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Hey, thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to play!

Woo! I did not know I could get comments - please excuse this slow response.

Thank you for taking the time to play and for including my game in the article!

There's so much to like about this. The art style (a rotoscoped hoodie is a first for me) is really enjoyable. I'd love t see this implementation expanded into a full city-walked in this style, with super-classy pixely graphics.

I love this game: I hate this game.

Ah, thanks for taking the time to play! And you're right - I left that in as something to fix but never got to it before deadline. It does make it easy to get through if you get stuck though!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm not going to lie: I only got passed the third checkpoint and had to give up. After 45 minutes!!!

I would love to find some way to crossover crying-bread-man and alien-snot-blob. I'd buy millions of copies myself!

I want you to know that I would watch this character - sad, hurried bread - in any gaming environment. He's the Sonic of the 21st century.

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A side-scrolling non-endless runner that I didn't complete, but I will. Really accurate learning curve - the game always makes you think you just about could do it, which is key to side-scroll-runners.

The character design is so endearing. I feel so bad for the crying bread - I want him to get away and be safe. He channels a lil' Spongebob Square Pants. AND I feel awesome when I unleash his nuclear mouth power.

The destroyable objects lead to some nice surprises and the variety of movements (being able to drop down fast from a jump) is an interesting additional mechanic.

The checkpoints mean death - although regular - isn't super frustrating.

Edit: Didn't mention the music! Great soundtrack.

Rating: this game lands butter side up!


Thanks Conor, you fixed it!

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My game is on the submission feed but not in the list of games :'(.

Did I do something silly, or is this a glitch, or is it waiting approval?

Game: The Art is Present

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