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After your game I am confused and frustrated :)

Grey people everywhere!

Damn grey people constantly are sending me back to a bright place with a tiny piano telling me the wrong names of notes and reviving me if I play along.

I decided to not shoot anyone and I ended up with a huge fanbase, following me and inevitably sending me back to the piano again.

But I wanted to believe in myself, so I hammered 'x' so damn hard. But to no avail.

In the end I really feel, what the game tells me to feel: No satisfaction. :(

So you succeeded. And I did not find the ending.


You could argue that also for the second even though for me it does nothing (PRESS X RAPIDLY TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF)

I could not find any hint of the third idea (YOU HAVE TO SING KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR TO RELOAD)

For the last idea, there is not enough ammunition and too many grey people to murder everyone... But this is on purpose, right?

The grey people need to make noises to make it more intense. ;)

Oh and don't use the default standard assets. hmmm, but maybe it was also on purpose, because of the "aweful world"?

My entry:

Thank you!

I was not very clear, that was on purpose but maybe I was a bit too unclear. So let me explain:

Pressing x helps your aim, maybe you can try it again with this information.

The singing while knocking on heavens door was replaced with playing the piano in front of heaven's door. I had some ideas with Saint Peter and angels but those did not make it.

Like ideas with sound, world building, all had to drop them because I only had a week.

One question for you: What is wrong with the notes? I thought I did everything right.

I played your game too and even though it is not up to me to review it, I must say it left me with the same feeling as my game left you with.

Hehe, fair enough. Getting the player frustrated was kind of my goal, but you actually can get that stapler off ;)

For piano keys I expected it to start at C and instead of B we germans call it H, so it is CDEFGAH

I just realized, that this is only a german thing (that B is called H) o_O

Well, it took me 11 minutes and thirty one seconds but I got it of the shelf.

The notes, well, I could only find a recording where the A and B are lower than the C, so I had to order them this way.