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Thank you for the reply!) It is so nice of you)

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Check out the feedback down below and the gameplay here (the game is the first one in the vid):

My feedback


1. The pacing is made sooo well! I liked how slow it starts, the feel of suspense and then things just went down - so good!

2. I adored the comments of the main hero about the houses or the overall environment.

3. The ambiance is nicely done - it really does feel like a creepy buildings in the middle of nowhere. Environment also has some hints that you are not alone in there, very cool!


1. The shadows are hard to see sometimes - they merge with the ground somehow (maybe that was intentional))

2. After death the character still could move and do front flips for some reason XD

3. I would like that something of interesting actually were in the buildings. (Maybe I didn't look thorough enough, but I haven't find anything). Would be cool if in the basement behind the barrels were a body or something like that after founding which something would happen with the car. Or something like that (it is just a proposition).

Overall: I got scared playing the game - and that was fun! I would repeat my self but the pacing was top hole! So amazing. Disadvantages here and there do NOT spoil the experience. 5/5

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Check out the feedback down below and the gameplay here (the game is the 3d in the vid):

My feedback


1. Very interesting concept - I like the idea of simple game but including survival and managing resources aspects. Nice)

2. I like the ambiance! It really feels like a cold creepy forest.

3. I liked the ending - quite unpredictable though there were lots of hints.


1. The cold meter still rises even near the fire (the fire throws the level down a bit but does not stop the rising when sitting near it)

2. Ghosts can still hit you sometimes when you are sitting next to the fire.

3. Maybe it is a nice idea to add different animations according to the length which fire can last.

Overall: the experience was really nice! It got me confused at the start but then I got it and very much adored it. Simple short but nevertheless interesting and involving game! 

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Check out the feedback down below and the gameplay here (the 2d game):

My feedback


1. The story seem interesting. I wish to find out more, also, I liked how environment tell something as well (a torn up tent, for exepmle)

2. I like the concept of solving puzzles (especially liked the Morse code one))

3. I like the style - there are a lot of details, the scenes are picturesque and deep.

Disadvantages (and propositions):

1. There is something wrong with proportion - maybe hero should get smaller when he goes towards the background, so he doesn't get bigger than the house.

2. There are lots of bugs - Sometimes hero won't move, sometimes things from the tent fall twice, and sometimes the puzzle son't work (it says that I solved it but nothing after that changes).

3. There is no music - I had to add it in the vid, it was not hard but made a nice addition to the gameplay)

Overall: I liked the idea and I see the potential, but there is still a lot to be done.

Thank you so much for your reply!
The concept is so good. I feel do dumb that I needed an explanation, but now I am really impressed. Especially the thing with the statues and the blood, that is genius) Thanks for explaining that to me!

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What I liked about the game:

1. Very cool puzzles. I especially liked the first and the second one (after that there either were not puzzles or I solved them by mistake).

2. I very liked the idea and the story. I believe it is pretty unique.

3. I very much appreciated when main character's thoughts changed after the last room. He started commenting on things differently and that is awesome.

4. It was spooky! When I noticed that curtains constantly change - that spooked me out!

What I disliked about the game:

1. The game is very short! I can't wait for the full version!

2. I want more lore in the full game. Maybe the books itself would tell the story about the main character. That would be cool, I guess!

3. I wish there were more interactable objects. I mean the first and the 3d room seemed more filled with things then the second one. I wish during the whole gameplay the place actually seemed like a creepy spooky library filled with stuff.

Overall, very cool experience! I am waiting for more! 5/5

Btw in my playthrough it is the third game)

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What I liked about the game:

1. Very cool 3D graphucs. I didn't expect it! 

2. It is nice that the monsters are different. I believe that the mouth do not target you as much because it doesn't see you (is that true or just my inpression?)

3. I liked little puzzles of creating the statues.

4. The game has different endings and this is awesome! I liked the one that I got.

What I disliked about the game:

1. Are you immortal in the game? I think after couple of death the game should reset otherwise death is not really ounishing (but if it affects the ending then I take all that I said back))

2. Teddy bear seemed kinda pointless. You can not interact with him after the first scene.

3. I don't understand why you are repairing statues. It is not clear what they represent if anything at all. Maybe I am just stupid)

4. When you drop something you can not pick it up right away. It is a bit annoying sometimes if you drop something by mistake or near the object you need 0 you have to go far away first and then return to pick something up.

I hope my feedback was useful! Thank you for reading it!

Btw in my vid it is the secong game!

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What I liked about the game:

1. Interesting story. Really creepy and gruesome.

2. Art is great! I love how the mother is painted, very beautiful.

3. I absolutely adored the hidding under the blanket mechanic. This was super amazing!

4. The ending was ironic, I liked that.

What I disliked about the game:

 1. You can not actually catch anything even if it comes straight at your brothers. That would be AWESOME if it would change the scenario but it is more complicated to do.

2. The interaction for eating was unclear to me at first. Maybe it would be cool to add a sound of eating?

3. The brothers are kinds dull. Do not suspect anything, not interactable. But that is understandable, main character is the most photogenic after all))

Overall, amazing game! 5/5 on my list!

Btw it is the first game in my vid - you can check it out as well)

Thank you for replying! I will definetely play your second demo!

What I liked about the game:

1. Graphics  are sooo immersive! I just couldn't believe how good they are!

2. The game is scary. I mean, I haven't expected the spoops right off the bat and they got me good!

3. The enemy is cool. The way you have to face it is nice because it's not only running. Very interesting.

4. Locations are very detailed. You can find Rubik's cube in the vents, piggy bank on the shelf, cars and tools in the background. I liked it very much!

What I dislike about the game:

1. Lack of lore. I hope I can find out more in the ull game. I want to know who main character is, why everyone hates them and why do they go in the house.

2. Very short, but I understand that this is the point of the demo.

3. Not a lot of interactable objects. Hope there will be more in the full release. That would be cool if random objects would make sounds when you interact with them, at least.

4. You can't go to bath at the end :(

Overall, this experience was awesome! Can't wait for more. The game is the third in me vid) I rate this demo 5/5. Loved it! Good job, developer.

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What I liked about the game:

1. The chapters are different from each other and very interesting as sole concepts!

2. The game creats spooky atmosphere though no monsters come attacking you.

3. I like the visuals as well. The fog, the fireflies - very nice details.

4. In the hotel the dialogue was really funny!

5. The game had voice acting! That is super cool!

What I disliked about the game:

1. The chapters are not connected in any way. I saw that this is a collection of experience. But it's not clear of what experience. I mean, I just wished more lore in the game - a note or a dialogue.

2. The ability to crouch appears only in later chapters. That is ok but if you tried it before that gets a bit confusing.

3. At the start it's not really clear what to do. Maybe I'm just stupid but that would be nice to make the interactable object shine a bit like you did in the 2 chapter.

Overall, I really liked this! I would really like to see more of your projects! Can't wait for something bigger!

Hope the feedback was useful! Btw the game is the first one in the attached video)

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What I liked about this game:

1. Graphics were really nice.

2. The idea of getting new goals through the phone is very neat and sinister because there are real life games like this that end up in kid's death. Really creepy!

3. Detalization is very high. THe phone has a battery that is constantly going down, the dpiser-man poster, the coffee poster, interactable books - nice details!

4. A couple of endings. Makes you replay the game. Cool!

What I disliked about the game:

1. It's a bug, I think but at the end the TV dissapears - you can see that in the attached video. You can see only parts of it.

2. The door constantly fights you. It closes too fast so sometimes it just hits you - also shown in the vid.

3. The knife makes sounds of falling when you just near it. It made me jump XD

Overall, the game is awesome! You can see it in the video (it's the second one). I hope the feedback was useful! Though, I think the game missed good oportunities for spooks such as windows or ceiling. There might me something or someone for a short period of time - but that is just a suggestion. So, my rating is 5/5. Bugs that I mentioned does not make the game less fun and enjotable) 

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I see. Yeah, I think the game is a bit hard but that makes it more interesting and challenging. That is why, I beelieve, the game's difficulty is perfect right now!

Thanks for replying)

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What I liked about the game:

1. Interesting idea of going through some person's head. I really liked that you have to find things that are being described!

2. The character, animation and the atmosphere are cool! I really like how filled the house with objects! Also I like the color choice. It really feels like a session with a psychologist.

3. The music is really nice, not getting in the way of reading and searching.

What I disliked about the game:

1. There are no hints on what to do. It took me time to figure out which way to go first and what is the point of the game.

2. There is no clear end. At least I haven't found it. THe music just dtops and that is it. At least end screen or something would make things so much clearer!

3. The text is going at a very high speed. I couldn't read all of it which is sad because it was really interesting. I would also suggest moving the commentary on the things that you are looking at in the other corner so it wouldn't cover the main plot.

Overall, I liked the game and I would be glad to play similar games if the developers would consider to do them) More patiens and the ending. I would be really glad to see and try something a bit more complete. 

The game is second in the video btw

I hope the feedback was helpful!

What i liked about the game:

1. It was very immersive. Reminded me a lot of some old games like Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill.

2. Voice acting is a nice feature. I didn't expect it. I think it is awesome!

3. I like the puppet character a lot. Can't wait to see more in the full release.

4. The stoury is intriguing. I really would like to know more!

5. Her sassy walk is amazing!

What I disliked about the game:

1. I had a bug when you enter the room, you see the room but Alisa stays behind, she is not in the room with the camera. I don't know how to explain this, but that happened in the video (the 1st game in the video)

2. NO saving points. It's ok for the demo but in the full game I hope there will be some!

3. When enemies reach you, they sometimes just look at you for a while and don't hit you. I guess that is another bug. But considering that I am not so skillful that was very helpful XD Still, I think for the full release that is not quite gucci.

Overall, I had a blast playing this game. So much fun! Thank you, developer, for such a great job!

What I liked about the game:

1. It's really spooky!

2. The monster is terrifying and it's making scary noises. I got scared so hard!

3. I liked that you use your phone as a flashlight.

4. The environment is pretty nice. A lot of stuff like drawers and closets are interactable - this is pretty neat!

What I disliked about the game:

1. It's too dark. At some places I couldn't see a thing. turning up brightness didn't help. I understand that horror game must be dark, but that would be really cool to make the flashlight a little bit more effective.

2. Doors sometimes do not open. They get stuck as they meet the character standing in front of them. That is nice but annoying. It would be much cooler if they would open as soon as you get out of the way instead of closing and reopening them again.

Overall, I really liked the game! It scared me a lot (the game is the third in my vid). 

I hope my feedback was useful!