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WDC community · Created a new topic Visual Basic :D

I love seeing it get used still!

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Holy hell I didn't realize how great this could be. Nice one. Just for the record, I had to set them to open as Administrator, they didn't work until I did that.

Such a cool game back in the day!

How do you change colors?

Been following this project for a few hundred years, I'm glad you're still working on it. Gotta keep KF alive forever!

Cool, nice game btw

Thanks! The song was actually a short Megadrive loop I wrote in Deflemask, then Junior did some additional editing to it for the ending:

How do you switch characters? There's literally no manual or instructions

I love this game so much, I play it every day after work :D 

It's never the normal downloads after you buy it. It will appear at the top of the page saying "Download Now"  Weird, but that's how itch does it.

I just upgraded to this new version, for anyone using RetroPie and Vice: 

I made a copy of any D64 disk and renamed it to BrileySave.D64, copied it to the Pi, and in Vice go to the disk drive and tell it to create new disk, then select the BrileySave.D64 and it will overwrite it. Then you can load the first version of Briley, save the game to the new disk and load the save in the new version of  the game with no probs and go back to saving on the cart if you wish.

Best game ever award

This is as good as it looked, right on!

So happy you still work on this.

No problem, I love the gfx and it's one of the best newer C64 games I've played. I pretty much buy all new C64 releases, even though most of them lack in the gameplay department, this is one of the rare ones that does not. It's like Giana Sisters with a gun and really cool environments. The level design is really good too

This game is one of my favorites now!

Game runs way to fast!


Give it an icon, the blankness drives me crazy. Cool game though!

Weird, I'll have to check it out. I've never heard of that before :P Sounds like the Itch app is doing something funky, because the game doesn't have an installer or anything.

Make a standalone version I can run on my desktop without a browser and I'll buy!

I found your game by looking into Adlib percussion mode :P

I hope you revisit Kobo 2 again sometime, it was really cool.

Nice game


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Why is there no Fullscreen option? Super badass game, btw!

Runs at about 1 frame per second

I love it, feels like a C64 game. Kinda like Pirates back in the day

It's pretty random, I've had a few in a row right by the start, and other times I've run around the map unable to find anything :P

Looks awesome!


Hey you got RadRat in there :D Wasn't expecting that. Nice! Good use of Fusionj

Nice! I'm looking forward to playing yours. I do plan to come back to this game, I sort of have an affinity for it and I think it needs more levels for sure.

Looks cool! Nice

Got it! Thanks, I had to resend my purchases to my email through the link:

Possible to get a Steam key us owners?

Contra 4 tried too hard to be difficult....Super C on NES was perfect if you ask me. It becomes a game you can master, but I never did get very good at Contra 4, and I hated that grappling hook. It just added one more thing to think about in a game where I don't want to think, I want to destroy!  :P Shooting and Dodging is enough.

Where do you access it? There's no link on this page that I see