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Multiplayer and Camera revisiting. 

Finally got around and added the start of multiplayer splitscreen, minor changes to the camera calls for refactor of fov animation when boosting and so on.

G-One project page

Will try to post any models i make in Blender for this project here so anyone can use it. 

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This is where i will post any models for the game worth sharing.

Built some ships. Got tired of my cylinder-pill-box.

Realized after that that the cam was to static to actually make anything more interesting at this moment haha. 

Ok steering turns out to be more repsonsive then i though. had do test it on a torus.  Turns out it kinda works, a bit lowpoly i guess but :) 

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Update: Playing around with possibility of non planar terrain, or at least some change in slope. 

Currently just setting the cars up vector to the normal below it and apply gravity in same direction as face normal and it works kinda nice.
No interpolation between angles make it very choppy so had to use follow camera to not get a severe headache while playing around.

Gif of unintended skateboard ramp: 

Almost one weeks vacation has passed and actually some work has been done :)

Features worked on , and somewhat implemented:

  • Checkpoints/timekeeping
  • Ghost/Replays! (somewhat naive implementation but works surprisingly well)
  • General player controller refactor, should now be simple to add multiplayer.

Planned work:

  • Checkpoint ghost when passing checkpoint
  • Evolutionary Algo that finishes the level by itself, maybe with replays as dna. 
  • Fix that jump that happens when crossing over gap in road sometimes

Gif of me racing my earlier run saved to disk. 

Can also read from memory which will be done to have a "ghost" after passing through the checkpoint:

Same replay but tested having a trail behind it to more clearly see the path taken: 

Thanks yeah that is a very lucky guesstimation which turned out better than expected, at the moment at least :D 

Today and yesterday was mostly about building trackpieces in Blender ( which i havent touched i a while) so now there is a set of standard ground pieces, At what i think is the correct size and shape. I think the base size and scale feels right atleast. 


Those grey transparent blocks are "slowdowns" that will slow your ship by 50% and decrease your acc by the same amount. 

Also a reused healthbar as speedometer for easy check of speed changes. 

Biggest surprise, a character that isnt a complete sphere is much easier to see drifting with :D 

D12> Have not worked alot since D1 but changed overall controlling of "car" to be using unitys build in physics instead of own. 

Also added "jumpers" that throw you into the air when you enter. 

Since the gamejam is done, 2.0 can be found on gamejolt!

Minor changes, but i do think they were important to convey my initial ide.

For anyone confused, this is a gameboy game, ment to be played in an emulator or via the link to gamejolt.

That shader looks fantastic, you should definetly make something more of it!

Can be played in browser emulator here: Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic G-One
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G-One is a project i started yesterday but feel so strongly about i felt the need to post a devlog directly.

Its a futuristic racing game drawing from F-Zero and Wipeout. 

Latest update: Started thinking about local multiplayer. 

Latest gif: Played around more with slerping the rotations and adding back my original camera. Worked out pretty fine. 

Day one Screenshot and gif:

looks really awesome, looking forward to trying it out! Keep up the amazing work!

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minor update today

hit reaction on player when getting hit.
And added health to the player so you can die.
And fade effect uppon clearing a room and on death

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Sam and Sara looks great too!

Im gonna finish what i have and:

Create 2 more enemy types.
Create any amount of rooms/levels appropriate.
Create room transition screen.

Camera movement and playermovement, it feels kinda not cool rightnow.

If there is time:
Create an endboss. Would be awesome.

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This is my project Pn01

Its my first real unity project, heavily inspired by pn03 for GameCube :)
Its going to be made up of a series of rooms where you have to kill all enemies, simple as that.

Target shot> once fired at an enemy your fire is homed at hit enemy, can be seen as green sphere in img. Without it you fire straight ahead.
Combo> Each shot hit increases your combo bar, when an enemy is killed you have x time to continue on you combo.(Seen as grey and red bar in img)
Jumping> You can jump straight up to avoid enemy fire, strafejump, and a longer strafejump.
Scoring> After each room you will get a score based on you damage, hitcount and combo count.

LVL 2. gif ruins the jump its alot smoother in game. But here you can see the combo increasing after i kill the second enemy.


Since the gamejam is done, 2.0 can be found on gamejolt!

Minor changes, but i do think they were important to convey my initial ide.

That is my intention yes :)

Sadly the submitted version is not quite what i wanted to make, i have a updated version which im more satisfied with but I relalize updating on gamejolt should break the rules.... i think

harrypottage: Nice one! I clicked for longer then i would like to admit :D

Got to a point where my island was 1 pixel from hitting the "bird" soo close!!!

Here's my "game":

I so badly want to post the updated version but that would be immoral guess xD

Yeah that is an admirable task! Really fun to watch someone play all the games!

Thanks! Yeah there seem to be quite a few!

Kittys Quest looks really great from what iv seen, will give it a run when i get back on a better connection :)

Awesome! Really tough :)

haha That would be awesome :)

I Have been looking around for those flash cards, but they seem quite expensive. But would love to get one and try for myself.

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On of the most helpful sources of information for GBDK was looking through code example of others small projects found across the web.

So i decided to release the source for mine too:

While I dont do anything special with the GBDK I hope it might help someone starting out either way :)

Warning: Nothing in the source is to be concidered good practice :)

This has been a ton of fun! Just uploaded what will be the final version :D

Would have liked to fix a few things before release :P , but time for sleep!

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I found this tool mentioned in another thread here:

Forgot who mentioned it, but works great and have no performance input on my machine.

Just remember to set fps to ~30-60 for smooth gifs :)

Looks amazing!

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Added playable to top.


Play in browser:


GBDK since i wanted it to be running on a gameboy.

My first game written in pure C too, much more used to C++ and C#.

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Nice! Great idea to make a little tutorial!

pics should be visible now

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Another screen , still some error while drawing the pipes. will return to that later since im probably gonna make them abit wider either way.

Next step birdy animations

Then pipe counter

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This is still a Work in progress

But please try it out!

Play in browser at gamejolt:

News: Added animations for flying and death. Also new spritefont for score.

Or Download from dropbox:

Not much needed to say about the game, we all know and hate it

But i wanted to make something that could really run on the gameboy, and what better way than to use the GBSDK and make a real gameboy rom.

This is the progress atm, im changing the tiles for the pipes, therefore only top and bottom are rendered, and incorrectly ontop of that.