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I'm glad you liked it!! ^_^ thanks for reading it!

Hey! So sorry for the late reply - thank you so much for working it out! I have been neglecting this one but I do plan on revisiting it and making sure it's up to date.

This is amazing.

This is a really cool experience. Love it.

Awesome work Marben :D this is great.

this is beautiful. this is how i want my games to be.

This is lovely. "Plants and art" - I think we both want the same place <3 

Nice. Also, we definitely need sexy gay minotaurs <3

This is really good and I love the sentiment. It's so important to be given a safe place to fail in - we should definitely allow this more in games <3

This is beautiful, powerful and important. Thank you <3

Succinct and powerful. Nice.

Love this <3

This is beautiful <3

"we must play to the depths of ourselves"

I love this. Thank you <3

This is really good. It is in fact: way good.

Yes. This is good stuff.

I love this so much <3

This is beautifully written and absolutely powerful <3

This is a good manifesto <3

This is powerful in a way that I can't put into words. Nice.

These are all amazing <3 I feel the anger of the Browser Manifesto and I relate.
The Death to Git Gud Manifesto is especially good.

"your game should not be finishable"
BIG MOOD. Love this.

I love the idea of making warm games <3 Nice.

This is really gorgeous!! Teared up in the last scene, cause they are both too cute :')

Really love the art, especially the background. This is a goreous setting you have created.

this is literally the greatest

This is awesome!! Great work :)
Loved all the secrets.

Thanks! :)

This is really awesome :) Great concept

This was really good and explored a really important topic! Really enjoyed how there was no way to "win" this. Thanks for writing this :)

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Thank you ^_^

Thanks! :)

This is good. Did not want to stop rubbing.
It really captures the tactile nature of Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir's piece.

Really loved how you captured the feeling and idea of escapism through the environment and visuals! It works well to show how powerful and important it can be.

The different areas are well constructed and I didn't want to leave the gorgeous "Sanctuary" :)

This is really wonderful. The unscrambling of the pictures feels really cohesive with the story and the music. Makes me feel as if I was the one trying to remember the jumbled events of a drunken night.

So creepy! Great story :)

Love the colours and visuals! Groovy atmosphere and very chill. Well done :)