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Yeah, I really like the Shark Blaster cart art. Hoping to turn it into a lil shooter for the NES, a simple defend the sea shooter with enemies aiming to get to the ocean  to destroy your fishy friends.

Not bad, although felt like it needed some more levels there as opposed to just ending after the first wave however.

Yay! Nice work on the ROM fb1 Played in through to level 11, nice difficulty curve there too, cool stuff!

Cool lil action puzzler, the gameboy had many of this style of game and could possibly be ported across to it so, yeah, 5 stars for the gameboy feel, suitable graphics, fun challenging elements and yeah, i had a lot of fun playing through the levels and hope this gets expanded upon post jam, cool!

Nice game again, with the removal of a few effects this would certainly run on the old gameboy and it's a pretty fun experience. Made it to level 12 and as others have said, the difficulty curve is nicely done, cool stuff!

Nice game, good use of what would be a limited number of sprites for the gameboy with some rather stylish visuals in both foreground and background. I sadly got stuck on level 2 as I'm guessing I went to grab the kitties in the wrong order perhaps? Cool wall jump mechanic and, well as sampled sound is technically possible on actual gameboy you could make this run on real hardware, nice one!

Nice Concept and well executed for the jam event! This game could indeed be made on a gameboy also, which is a great thing. The gameboy was famously ridden with block puzzler games and this would have fit in well with games of the time in my opinion, cool stuff!

Simple concept but it had an authentic gameboy feel to it and the dog sprite is rather endearing. It stopped at the invisible floor / wall area as thereseemed to be no slight indication of the floors being fall-through but that's just me. A nice collectathon which I hope gets expanded upon post-jam, nice.

It reminds me of one of the first games I made in QBASIC way, way back when, which gave me a nice, brief trip down memory lane but felt like it needed more indication as to when you got hit, how many lives you had, etc in a little HUD just to clarify things a bit. A couple of interesting mechanics at play here too.

Didn't respond to any input on my computer, both keyboard and mouse controls returned nowt which is a shame as from what I can see from the screenshots you've kept the game withiin the real limits of the gameboy, which is great stuff!

I can't really rate it without playing but yeah, from what I could see, it's pretty cool!

Lovely presentation and spritework in-game and despite the lack of sound I had a good playthrough to around level 11 there which was pretty nice! The mouse controls marred the gameboy-ness of the game for me a bit but yeah, a nice entry overall.

Woo 5 outta 5 from 5 people on gameboy feel! XD

Thanks :) I'll be sure to play your game in just a moment :)

I honestly don't know how she does it all, Jupi is amazing :)

Quick update, here's a lil gameplay video from inside BGB. Yes, all 100% Gameboy ;)

I'll bung a video of the game in action later on today somewhere, sorry to hear you've had problems with emulators all the ones I've tried (BGB, Gamejolt) and on a lil Gameboy Pocket have worked well without issue over here.

Hey Bamboy, Nice work!

Lovely presentation and spritework in-game and despite the lack of sound I had a good playthrough to around level 11 there which was pretty nice! The mouse controls marred the gameboy-ness of the game for me a bit but yeah, a nice entry overall.

Here's my Gameboy ROM Biotic Limit, good luck!

Hey chebastian, good job on completing a Gameboy ROM for the jam, I'll be sure to bung it onto a gameboy to have a proper play later on :)

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The GBJAM #GBJAM version of Biotic Limit Is up now! #Gameboy #GBDK #ROM Might quickly draft some boxart..orr sleep :)

For more Gameboy Game making news follow me on twitters!

Note the pre-intro screen has some lil easter eggs ;) UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT ;)

You can also play the game online (although online emulation is pretty laggy compared to the excellent BGB) at

That'd be cool, I have a few GB games on the go at the moment and need to finish some off badly!

Having said that, Level1 is now complete! Boss battle check, splosions - check, tough as nails - check!

So, onto level 2 and more boss battles!

That's cool. Yeah MBC1 style switching is much easier to deal with than MBC5 :) Most of my needs for bankswitching come from asset loading but I have had to resort to placing screen manager code in other banks for safety as I'm down to ~3k left in bank 0 with a few more fetures to add and possibly extern into other banks. It's fun experimenting with how to use bankswitching in general though.

Best of luck with your entry fanzy flani, looking forward to playing through it!

GBDK over here ;)

Fixed a couple of bugs that were present in the old version, added a pre-title playaround screen with some "lovely" sampled sound and boss fights! (Well 1 boss fight but still, it's a boss fight!)

Need to flex some more crazy bank switching to get the futher levels in. Maybe add a cheat code also (It's tough to beat!)

@Tronimal that's cool, GBDK is a little weird in some versions also!

I'm attempting to make a simple online music maker which outputs code to GBDK C (in a copy-paste, it works) method. It'll be really basic but might prove handy in the future :)

\o/ More GB ROMs Best of luck with the rest of the game!

Sadly I'm only at GBDK level so far but your tunes are really great :D

Exactly. And let's not then get into the joy that is bankswitching, 16kb ROM Banks and tiny RAM limits ;)

But yeah, Argonaut software did make what was effectively a proto-type version of what eventually became Starwing / StarFox on the SNES. With sampled speech and everything! It's amazing what could actually be done on a machine with a lil 4MHz modified Z80 processor!

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Here's a lil link to a Gameboy ROM in-progress. Should be improved upon a lot before the deadline.

2 Days In Edition of Biotic Limit [Link broken since update]

Expect a more complete shoot em up soon!

If anyone is still interested in making a Gameboy ROM I have a lil tutorial on GBDK here: Woo Tutorial!