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Nice and simple with an easy learning curve, and the progression in difficulty has a good pace. Nice work!

This is great! I hope you revisit it, I'd love to see what it could become!

This would also be perfect with music that becomes more "complete" the more band members you have!

This is great! The multiplayer feature is definitely welcome in a game like this. Something weird happened on level 4 where the opponent wouldn't stop dashing back and I was able to just spam weak attacks lol, but I couldn't pass level 5. Nice work!

This is really good, and I'll second the other user's point in that your character is super cute!

If it had more in the way of background music I think it'd be even better.

This is really cool and I can't wait to see where you go with it!

Wow, this one is excellent! Really nice game!

Great game! And I got a chuckle at the ending, the music definitely added to the tone to accomplish that. Mice work!

This is awesome! Really neat idea.

Hello Cosmo

Awesome game! I love these tough guy, "yankee" style beat-em-ups. The music, hairstyle and one-liners give me a strong Kunio feel, very nice work!

Nice work! I think it would feel better if combat were faster.

Very cool! I wish there was some basic AI to fight against, but that's okay. Nice and competitive.

Everything has that right "feel" in this one. Everything from the sound and music down to the feedback when you hit enemies. Nice!

Nice work! And also, nice to see another ninja ;)

Very nice! It's simple and easy to pick up and jump in.

Very cool idea, this was a really fun one!

Very nice artwork and cool mechanics! You also chose a nice palette.

This is great! Fun mechanics and great solid level design. Nice work!

Nice work, the narrative was interesting and after you get the hang of it it's simple and easy to play. I wasn't sure exactly what to do for the first few minutes but it becomes obvious before long.

This is really nice, I've got to second the previous comment about the good level design. It definitely has the right pacing to teach you as you go without much of a learning curve.

Thanks! I definitely agree. The background along with sound and music are things that didn't make it in. Those along with actual enemies and making the boss interesting are high on the list of things to do next.

Yeah, I felt that way too. Because they were just the placeholders to test my mechanics, I never changed their health before compiling.

Thanks for the comment!

If you see this, thanks for checking out my submission! I wouldn't consider it complete by any means (I didn't get to add sound or music yet, and enemies don't do anything and also look just like you) but if you like this character and idea, please leave a comment to share your thoughts! I'll definitely be continuing development on this going forward.

I don't actually. I'll set one up in the next couple days, I've been meaning to lol

I really loved this one. In fact, you made me want to run my own jam with this "tough boy" theme sometime in the next couple months.