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Thanks for the feedback guys! This is actually my first game, let alone game jam (I have experimented with GM and Java, but never actually made a game). I'm not very artistic, so, yeah my graphics don't look Gameboy-ish at all, and limiting it to 4 colors hurt me even more. I had a lot of fun though, so I'm joining the Pippin Barr game jam too.

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That's just what I got trying to use impulse on game maker physics. I speant a good 2 days trying to fix it, nothing worked. Thanks for the feedback though!

So, in this thread, one person posts their game, and the next person reviews it, and posts their game, for the next person. Basically, it's a review train. I'll go first:

I am thinking of making a fan driven RPG, where a bunch of fan ideas are made, and I develop them, making an RPG out of all fan's ideas. Would anyone be interested? Basically, I'll ask a question, maybe once a day, take the best ideas, and set up a poll about it.

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Pahlawan is a side scrolling platformer, that reminded me of Mario. It has a very nice GameBoy feel, along with very nice mechanics. You get 3 lives, and after that, you have to restart, making it kind of rougue like. It's very difficult, and it needs skill and patience to complete. You jump on enemies to kill them, and it also gives you a bounce. Overall, the game is a lot of fun, and reminded me of 10~ years ago when the GameBoy was a big thing, with games exactly like this one!

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