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Effects Jam community · Created a new topic Discord

To enable you to talk to your fellow jammers and share you progress I set up a Discord channel. You can download it using the previous link. It is a chat app made for games, but very usuable in jams too. After you registered you can join the chat here.

Effects Jam community · Created a new topic Tutorials
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To make life a little easier for you or help you get started. Here is a list of tutorials.

If you have any tutorials you found to be helpful, do not hestitate to tell me about them!

Well, it took me 11 minutes and thirty one seconds but I got it of the shelf.

The notes, well, I could only find a recording where the A and B are lower than the C, so I had to order them this way.

Thank you!

I was not very clear, that was on purpose but maybe I was a bit too unclear. So let me explain:

Pressing x helps your aim, maybe you can try it again with this information.

The singing while knocking on heavens door was replaced with playing the piano in front of heaven's door. I had some ideas with Saint Peter and angels but those did not make it.

Like ideas with sound, world building, all had to drop them because I only had a week.

One question for you: What is wrong with the notes? I thought I did everything right.

I played your game too and even though it is not up to me to review it, I must say it left me with the same feeling as my game left you with.

I really enjoyed it! I felt like it could go on for ever and great use of stereotypical behaviour! The use of sound effects really help the game too.

Small note: I could just hold the x button to press it very quickly, I do not know if that is intended behaviour.

Here's mine: