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Mini Review Thread

A topic by 135hussein created Oct 17, 2016 Views: 494 Replies: 20
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So, in this thread, one person posts their game, and the next person reviews it, and posts their game, for the next person. Basically, it's a review train. I'll go first:



It's a conceptually interesting recreation of Angry Birds, although the mechanisms can be a bit... creative, at times. Additionally, the birds are not angry, faithful to the GAME IDEA.

Good job! I rate it a full ░ out of ░ .

Here's my entry:

Submitted (1 edit)

That's just what I got trying to use impulse on game maker physics. I speant a good 2 days trying to fix it, nothing worked. Thanks for the feedback though!


harrypottage: Nice one! I clicked for longer then i would like to admit :D

Got to a point where my island was 1 pixel from hitting the "bird" soo close!!!

Here's my "game":

I so badly want to post the updated version but that would be immoral guess xD


Interesting. I never thought about it in terms of hitting the bird (i.e it's not a feature at present, but it would be simple to add).

After all, the bird pooping is one of the few things in the world mitigating your slow, inevitable sink into the ocean.

Submitted (2 edits)


I'm having trouble getting the it to work... :(

I tried it on both gamejolt and uploaded it to a GB emulator and any button I press prompts with a fail, but I might just be too stupid to figure the mechanic out. :p

My submission: HERE

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

You figured it out just fine. Chebastian's game is a not-so-subtle commentary on the limitations of hardware (and, perhaps, indeed, about our limitations as human beings).

You see, the GameBoy is a fully-featured handheld console: In addition to the d-pad and start / select buttons, it also has an A and a B button.

Sadly, however, the GameBoy has no Y button. So you can never be a better person.


That is my intention yes :)

Sadly the submitted version is not quite what i wanted to make, i have a updated version which im more satisfied with but I relalize updating on gamejolt should break the rules.... i think

Submitted (1 edit)


A side-scrolling non-endless runner that I didn't complete, but I will. Really accurate learning curve - the game always makes you think you just about could do it, which is key to side-scroll-runners.

The character design is so endearing. I feel so bad for the crying bread - I want him to get away and be safe. He channels a lil' Spongebob Square Pants. AND I feel awesome when I unleash his nuclear mouth power.

The destroyable objects lead to some nice surprises and the variety of movements (being able to drop down fast from a jump) is an interesting additional mechanic.

The checkpoints mean death - although regular - isn't super frustrating.

Edit: Didn't mention the music! Great soundtrack.

Rating: this game lands butter side up!


Submitted (2 edits)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I'm pretty satisfied with the ending, but I'm worried no one will get to see it, haha. I like to make things rather challenging but constant play-testing during development make it difficult to distinguish between hard and unfair. Also, I can't take credit for the music... Used some royalty free (that I credit at the end) because I ran out of time, but oh well! Thanks again!

I'll review your game because I want to and don't want to double dip with a brand new post.

I LOVE it. Really clever way of spinning the game idea into an actual fun experience. The ease with which you're understood going up with the pretentiousness of the NPC is fantastic, and actually a really smart way of incorporating difficulty. Sadly, I was only able to get up to the bearded man following the monk. I might need to dust off my game pad and map it to the 'x' key, channeling my earlier Mario Party days...

Also, crying-bread-man and alien-snot-blob should team up in a 'rapidly tap x to run' crossover. Would easily sell millions.


Thanks for your feedback! I'm not going to lie: I only got passed the third checkpoint and had to give up. After 45 minutes!!!

I would love to find some way to crossover crying-bread-man and alien-snot-blob. I'd buy millions of copies myself!


I really enjoyed it! I felt like it could go on for ever and great use of stereotypical behaviour! The use of sound effects really help the game too.

Small note: I could just hold the x button to press it very quickly, I do not know if that is intended behaviour.

Here's mine:


Ah, thanks for taking the time to play! And you're right - I left that in as something to fix but never got to it before deadline. It does make it easy to get through if you get stuck though!


After your game I am confused and frustrated :)

Grey people everywhere!

Damn grey people constantly are sending me back to a bright place with a tiny piano telling me the wrong names of notes and reviving me if I play along.

I decided to not shoot anyone and I ended up with a huge fanbase, following me and inevitably sending me back to the piano again.

But I wanted to believe in myself, so I hammered 'x' so damn hard. But to no avail.

In the end I really feel, what the game tells me to feel: No satisfaction. :(

So you succeeded. And I did not find the ending.


You could argue that also for the second even though for me it does nothing (PRESS X RAPIDLY TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF)

I could not find any hint of the third idea (YOU HAVE TO SING KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR TO RELOAD)

For the last idea, there is not enough ammunition and too many grey people to murder everyone... But this is on purpose, right?

The grey people need to make noises to make it more intense. ;)

Oh and don't use the default standard assets. hmmm, but maybe it was also on purpose, because of the "aweful world"?

My entry:


Thank you!

I was not very clear, that was on purpose but maybe I was a bit too unclear. So let me explain:

Pressing x helps your aim, maybe you can try it again with this information.

The singing while knocking on heavens door was replaced with playing the piano in front of heaven's door. I had some ideas with Saint Peter and angels but those did not make it.

Like ideas with sound, world building, all had to drop them because I only had a week.

One question for you: What is wrong with the notes? I thought I did everything right.

I played your game too and even though it is not up to me to review it, I must say it left me with the same feeling as my game left you with.


Hehe, fair enough. Getting the player frustrated was kind of my goal, but you actually can get that stapler off ;)

For piano keys I expected it to start at C and instead of B we germans call it H, so it is CDEFGAH

I just realized, that this is only a german thing (that B is called H) o_O


Well, it took me 11 minutes and thirty one seconds but I got it of the shelf.

The notes, well, I could only find a recording where the A and B are lower than the C, so I had to order them this way.



I really liked your game. More than anything, I love that it's literally what the original Pippin's idea says. I guess there's a potential to make some really grim existential Twine game with that theme :D but I like your silly approach more.

I don't really have anything to criticize about it tbh. It was immidiately clear about what it wanted me to do, and even though it was a bit frustrating, it was fair (unlike some silly lol-so-broken-physics games), and weirdly, I felt really chill for those 4-5 minutes I played it.
I also like how the logo, font and the music go together and create this Stanley Parable-ish theme/'s almost ridiculous how little it takes sometimes, isn't it? :) OH and I love that stapler :D Took me a while to notice, but that sound is a nice little touch.

Overall - lovely :)

Here is my much less polished entry:


melancholerik (Museum Avenue)

Really liked how your combined the two different game ideas (GAME IDEA STOP AND THEN GO and GAME IDEA YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH RAPIDLY PRESS X TO TAKE A WELL-EARNED REST). These are great choices that really complement each other in your game. I definitely felt that the 'stop and then go' was well incorporated into the game play.

The learning curve / introduction of new obstacles was well paced and each of the obstacles did really change up the game play (I especially liked the green arrows). It was fun experiencing all the new (and more difficult) combinations.

However, I feel that the 'death screen' was a little slow. (Maybe instead of waiting 5 secs, just press X to restart?) I died a lot, haha, so having to wait each time was a little taxing.

Otherwise, cool game :) Nice calming colours and I really liked how you incorporated the "░" into your menu and also your character.

My Entry:


Heyyy, sorry for the super late reply...and thanks for taking your time, playing and writing all this! <3 It really made me smile as I read it :)
Regarding the 'death screen' bit - what I wanted to achieve with that was letting players know that they're not off the hook, just because they died. I feel like in a majority of games, you either loose all your progress (roguelites, etc.), or too little of the progress. I wanted to make that risk high but erasing all your progress, but still give you a chance to fight against that. Also, I think it complements the whole 'you haven't done enough' idea. So yeah, those 5 seconds of mashing the X weren't supposed to be a nice, calming experience :D Basically, to let you know that if you've lost all your progress, it's all your fault...that kind of thing.

All that said, if I've learned anything from this game jam, it's that I really need to think about if what I think is really obvious to anyone but me. Like, I realize there's a lot of things there, that aren't communicated very well...and I think this is one of them.

Now, I wanted to play your game and give you my thoughts on it (since this thread died off a bit), but I can't get it running. :(
Everytime I try, the error pops up saying some dll file is missing. Then it asks me to install some UE4 stuff, but that didn't help either, as it keeps throwing the same error at me, so... :/


That does make more sense to me now :) I guess I over looked the "you haven't done enough" idea. I that case, it does work really well ^_^

Hmmm, that's an issue if my game won't run for you... Thanks for letting me know, it might have to do with how I exported / packaged it. Will have to look into it.