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Had a lot of fun jumping around!

g̦̳͎͈̠̋͐̆̓̏̐͘͘͠͞õ̴̢̧̘͔̯̲̙͖̖̾̉͑͂̋̀̊͘͠d̥̯͈̯͈̮̈́̍̀͂͗̂̆͟ h̡̢̡̝͖̜̝͉̫̅̀̄̃̉̏̌͌͜͠á̤̯͇̗̮̘͂͒̀͘͡s̟͖͈̣͍̟̙̀̆̌̀̍ f̴̥͎̠͇́̾̌̄̊̈́̅̐̄͟͝ȏ̷̘̹̜̲͕̉̌͂͐͜͟͝͡͞r̴̢͔͔̖͔̜͖̱̀͒̋̎̄͑̓̄͢͢͝s̻̞̤̘͛̋̌̒̀̔̚͜͟͜a̸̡̛͕͚̥̪̜̩͓̜͎̐͌̿̽̄͑͛̒̚k͇̤̮̠̼͓̺͛͊̎̀̌̀̾͡e̷̡̛͙̯̤̠̜͈̩̎̊͐͝͠ͅņ̴̙̘̯̯̀̑͋̔̀̈͑̚͢ u̜̟̭͎̠̔̒̅̽͐̇̉̍͜s̴̛̳̟̮͇͔̖͖̍̍̍͊͊̈͆̌ͅ

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Thanks for the feedback! :)

I'm pretty satisfied with the ending, but I'm worried no one will get to see it, haha. I like to make things rather challenging but constant play-testing during development make it difficult to distinguish between hard and unfair. Also, I can't take credit for the music... Used some royalty free (that I credit at the end) because I ran out of time, but oh well! Thanks again!

I'll review your game because I want to and don't want to double dip with a brand new post.

I LOVE it. Really clever way of spinning the game idea into an actual fun experience. The ease with which you're understood going up with the pretentiousness of the NPC is fantastic, and actually a really smart way of incorporating difficulty. Sadly, I was only able to get up to the bearded man following the monk. I might need to dust off my game pad and map it to the 'x' key, channeling my earlier Mario Party days...

Also, crying-bread-man and alien-snot-blob should team up in a 'rapidly tap x to run' crossover. Would easily sell millions.

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I'm having trouble getting the it to work... :(

I tried it on both gamejolt and uploaded it to a GB emulator and any button I press prompts with a fail, but I might just be too stupid to figure the mechanic out. :p

My submission: HERE

Final update!

I hope I continue with game development so I can look back on this in a couple of years, haha.

Finally figured out GIFs!

The amount of little details that you've put into the game is SUPER impressive! Exited to play this! :)

Friday update!

Thursday update!

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Play it HERE!

Overall I'm happy with what I got done, just wished I could have made the game a bit longer, haha.

Still, it's the first time I've actually completed a game, so I'm STOKED about that! :)

Had a lot of fun and learned a bunch from this experience so I plan on participating in plenty of more game jams!

10/7/16 (cont.)

What I learned in boating school is:

Plan out your game before jumping into it. Not happy with earlier game design choices...

Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Wishing I had another week to my game longer, haha. Spending too much time on the insignificant details...

At the very least this jam is helping me to become semi-comfortable with pixel art.


I don't completely hate how the art jells, which is a first.

I've put in a few simple (emphasis on simple) challenge rooms such as the one seen above. You'll have to use a certain route to successfully navigate the platforms using a clue that you (hopefully) found prior. If not, trial and error is a hell of a drug.


Here's a thing that has potential to be something but will probably be nothing.

Got a late start on this jam (also my 1st) so I'm not sure I'll have the motivation to squeeze out a complete game by the deadline.

The goal is for it to be a mini, multi-room, puzzle, non-combat, stealth, escape game but I'm sure that'll change in a couple of hours.

Seeing how slow I progress, it will probably be just a single room with a button that opens the exit.

Good luck, everyone!