managed to fit a not endless runner while having to avoid bombs that destroy the ground you will have to cross and recross 3 times...ufa. It´s that Indiana Jones rock scene.

To help you up, each checkpoint if crossed around the base, can grant you one of 4 random power ups (you will tell by sound).
.add jump jets (+5 total)
.increase hull max (+3 total)
.fill hull energy to the max

If any of the first 3 choices can´t be done by nothing to add, then a repulser is chosen.
That makes the ufos go way for a short time and makes the terrain an strategic resource in the possible future.

The game is extra hard, the way I like it :)

Apart from doing the original design with guns and what not, maybe a post compo version could be a deal, here is what I would like to see:

.up to 3 simultaneous players keyboard and joy supported
.a random parallax background creator that uses larger blocks.(Here I hope to make it more obvious when the path flips and also to give a deeper sense of location, some drawings were done but had no time to implement the basics)
.a few more different ufos and weapons
.a few more power ups?
.daaa musica!
.better dealing collisions between the tank and the ground array [gasp]

I don´t know. It was fun, now it is time to try to beat it.
Let me know how it goes ;)

...better finally update first post too.

Thanks, drawing with 3 colors was quite a challenge.
4 should be an interesting take.

Yep, linking to google drive/img does seem a bit clonky.
Should be fine now.

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Entry 06: sssswat I got

Now you can play the whole game! Terrain wise at least:D
It is comprised of 25 ~screens and your journey goes 3 times over the whole track, forward, back, forward.
Your vehicle is always going right, the track gets flipped when going back.

I have added a {no weapon)player and balanced its movement against the background, should be ok as it is.

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Entry 05: Destruction Imminent

Finished aIl map stuff early today as well as the destructibilityof it.
The way the bridges colapse was particularly tricky.

Beta of it (and any) will be on the first post soon.

Here a video of it in action: (So much Amiga Walker :D )

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Entry 04: A Bridge too Far

Full game procedural terrain can be generated a click away. :)
Bridge´s generation is now complete too.
This should be it.
I just finally need to test the destruction on the scenery and generate the enemy wave layer (layer 0 of the track array).
Here the map editor and a bunch of happy bridges.

Nice idea and gfx!
I played a lot of Zaxxon back in the days. :)
Keep it going!

Great work there mguitars! Some great songs in your portfolio!

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Entry 03: Play that funky Track

A World is needed for things to trive.

In this case, a 25 slots map stripe containing 7 check points (one of each type at least).
A track of 1000 x 11 tiles is created from the map stripe.
All random, each game must be unique.

The mighty track is destructible!

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Entry 02: Skeleton Key

The layout:

The red area is the GBJam´s resolution.
The green area is my preferable way the game should be pictured (desktop and mobiles).
I will support both and concentrate the main action on the overlapping area.
The blue area gets rendered but not shown, it is just for the shaking effect.
The yellow area contains the ground track now made with 6x6 tiles.

Made newer proportions and remade some testing gfx to fit it...and fixed image link ;)

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