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BeatUpBoy - Progress Thread

A topic by StateOff created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 695 Replies: 25
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Mockup time!

Gnarly. I like this.

Awesome! Though I missed that it was a mockup at first and I thought you'd already got that far!

Hm, undecided. Do you prefer outlines (first picture) or not?

IMO the one with the outline looked better.

If you do it w/o outlines, make the road darker.

Definitely the outlines. The characters really stand out that way.

Initial mockup looks far better yeah


First moving pixels!!!

Smooth :)


you can never go wrong with a good bet em' up!

Hell yeah, Double Dragon is one of my alltime favorites!

Basic AI

Finally some butt-kicking action! I know you guys are visually bored so I'll do some real enemies and nicer backgrounds next! Stay tumed.

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Haha I love the moment when the CPU punches his buddie!

EDIT: I think the technical term is called "race condition"

AI is looking good!

So much done during the last nights:

  • GUI
  • Health system
  • Super Mode + secret character (TBA)
  • Death animation
  • 5 enemies
  • Many bugs killed

Let me know what you think.

I will need help with the music? Any recommendations?

Sleepless nights, but I am proud to announce: We have a panda!

Looks amazing!

PLAY AT: Beat-Up-Boy

Love the text at the bottom, lol

I really loved this one. In fact, you made me want to run my own jam with this "tough boy" theme sometime in the next couple months.

Glad you liked it. Got a Twitter account to follow?

I don't actually. I'll set one up in the next couple days, I've been meaning to lol