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Wow, thank you, Tomorrow I'll post on my social media, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, like aways you don't miss it. Just to let you know, I fixed a nasty bug on chapter 2 right now, please download it again to solve the problem.

Thanks, that's one of my main "research" doing pixel art for ZX Spectru, and a big aestethic feature of my other games on ZX.

Just released the ZX 2.0 version. it has now more content than the MSX one. just download the new file if you already have buyied it. have fun.

Glad to hear that, have fun.

Olher thing, You start the game without the slide ability, you have to find the item that will give you the power to use the slide

Thanks, I'm glad you liked.

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Very strange, I tested with my 2+, real hardware, with sinclair joystic, and all working fine. Are you sure you are using the "2.0" version, not the old one?

Yes, laudelino, the coder, did not reused the first game code on the Prologue, it's all coded from scratch, so now the platform engine is much better. Devwill Too MD (2019) was our first mega Drive game, laudelino was learning how to code on sgdk (he never coded on C before). So we did or best besides our ouws limitations. On Prologue the collisions are better for sure, not perfect, but much better and forgiviness to the player them on the first game. Thanks for pointing that out =)

Some time on the future we must have a world wide cartridge from Mega Cat Studios, and very soon there will be a Brazil only cartridge from Falcon Soft/Retro X.

Yes, the "multimedia" effect was the intention, along with the book (that will shine on the phisic cassette edition, I hope). I was thinking about it since half of 2022, them I asked Filipe Veiga if someone have done it before and he showed me teh Automata Games. Such a Inspiration. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks. Yes, the intention with the 2.0 was to fix some usability issues, like you've said.  Thanks.

I already said it before when you posted Bruxólico vídeo, but man, you indeed are fast! Thanks again for the showcase.

Unfortunate the engine I've used get obsolet and some times does not work on some computers. Try to unzip the game on another path and restart your computer after get this error message. If it still does not work I'm afraid it wont on your computer, sorry.

Thanks for the feedback, it's something for us to think about for our the next games.

Thanks :)

Hi, thanks for including Bruxólico, awesome. I'll include the link on my Blog Post where I'm collecting videos and reviews about the game. Thanks, and check it out here

Thanks, I'm glad to find people who like it.

Thanks for the compliment!

That's one of the main goals, make something new inspired by the past. Thanks for the comment my friend!

I'm glad you liked, thanks to take your time and comment :)

Estas palavras enchem meu coração de alegria. É a combinaçao que busco, sem deixar de fazer um jogo que possa divertir. Gracias.

Thanks, I'm glad people like the not so usaual art style. The Pupet Looks nice right? I'm glad I did it, I hope to make more videos with this puppet some time soon.

Grande, valeu!

opa, valeu.

Man you are fast, hehehehe. Thanks again.

In the English filder you have the following files (see the .tap file have the (QAOPM) or (QAOPW) in the end of their names)

- Bruxólico - Side A 01 - Game (ENG) (QAOPM).tap

- Bruxólico - Side A 01 - Game (ENG) (QAOPW).tap

- Bruxólico - Side A 02 - Narrative (ENG).mp3

... and so on

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When you unzip the game you hould have this folder structure, just tested here:

-  English (folder)

- Português (folder)

- leia-me.txt (portuguese instructions)

- readme.txt (english Instructions)

Hi, thanks for the comment. There are 2 main folders, so the English and Portuguese Version are each one on their folder. The duplicated files are for 2 kinds of keyboard control methods as described on the readme.txt. One control with the more traditional QAOPM, and other file have my personal control configuration QAOPW. Chose the .tap file with the keyboard configuration that you like most. The ohter are Mp3 files with the audio narrative. I hope to have helped you.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I've downloaded the recording. I see just what happened, It's possible to move the sprite before the screen was rendered, so it's possible to enter inside the wall if you move fast. I'll keep that in mind and figure out a way to workaround this bug if I made a new update on the game. Sorry for the incovinient, for now, just let the square fall on that part and the game should play as intended. Thanks again for the feedback.

Thanks, I'm glad some people are enjoying my little metroidvania. Yes, the MSX version have some extra details, more content, better controls, but is a bit harder them the ZX Version.

Hi, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I whant to see your recording, please, sent it to me on any of my social media profiles. You can find the link for it on my website

WOW, thanks again Sabrman, always love to  see your videos on Indie Retro News. And by the way, happy new year.

I think I've now Fixed this bug. I'll make more tests but nex week I should update the MSX Version

Thank you very much, always makes me glad to hear some kind words about one of my games. Ckeck it out some of my other works, contact me on twitter in case you need a copy, and stay tuned cause soon there will be news on my itchio ;)

Crazy bug. I'll see what I can do. For now, use another emulator or bios set.

Thanks... and game too, both at the same time ;)

I'm Not Sure, We are working with Mega Cat Studios to have it, but I do not know if tehre is time to be this year or only next year.

Olá, obrigado pelas palavras calorosoas sobre o jogo.  Sim, o conto do Luiz Souza está na revista que nós, junto com outras pessoas, elaboramos. O PDF da revista Anacronia pode ser acessado no link abaixo:

Além disso existe também um texto secreto cifrado que elaborei a partir do jogo. esá por ai, para ser decifrado hehehe

Awesomne, alredy shared your video on social media. i'm glad you liked that much not only the game itself but the cassette. Our intention (myne and tecknamic) was that the cassette was made abstract, with clean aesthetics, with minimun text, like the game. Thanks for the awesome review.