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I think it's a good size given progress is saved on death. I did waste a lot of time at the start being super careful because I thought I'd have to get the keys again, not taking that into account it feels like a good length. I'd say the level design came across well, it felt more like expanding the level than just a linear progression.

Haha, yeah once I saw your comment I understood what was supposed to happen. I'd totally forgotten about the syringe. 

i wasn't able to finish on this playthrough, but I'd like to come back and give it another go. This one was really well made, I'm impressed with the size of the level. I ultimately didn't find much use in the vibe check, I think it takes too long to actually execute. But aside from that, neat game with solid mechanics. And I appreciate the addition of voice acting, as well.

This was quite neat! It looked great, and I loved that you did something outside of the typical enemy that just chases you around. Is there an end? I found three monster encounters, and the blue and orange key cards, but that was as far as I was able to get.

This one was really cool, love a good point and click. The mix of traditional mouse controls with wasd character movement was nice, and the walking animation looked great. Loved the sound design, as well. I was a bit confused at fixing the fuse box, because it still seemed to be dark afterward? But then it's a horror game. The rushed end is understandable as it's a jam game, but I'd love to see it finished properly c:

This was an interesting one, the phone mode was a pretty unique mechanic. Fuck Kyle though

Climate change is fake news #ShapiroMyHero

This is quite neat, it really brings me back to my childhood. I can see a lot of potential for your full project, though as Pixel mentioned, I do think it would be better to develop more of your own story (or find a writer to work with if you'd prefer) rather than rely too much on Silent Hill. You can make an homage to those games with the mechanics and visual style while still making something your own. Good luck on the rest of your game c:

I was thankfully able to run this one, it's quite neat. I think it's definitely worth optimizing for a wider audience if you're going to do any post-jam work on it. The music was excellent, definitely fit the themes of the jam. I didn't get to fully experience it and get familiar with the enemies because I don't want my laptop to melt, but I may come back and play with it later and see if I can beat it c:

This game was stressful! You really gotta move fast to keep your sanity up, it took me a few tries. But it was fun! I liked the varied code hints, and the background music was cool.

This is neat, would love to see a longer version. I liked there being an actual visual change as you fixed things, that was a nice touch. It could use a little atmospheric or background music, but that did make it easy to hear the audio queues.

Very neat game, love the old school RE/SH vibes. I did have the problem when first loading in that the character was in aiming mode without me holding shift, and as such couldn't move or pick up the note. I thought the game was broken at first, until hitting shift toggled the problem away. The problem re-occured when I switched weapons later as well. Aside from that though, I had a smooth, fun experience. 

I was a little nervous to boot this one up with the complete lack of description on the game page. But it was pretty neat once I got into it, I loved the visual style. The symbol for the darkness/antagonist meter in particular looked very neat. It took me a second playthrough to actually grab the axe, it's got a very pixel specific grab zone. But with that accomplished I successfully made a campfire with my ever-growing supply of thousands of logs that started accumulating in my inventory on their own. I'm guessing you didn't get accomplished what you wanted in the timeframe, as I didn't see any way to deal with the food bar. But I like the survival premise you were going for. 

Very nice for a first game, definitely leagues ahead of my first game. It looked good, though some of the bottom floor was a bit dark. I loved your sound choices!

Glad you enjoyed the game! The ending you missed was with the boss. You can drink your drink and be poisoned, or drink his drink and survive. 

Well no need for the sad face, "too short" is the best complaint you can get about a game!

Fantastic job here! The story was well done, the art was great, and the creature was genuinely creepy as hell. [spoiler] I was a little disappointed the ending was as simple as a gunshot. When she went outside and spoke to the Sheriff I was half expecting it to be fake and she'd wake up inside again. Mechanically speaking, I really appreciate the shadow chasing you for a set number of screens and then disappearing. It kept it intense without becoming frustrating/keeping you from progressing.  

e g g

This was a cute game! I finally learned how a bear shits in the woods. I do think you might've gone too big with it, I wandered around for quite a while and despite finding both a microwave and a toilet, I only got one of the ten sodas. I would've appreciated either a smaller map, or a smaller number of sodas to get (without reducing the total amount.) 

10/10 best unofficial prequel I've seen. On a serious note, the visuals were very cool, the audio was creepy, and I appreciate having two different death mechanics. The darkness one did confuse me a bit at first, some kind of graphic indication I was getting got would've been nice-- though at the same time I appreciate not shoving in a jumpscare.

The setting and premise are super interesting, and the presentation is fantastic as well. I was just disappointed by the length, there was quite a story being told here that ended too quickly for me. 

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I love a classic CYOA! The imagery and sound effects really added to the experience. It wasn't terribly long, but you also worked in several endings and branches, so that's understandable. I particularly loved the line about it listening for sounds and not words.

Well this was super dark. This was a creative way to explore a linear narrative, and definitely made the ending impactful.

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This was definitely a strange ride. It lost me once she started walking home, presumably because I haven't read the source material, but I was enjoying it up to that point. You can definitely see the effort that went into this, with the multiple movies, and lots of transitions and effects.

This was amazing! I could see this being a commercial game on Steam even as-is. Obviously the narrative was the heart of the game, but I want to commend the soundtrack was well. It gave me Akira Yamaoka vibes, which I am all about. Which isn't to belittle the graphics, really everything was on point.  I am a little curious what happened with Lang and Control in the end.

Well I'm glad I mentioned the error to you, there was a whole lot of game left! Really it only got better from where I got stopped last time. The machine hallways were super intense because I ran out of ammo, so it was a lot of panicked running around in the darkness, using my gun just enough to use the flashlight and then back to sprinting away from monsters. The command deck was a cool psuedo-boss fight, after which I really thought it would be the end, but you even included another level beyond that. I noticed you added and/or fixed the reload function, and also adjusted the starting dialogue to direct people straight to the gun. You even corrected the graphic issues I encountered the first time, of which there were only a couple. Overall this was super impressive, and even all the updates you've done post-jam are impressive. One of my favourites of the jam for sure!

If radio or call were supposed to let me answer, they did not. I was told I had to listen first, but listening is hard as it turns out.  You can see what all I tried here

This was an interesting experience! I felt lost through a lot of it, but I feel like that was probably intentional to add to the storytelling. I do wish there was a clear distinction between the father's and daughter's scenes, though. 

Cool stuff! The randomizing part really made it interesting. 

Man this was tough! It definitely managed to be scary despite being about spoiled food, so kudos on that. The graphics looked good, particularly the lighting effects. I enjoyed the Zero-G/jump mechanic, it was a unique change of pace.

This was really well done! The graphics were unique, the fortune teller looked fantastic. Walking through the funhouse was one of the scariest experiences I've had in the jam so far! I enjoyed the story, but I do feel like the villainous characters were a little...cartoonishly evil? With their whole existence seeming to be bullying others, and not really having any other facets. But with the time constraints I don't really expect the minor characters to be fleshed out. 

The visuals are creepy, the sound is well done, the snout is bumbled. I do feel bad that we seem to be the villains here. But regardless, I had fun, I played through quite a few times before I was able to win. I had a couple panicked moment where I just kicked a couple eggs about instead of picking them up. My only complaint is that I do prefer for my words to be legible. The blurring and shaking was less scary and more frustrating, but that's not a huge deal since it only really had to do with the start and end of the game. 

As others have already said, the combat's too difficult. That's not so bad when you seem to respawn without any consequences. But as you said you intend to continue development, I do suggest lowering the difficulty at least at the start of the game. 

This was a neat experience. The sound effects really added to the story, and the writing was well done, I was drawn in instantly. I got chills when the gunmen came out. There were a couple of typos/odd sentences, but that's totally excusable when working on a tight schedule. 

I'm so lost. But I'm fairly certain I've been eaten by a crackhead. So that's a bummer.

+1 for the thought the music was cool gang. 10/10 would not get chased by organ circular saw spider monster again

It's a shame you didn't have much time to work on it. But it was a fun light show :D

;A; Such an abrupt end. That was really well done! The writing was great, and the character sprite was gorgeous.