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Looks to me like one thing that is making balancing hard is how tall the catcher thingy is. Because of this, player movement looks clumsy, like you're trying to maneuver a truck through a bunch of snowflakes and beachballs... or something.

Another thing: the graphics are a bit too abstract, I can't tell what you're supposed to collect and what you're supposed to dodge. Ideally, bad things should look bad/evil/menacing. If you need a screen to explain to the player what is good/bad, that probably means your graphics are not intuitive. If you manage to get rid of the tutorial because the graphics are self-explanatory, you'll be able to add more obstacle types easily. Stuff that moves more quickly, in a zig-zag, or suddenly changes column once, will be harder to dodge... and if it looks evil, the player will naturally try to dodge it.

A good example is one of the Mario games: whenever a new enemy shows up, the player generally doesn't think "is that something I should pick up, or run away from?"

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Implemented a basic bag. It now shows all the items the player has. You can then pick "PKBALL" to catch the enemy, if you're in battle.

The way I implemented this makes it easy to add different types of items in the future. Maybe I'll make a mod system where players can create their own items, if they don't mind some light coding.

CLAZZ("item.PKBALL", {
        var pkpn ="getEnemy");"addPkpn", pkpn, {
            msg:"isStarter") ? 
       + ", I choose you!" :
                "You caught the " + + "!", 

Edit: Current build:

Edit 2: Fixed build link above. Now shows the intro dialogue.

I love the look, it really is a pixelart xilogravura! And I'm looking forward to seeing how you tell the story.


Today I made a dialogue system. Now there's a little story in the beginning, and little notifications when something happens ("You ran away!" "You caught the <name here>!").

Current build, if anyone wants to check it out:

To do:

  1. The Bag. Right it now just catches the Pomkeypon instantly. It is supposed to show a list of stuff in your bag that you can use.
  2. Fight. Not implemented at all. It just plays a little bounce animation. No damage is dealt. There is no moves list yet.
  3. Shops. So you can buy PKBALLs & potions. Sell Pomkeypon you don't need.
  4. Player leveling. Spawn higher level Pomkeypon for higher level players.
  5. Achievements. Players shall be awarded with hats. Because... hats.
  6. Saving. It's mostly implemented, but disabled for now as it would get in the way of development.
  7. Bug fixing. Sometimes the map just doesn't appear. Reload to fix. No idea what's going on.
I think I'll just skip the egg hatching mechanic entirely. Does anybody actually enjoy it?

I've been working on the battle scene of the game. Made a basic UI system. Also did a "list all the pomkeypon you have with you" screen, so you can change in the middle of a battle. Partial RPG stats system implemented. When you start, the only pomkies that spawn in the map are the basic 3 starters, and occasionally that electric rodent that shall not be named. Lots more to go. -_-

This is really interesting... I'll definitely have a look at the GBDK after this jam!

Hello. I'm working on something. More specifically, the code of that something.

This is my take on, "What if <you know what> was released on GB? And if it was an actual game instead of an exercise app?" All art is placeholder stuff taken from the internet, until I find somebody to help me... or until I have time to re-do the art myself.

"Pomkies" spawn on around you and you have to get close to start a battle. If you're on a phone with GPS, you get close by actually walking (you know, using your legs) to the spot on the map. If you're on a PC (or on a GB, if your GameBoy supports HTML5), you can use the arrow keys. Then an actual battle sequence starts, where you use your own Pomkey to beat the wild Pomkey into submission. Only then can you catch it.

Maybe Bosca Ceoil?

Looking around, it seems it was pretty common to have sprites that weren't 8x8... in the Pokemon screenshot above, the Pikachu and the Eevee are probably bigger than even 16x16. If bending the rules was acceptable then, why bother with having a grid now?

Top-down it looks completely incomprehensible. Besides, it was just a test to see how easy it would be to implement a dithering fragment shader. I actually have no idea what I'm going to do for this jam, yet.

So... this would be a no-no? XD