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Charles' Mansion (Scream Jam 2019)View game page

Rise up to stop these mobsters from snatching your fortune! Beat them and collect as much of your money back as you can!
Submitted by goldenbeard β€” 4 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
BEST GAME (GENERAL)#54.0004.000
SCARIEST GAME#412.0002.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I got some NES vibes from this which I really like! Good job!


That's what I was going for, thank you!


I really likes the music and the style is very cute




I had a lot of fun with this entry! It's clear you put a lot of care into it from the little things like the animated menu, and your ribs visibly reappearing on your body when they've recharged. I was expecting from the art style a pretty casual experience. It turned out to be pretty tense with that one hit game over! You made excellent choices for your musical accompaniment, as well.


Thanks a lot! I feel pretty satisfied with the balance I achieved with minimal testing at the end (not happy about that on it's own lol) and just kinda feeling out the enemy speeds and adjusting it maybe once during development. I wasn't going for scary, but I'm glad I got the tension up!


I love it!! Very well choosen music and sound effects. I love the graphics and game mechanics pushes you to repeat one more time until you get the last penny from the baddies! Good job!

Hey, check my last submission of Scream jam 2019! - Noah's nightmare


Thanks, I'm glad you had fun!


Very funny old-school game, I really enjoyed. The music is very peculiar and fits very well, great work!


Thanks a lot! I'll check out your game shortly!


This is a fun old-school arcade game! I love the NES-style graphics and it's clear that you were very familiar with the aesthetics and design of games of that era. Everything from the balanced difficulty, the behavior of the enemies, the points-based scoring through enemy drops and hidden items, the encouraging replay message, and the existence of secret areas made it obvious that this was a really polished effort. In the end I got $14307, but this definitely was a game I kept replaying to finish! 

It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this game and it shows with the self-aware and detailed design of the game, and the immense fun it was to explore Charles' Mansion. (I get the pun, by the way!)

Thanks for submitting this game to the SCREAM JAM! 



Thanks! I'm really glad you appreciated it, I hope I can really do the original idea justice with an expansion to this version.

And wow, that's a pretty good score! Did you find the secret room? I think you can get $13500+ without it, but you'd have to be pretty lucky with the enemy drops.

Thanks for running the jam, this was a lot of fun!


Do you want to be a cameo in a future update and expansion to this game? Check out the details here:

If you can get the highest score by the end of the voting period, you can be added as a cameo, dead or alive!

Some tips to get more cash:

1. Collect everything, beat up everyone!

2. Look for things hidden out of plain sight. Some items aren't easily visible, but nothing is completely hidden if you're in the same room.

3. Good ol' luck with what the enemies happen to drop, can't do anything about this one!

Good luck!

Developer (1 edit)

So a friend of mine just pointed out that my build only had Windows support. I didn't have a Mac or available Linux machine to test on, so I wouldn't have even thought. I just ran builds for those platforms and you can grab them from the downloads.

Sorry if anyone downloaded it only to find you couldn't play! And please keep in mind, only the Windows version was tested!


What a lovely game, not spooky at all but really cute. The enemy pathing is a bit buggy but overall a really nice gaming experience. Nice artwork and cool music.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oh yeah, when they start vibrating mid-wander? Not sure why thats happening, but I'm sure it's somewhere in the code where I'm getting their facing and next walk direction. The chasing turned out better than I thought though, even if they can't find their way around things yet.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Developer (1 edit)

I hope it's alright I've uploaded a minor bugfix today, just added copyright to the title screen and a small line of code to trigger the ending when the condition is met (so small I did it in less than a coffee break, it was as minor as wrapping a method call with StartCoroutine(), a silly mistake I made during exhaustion)

Apologies to those who already downloaded and got to the end, if anyone survived!


this looks cool! can’t wait to play!


Thanks! I'll be going through others' submissions tonight!

Developer (3 edits)

Hey, thanks for playing my game! All code and graphical assets were made during this jam period. Art is my weak point so I wanted to challenge myself a bit, as I'm already a programmer in my professional life.

Unfortunately it's 4am for me and tomorrow's a work day, so I didn't have enough time to playtest as much as I'd have liked.

Let me know if you run into any bugs, but I "think" I got them all during development ;) (except the mobsters weird convulsions they sometimes have when they're wandering around lol)

EDIT: Just found out the ending is bugged. When you win, instead of showing the ending Charles just stands in place forever. This was literally the only piece I didn't test, and I know it's caused by a single line of code! A fix will follow.(4am tired programming is no good!) If it's okay I'll update with the fixed version once I'm home, it's a two minute fix.