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Wow that story sounds really intriguing. I'm a sucker for stories about what happens in (any version of) hell. >.>

I also love your art and backgrounds! I love how the bold bright outline allows you to have a dark character and background at the same time.

I also thought this morning to add a password system instead of a saved memory, to instill a little nostalgia.

Thanks, metalman. I liked your arkanoid clone too (old but gold).

About "the kind o hell" it's about de wood cutt art (vey common in the deserts where the game is set). My inspirations was this: the wood cut art, "Divine Comedy", from Dante Alighieri, and a kind of popular literature called "string literature" by the simple people of the hinterland region (deserts) Brazilians. This DIY literature consists of a poetic text, in short verses, and brings images of prints made in woodcut. Some times the folk people sing this verses in improvisation (repente), just like rappers. This culture is older as the Lampião Guy.