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Just realized you released this on here, Awesome! More people should hopefully find this game, it's one of my favorites!

This is probably the coolest thing ever.

Thx buddy! I had more of the game done but I lost the most recent version of the source! I had the broom and pawprints on the floor working, and the cheese room was finished. Kind of sucks to lose all that work but I hope to get my mojo back and finish it one of these days.

Now make a sequel called Kill Bill

Looks super cool, but I'd rather play a game like this on console. Any PS4 or PS5 plans?

Awesome, thx! I actually just stumbled into the Desura receipt......   2012, man I can't believe it's been that long! I used to play this game on my best friends(RIP) computer back then

Did you ever finish the game? I def don't want to buy it again if it's still unfinished but I did like where it was going!

Everybody on Itch is broke it seems :D

This is awesome :D

I don't know how you guys pull this kind of stuff off, it's awesome though

That's disappointing but good to have some closure on the matter I suppose!

Ya might wanna fix it. Unity web player is deprecated

This is super cool

This rocks!

Thank ya!


It's early, it's rough, but it's a start. Keep on truckin' dude


I thought so too at first, but I literally play it every day before and after work. I love it! Totally worth it! Unlike my purchase of Blasphemous on the PS4, that game looks great but boring as hell.

Really nice!

Post a link to your Discord channel and we can join it, I'll try to help but I'm kind of crap at C# I use  addons for Unity called Game Creator and Bolt, you should check it out :D

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If you want sound fx or music I will try to lend a hand if I have time, just let me know what kind of game you decide on!


One of my favorites that I always go back too!

My favorite game all time is Shinobi. I used to play it in the grocery store when I was barely tall enough to reach the joysticks and it's always been a game I can jump into and play any time. The first boss scared the crap out of me the first time I saw Ken Oh, that shit was wicked. Shinobi and Rolling Thunder were both my favorites but Shinobi wins by a small margin, and it's sequel Shadow Dancer was great too.

That was fun, really cool seeing someone so far away play my games :D

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Mine are usually instant, that's strange. Are you sure you made them public? Usually you have to make a draft first, then go back and make it public!

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Nice work, The isometric view is cool

Not sure how interested everyone is, I'd like to add more levels, grindable surfaces and whatnot.

I'm trying to get this game in complete working order again so I would appreciate the feedback!

awesome sauce!

Yeah it won't load. Not a big deal, I don't expect everything to work perfectly on it.

This one won't load on the Mini, any chance of a cartridge file being made?

It is quite annoying, but I was able to get the game to load somehow. I'm not sure what I did exactly since I just load my save state back into the game. Did you get it to work? 

Can't get it to load on the Mini, any ideas?

Thx for the reply, Hopefully they add SuperCPU support in a firmware update! Bought it anyways, game is hard as balls! And amazing, nice work!