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Hachishakusama :P

Nice game and voice acting, you guys did a great job, i made a video and some screenshots :D :P

I made two screenshots :P

I played this one a long time ago :P - good job DVloper.


It has potential, i made some screenshots.

You did a good job Tony, nice game - i made a video and some screenshots :P


Nice game, good job Spina :P

Nice game :P, good job Spina.

Still waiting :P

You don't know what "my type of horror" is, i literally play everything and i like good games, P.T the walking simulator wasn't a good game, simple as that :D

Wonderful game

I made something big about Saiko No Sutoka :P -

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I made some screenshots again :P :D

Nice game :P

I made two screenshots and a video :P 

Awesome :P

Of course :P ;)

They did a "great job" at making the RE3 lazy cringey moviewannabe remake with removed content, censored gore, no puzzles, boss fights for little kids, removed enemies, generic characters redesign, cringey quotes, stupid moments, RE5-6 style gameplay for little kids, they did a "great job"? lol nice joke dude, i'm sorry but i can't take your answer seriously after what you said, Capcom didn't do a "great job" at all, all of those games have almost nothing of Resident Evil and even if we look at all aspects of them without thinking about that they are still mediocre lazy games, oh and P.T did nothing, it was a boring playable teaser walking simulator that had nothing of Silent Hill, i'm actually glad that it got cancelled, a Silent Hill moviewannabe game with just graphics and Norman Reedus would be trash :D :P

Lol no you literally don't know what you are talking about, Resident Evil survival horror anxiety? ah ah ah nice joke dude, PT the boring walking simulator with Norman Reedus is pure garbage and it has nothing on Silent Hill, the boring moviewannabe generic cringey RE2-3 remakes with removed content, no puzzles, boss fights for little kids and RE4-6 gameplay for casuals are horrible and not scary at all :D

P.T was horrible and it had nothing of Silent Hill.

Luckily it has been cancelled, P.T was a boring walking simulator that had nothing of Silent Hill and videogames aren't movies.

Devs i reported this guy for stealing and uploading your game on Game Jolt

Nice game :P

I love it :D

I'm back :P - here's a screenshot and a video about V2.0.1 (ALL ENDINGS) - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

Nice game, you did a great job ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm back :P - here's my video about the Christmas Edition Demo, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.

Nice game, feedback on the video description :P

Wonderful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Don't worry about it :P, Happy Holidays Jivapeira.

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I'm back, i downloaded the new build but the problem is still there "for me" unfortunately, well don't worry, you did a nice job with the game overall, i liked it, here's my video (it freezes at the end, always at that point no matter how many times i tried), have a nice day/evening Jivapeira. P.S I made the Santa's front screenshot that the guy (vocij) used without asking me first :D.

Just let me know when the next build is up and i will make a video about it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi Jivapeira, i like your game and it runs great on my end but 2 bugs stopped me from finishing it and making a video about it, after closing the 2nd gnome hatcher the game freezes (no crash, but this has happened just once), the 2nd bug is the most recurring and game breaking one, sometimes the death scene loops or you die again after the respawn forcing you to alt+f4 because there's nothing that you can do about it, anyway the evil gnomes are soo cute lol, expecially the female ones XD the only thing that they are missing in my opinion are kicks, i made some screenshots :P :D, have a nice day/evening.

Poor Tommy, nice game, i liked it :) :P

What a little gem, i like it :P, nice job devs.

Good job, stay safe :P