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awesome sauce!

Yeah it won't load. Not a big deal, I don't expect everything to work perfectly on it.

This one won't load on the Mini, any chance of a cartridge file being made?

It is quite annoying, but I was able to get the game to load somehow. I'm not sure what I did exactly since I just load my save state back into the game. Did you get it to work? 

Can't get it to load on the Mini, any ideas?

Thx for the reply, Hopefully they add SuperCPU support in a firmware update! Bought it anyways, game is hard as balls! And amazing, nice work!

Can this be ran from a C64 Mini?

Ok, my bad. It seemed like it wasn't working but I guess it is in there :D Nice

SkateRide community · Created a new topic Shadow angle
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One thing that would make it feel more right is if the shadow changed to the angle of the surface when you're in the air.

SkateRide community · Created a new topic This is awesome!

I made an engine like this back around 2004.. I lost all the source code but still have some of the files. I hand drawn the skater and the board/shadow in 16 directions and had most of the slopes working.

How'd you go about making the animations? Are they rendered from a 3D object? There is a shit ton of them I noticed.

Awesome! I added it to my Github list

Audality is awesome, I like the SFX it generates. I'm an audio guy, it'd be super cool if you made a GUI for it so people like me could play around with it's values. I'm always willing to pay for decent sound tools! It sounds like it's a flexible sound engine, I like the fact that the SFX are generated on the fly.

Howdy, I bought Kobo 2 back in like 2012... I just bought this version too, I don't mind paying twice, but a Steam key would be great! What became of Kobo II? It was promising.

@RnK: Thanks man! I'm 35 so it hurts like hell to skate anymore but I've been skating my whole life too! I plan to add more for sure!

Quite fun, love the music!

This one of the better games!

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I'm working on an Actraiser sort of game, I've always wanted a game like it on mobile.

Anyhow here's the secret link:

Not much, just a screenshot at the moment. I'm working on the path building and villager AI

I will post more as soon as I get this initial system working!


Fun but short puzzle-platformer.

You make your way through a snowy landscape, armed with crystals that kill without mercy and toggle puzzle elements along the way. Shooting in four directions you blast your way past skeletons and floaty skull heads of blue and white variety! The chill music definitely enhances the mood of the game. In the end you sprout wings and fly to a final battle in the sky, the souls of the skull heads are back for vengeance and they want blood. If you are victorious you will be greeted with an IOU for an ending. :]

It was a decent game and was definitely worth a playthrough.

My game:


Sweet! Good fit

Glad you went ahead and made the game!

Still some bugs but I managed to get it submitted with a complete level, gonna keep working on this one! I love it :D

Love the text at the bottom, lol

Definitely progressing, just want to hold off until I release the whole thing at this point.

3 authentic Gameboy tunes done, and still working on completing the gameplay!

Another alltime fave for me! Good luck!

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Haven't had time to work on the game but I knocked out a gameboy version of The Trooper tonight:

Tank controls 4 life bra :D

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Here's a playable rough draft, wrote a Gameboy remix of a Billy Squier tune for it :D

Beware, in my experience it runs like shit in any browsers except Chrome.... Bummer. I'll release an exe when it's final.

Giant break in the road, I guess we're skating in Silent Hill as there's no good reason for it other than to have an obstacle!

Edit: 4 players

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Wasn't the link like 8 player for that F1 racing game?

Yeah actually working on that now... :D durrrrrrrrrr durrrr durrrrr

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Free websites

What is a good free website? I'm curious if there's any decent ones out there, tried Wix and Weebly and they're both a joke. I just want somewhere to upload the HTML5 version of my game.

Any clues?

AI is looking good!

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I just drag them from my website and drop them into the post. It's pretty much all I use the website for from one of the free webpage sites.