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Beyond the concept of human there's only death.
Submitted by Prio
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SCARIEST GAME#14.4444.444
BEST GAME#93.8893.889

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Jam Host

This is a really faithful reinterpretation of the Dead Space sci-fi horror shooter genre and you have a lot of the mechanics imitated perfectly.  didn't get very far as the motion blur / camera movement / mouse sensitivity gave me a little vertigo, but I'm super happy that others have provided a lot of feedback and it illustrates how much potential they see in this game. I think this game has so much behind it for a jam game and with some polish is definitely shaping up to have commercial scope! 

One little bit of creative feedback is that the intro could have used some narrative clarity. In addition, having a sound effect for text/dialogue can ease players into the fact there's no voice acting. In addition, to defy the 'Dead Space clone' vibe, thinking about mechanics and aesthetics that can stand out in the sci-fi horror game genre may also be a useful avenue if developing this game further. But a lot of this stuff is polish and the foundational elements of the game look really exciting and professional!

Thanks for submitting Dead Inside to the SCREAM MACHINE jam!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid:


1. I absolutely adore the concept and the lore: the space, the monsters, the spaceship gone crazy, humorous lines here and there - I enjoyed playing the game!

2. The graphics are top hole! I especially enjoyed character animation while aiming. She is very cute btw!

3. The spooks are nice, some of them got me really good! They were well thought and sometimes even unexpected. 


1. There are some bugs here and there - you can see them in the video but the main issue is dissapearing of the loot falling from enemies (that happens rarely, so it does not affect the gameplay).

2. In the dark parts it's really hard to navigate the main character. I would really like some lights during these moments just to see the way you are heading (just like at the end - at the end it was very nice)

3. At the start you can go the wrong way so you will be left alone with a monster and without a gun. Maybe that was not suppose to happen?

Overall: I had a blast playing this game! At start, I didn't like the dark part playing it, but when I watched the vid, I realized that this part is actually awesome. It creates such a sense of suspense and tension. During the whole game I was tense and ready for anything, still the game got me several times. I rate it 5/5. Maybe in the future adding some kind of voice acting would be nice or at least the sound of the text appearing - maybe that could be a nice addition.

Hope my feedback was useful!


That's very impressive! This is one of my favorites from this jam. Special mention for the monsters with the naruto run!

Did you made the art assets too?


Hi :) yes i made the majority of the art assets
The main charactares was created with my with a middleware.
The monsters are original too but were created with blender.
All the geometrical assets (the ship, corridors, rooms, and other stuff like the servers) are mine too.

Only a subset of assets (furniture, chairs and other stuff) aren't mine, but only for a time issue. I wanted to create all the 3D geometry for this game but the time was not kind so i had to use some creative commons stuff.

Textures in general are not mine, i used pre generated PBR textures but only because i have not buyed Substance Designer yet. I use only what i can afford to use in order to create my games...
Happy you liked it :)


Waw, that's even more impressive. Good job!


I liked it a lot :D, you did a great job Prio.


Happy you liked it!


I've really got to say that this game is shit your balls off jumpscare scary. 

Even me, the testosterone fuelled epitome of masculinity and intense manliness, shuddered when opening doors.

Thankfully the aliens seem to have trouble with doors. Working that out the game is a bit of a cheese.

Enjoyed it though, grab that 5/5 scary rating.


I wanted to create a game for people like you where you have to be at least "this height" of testosterone to play!
Anyway, there's a in-canon awnser about why the DOORS have a problem with the MONSTERS, there's not in-gameplay-dialogue awnser but...the awnser is there


Great work, immediately captures the Dead Space feeling and sticks with it. The goo looks great and feels right at home in the space ship. The first monster scare got me pretty good, although I only realized after reloading the checkpoint that you're told to go back and get a weapon.

I did find it frustratingly hard mostly because I couldn't find enough ammo to stand a chance, and after so long the light flickers did start hurting my head, so it may be worth looking into altering the flickers or maybe an option to turn them on/off? Also there were a few moments, only when going up/down planes where the meshes 'seams' in the background clipped through.

Very impressive polish visually. I really like what you've done. The audio in here is great but could more ambient sfx would really help a lot. I jumped right into dead space mode, but unfortunately that also made it feel (for me) like a bad dead space checkpoint where you didn't have enough ammo beforehand. I don't mean to come down on you hard, I like your project so much and wanted to give you my initial perspective. Great work and I'm really excited to see what else you'll do with this.


Just checking, because I wound up with a ton of extra ammo. Did you grab all the pick ups? Aside from the loot boxes, the monsters also drop ammo/health when they die.


Ah i had no idea at all. I imagine I missed plenty of pickups along the way too. I would kill one or two and run as far as I could get haha


Gameplay balancing was very difficult due to the limited amount of time i had to test the gameplay before the release...of course something changed patch after patch and in general the game is much more helpfull if we talk about lot, but in general i watched streams and youtube gameplays and a lot of gamers just did not explore enouth the levels, so maybe you did not find enouth ammo because you did not check every corner of the game?

Besides that, you're right about the flickering of the lighs so i changed ALL the lights of the game and how the light embedded to the gun works and i think the problem is solved. Also, mesh clipping should be fixed too.

Don't worry :) this game will get a lot better after the game jam, i promise!


This was really impressive! It looks great, the sound design is intense, the monster's creepy and well animated. I appreciate that you included a narrative, and even an opening cutscene! That's a lot of polish for a jam game. The health pickups were neat. Unfortunately, my game ended prematurely, or at least I assume it wasn't meant to be that way. Once you get to the place that's dark and only for machines, I believe immediately after the second security checkpoint, I couldn't continue. I couldn't physically get my character up the ramp past the monster on the ground, the ceiling goo may be a bit too low? But I was really enjoying it up to that point, I loved all the parallels with Dead Space.

A couple of things I think could use a bit of improvement if you plan on continuing any work post jam:

- The sensitivity is crazy high. I would've really appreciated being able to adjust that.

- If you're too close to the monster when you get knocked down, you just get insta-knocked down again when you stand. It kind of defeats the point of having all that health.

- If there's a way to reload I failed to find it. So I just fired into the wall until my mag ran out after fighting every creature.

- (Spoiler if you're reading this and haven't played) Right at the start you're told to avoid the goo if you can, so I went to the left. Going left winds up trapping you with a monster you can't fight. Instead you're supposed to go down the goo hall, which leads to your gun as well as a tutorial on how to pick things up and use terminals. I don't know if that was intentional, but I almost thought the game was broken before trying the goo hallway and might've missed the entire game.

I don't mean to mean to write that much to sound negative, I just think this could be a really cool game with a bit more polish. Definitely getting 5 stars from me.


Thank you for your comment! I will also check that clipping problem!

Talking about improvements
-You're absolutely right, this should be customizable so it will be in the next update
-That is not a good thing...will fix that ASAP
-You can reload from the last checkpoint in the pause game (ESC > RELOAD LAST CHECKPOINT)
- [SPOILER ALERT] Marshall should ask you to come back and find the gun when you enter that room, did you recieve that message but was very misleading or you did not recieve it at all?

I understand! It's my first TPS ever and i did it in 10 days, not everything can go well at the first attempt :) but i'm happy you enjoied it, i will fix all theese things asap!


Oh when I said I couldn't find a way to reload I meant the gun. I did find the load from checkpoint option.

Once I entered that room I couldn't leave again, the door turned to the BLOCKED message. Or maybe it only locks once the monster wakes up, I didn't try to leave until it was chasing me. I did see the message about finding the gun, but I thought it was talking about that room, so I was running around while the monster chased me trying to find it. If you want to see my experience with the game btw, you can watch it here. Yours was the very first game I streamed, so just skip forward a couple minutes past me setting up. 


Thanks naver! I really loved watching you playing my game :) if you want, i fixed the bugs that created problems to you, so you might take a chance to try it again!


Sure! I've still got another stream to get through, so I'll add it to the docket for that.


Well I'm glad I mentioned the error to you, there was a whole lot of game left! Really it only got better from where I got stopped last time. The machine hallways were super intense because I ran out of ammo, so it was a lot of panicked running around in the darkness, using my gun just enough to use the flashlight and then back to sprinting away from monsters. The command deck was a cool psuedo-boss fight, after which I really thought it would be the end, but you even included another level beyond that. I noticed you added and/or fixed the reload function, and also adjusted the starting dialogue to direct people straight to the gun. You even corrected the graphic issues I encountered the first time, of which there were only a couple. Overall this was super impressive, and even all the updates you've done post-jam are impressive. One of my favourites of the jam for sure!


Thank you for playing this game again :) for me is very important to release enjoyable games filled with content of good quality.
Happy gamer, happy developer :) thank you again and hope to see you in my next games :)


this looks and sounds awesome and i cant run it because i dont have a video card


Oh i'm sorry :/  next week i will upload some footage when you will be able to take a deeper look to the game :)