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Virgil - Progress

A topic by paulo_villalva created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 438 Replies: 15
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Hi, folks.

I'm making a short Metroidvania. The main character attacks just like Decap Attack from Genesis (but the head don't turn back automatically). Stage tiles All done, and main character up and running. More info soon.

I'm using ARGS (Arcade Game Studio www.bruneras.com) Free Engine.


I like the color palette and interesting visual style, nice one!


Inspired by woodcut art (xilogravura in Portuguese)


Indeed, very cool artstyle! Good luck with your game


I'm glad some people like it, Thanks!

Submitted (Edited 5 times)

Progress: Engine running. main character running. All tiles done. Enemy sprites done. Game play and basic level design done.

Still plan to do: Bosses sprites (today), Implement enemyes and bosses (tomorrow), and put everything togheder.

If I have spare time I should make some music, if not, I should make the levels shorther than planned.

The powerups:

1st - Walk, jump, and trow bulls heads (have to pick up every time)

2nd - Walk, double jump, and trow bulls heads (same above)

3nd - walk, jump, and trow boomerang bulls head (the head return automaticaly, and can pass through walls)


Inspired by the history of Brazilian Cangaço (equivalent to the American western). Your character is Virgulino (Virgil), bandit who was known as "Lampião" (Oil Lamp, gas light). Considered a hero by some (some times he actec like a Robin Hood) and villain by others (in some villages they enter and plunder, rape, etc), he died when caught with his gang by the police, all were beheaded. He was a very religious person, devoted to a popular form of christianism. All this happened at the Caatinga (a place similar to the desert of Mexico), between the late 19th and early 20th century. Now he's at some kind of hell (his own), and must search for his final peace.


Wow that story sounds really intriguing. I'm a sucker for stories about what happens in (any version of) hell. >.>

I also love your art and backgrounds! I love how the bold bright outline allows you to have a dark character and background at the same time.

I also thought this morning to add a password system instead of a saved memory, to instill a little nostalgia.


Thanks, metalman. I liked your arkanoid clone too (old but gold).

About "the kind o hell" it's about de wood cutt art (vey common in the deserts where the game is set). My inspirations was this: the wood cut art, "Divine Comedy", from Dante Alighieri, and a kind of popular literature called "string literature" by the simple people of the hinterland region (deserts) Brazilians. This DIY literature consists of a poetic text, in short verses, and brings images of prints made in woodcut. Some times the folk people sing this verses in improvisation (repente), just like rappers. This culture is older as the Lampião Guy.

I love the look, it really is a pixelart xilogravura! And I'm looking forward to seeing how you tell the story.



Thanks! Valeu!


Man, just in time. finished the game close to deadline. Managed to do almost everything i have planned.



Download is currently unavailable.


Fixed, thanks for warning me.


No problem! I'm excited to play it.



Hope you like it. I will improve the game for a pos-jam version. But next week I have do to other things in life. Tell me your impressions, sugestions, criticism. I did'nt have time do balance de dificult, so the game may be a little hard, hope it is not impossible. Time to go bed (its 2am here in Brazil).

Submitted (Edited 1 time)

The version uploaded yesterday has a bug that makes it impossible to beat the final boss (my mistake). I just uploaded a fixed version (it only fixes this issue in particular). So you will have to download it again, sorry metalman42. Have fun.