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Gameboy ROM in Progress

A topic by Refresh Games created Oct 04, 2016 Views: 578 Replies: 11
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Here's a lil link to a Gameboy ROM in-progress. Should be improved upon a lot before the deadline.

2 Days In Edition of Biotic Limit [Link broken since update]

Expect a more complete shoot em up soon!

If anyone is still interested in making a Gameboy ROM I have a lil tutorial on GBDK here: Woo Tutorial!

This is really interesting... I'll definitely have a look at the GBDK after this jam!

That's awesome, and the game looks great. Can't wait to see it finished.

Fixed a couple of bugs that were present in the old version, added a pre-title playaround screen with some "lovely" sampled sound and boss fights! (Well 1 boss fight but still, it's a boss fight!)

Need to flex some more crazy bank switching to get the futher levels in. Maybe add a cheat code also (It's tough to beat!)

Nice! Great idea to make a little tutorial!

Nice project!
For the next Jam I'll def come with GBDK compatible sound (-> collabo) if you want to.
Found all information needed but I have to try out some things a bit. 'Cause I want to have a nice result at the end.

That'd be cool, I have a few GB games on the go at the moment and need to finish some off badly!

Having said that, Level1 is now complete! Boss battle check, splosions - check, tough as nails - check!

So, onto level 2 and more boss battles!

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The GBJAM #GBJAM version of Biotic Limit Is up now! #Gameboy #GBDK #ROM https://itch.io/jam/gbjam-5/rate/90232 Might quickly draft some boxart..orr sleep :)

For more Gameboy Game making news follow me on twitters! https://twitter.com/refreshgamesuk

Note the pre-intro screen has some lil easter eggs ;) UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT ;)

You can also play the game online (although online emulation is pretty laggy compared to the excellent BGB) at


Quick update, here's a lil gameplay video from inside BGB. Yes, all 100% Gameboy ;)

Awesome! Really tough :)

Really nice game, for the short time period. :)
I also like the startup screen a lot!

Woo 5 outta 5 from 5 people on gameboy feel! XD