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Looks to me like one thing that is making balancing hard is how tall the catcher thingy is. Because of this, player movement looks clumsy, like you're trying to maneuver a truck through a bunch of snowflakes and beachballs... or something.

Another thing: the graphics are a bit too abstract, I can't tell what you're supposed to collect and what you're supposed to dodge. Ideally, bad things should look bad/evil/menacing. If you need a screen to explain to the player what is good/bad, that probably means your graphics are not intuitive. If you manage to get rid of the tutorial because the graphics are self-explanatory, you'll be able to add more obstacle types easily. Stuff that moves more quickly, in a zig-zag, or suddenly changes column once, will be harder to dodge... and if it looks evil, the player will naturally try to dodge it.

A good example is one of the Mario games: whenever a new enemy shows up, the player generally doesn't think "is that something I should pick up, or run away from?"