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Talk with everyone including your mum XD

Looks interesting, nice character :P

Liliana is great :P :D

Nice :P

I made a screenshot and i shared it along with your patreon to help you out, you did a nice job on Eve Antoinette's character design, don't give up, the game has a lot of potential :3

I edited my old video's description and i made a video about the new 1.1 version of the game, you managed to fix the post processing glitch and you even made Michael Jackson faster lol, good job dev :P :D

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She's soo cute :D, nice job dev :P

Funny game :P 

Post Processing Glitch aside you did a nice job  :P

The game is a little buggy but it's decent :) :P

I did it! nice job dev :D

Wonderful game and character :D

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The same thing happened to me as well, My antivirus Malwarebytes put the game exe to quarantine but this right after i entered the game's folder, i never launched the game, i deleted the game after that just to be careful. The report said that the game's exe it's a Machinelearninganomalous malware.

Awesome guys :D, Merry Christmas :P

Nice video :P

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Jon's music is awesome :D

Nice job guys :P

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Funny game, nice job Zsansubar :P :D

Nice job dev :D :P

Wow this girl is sooo EVIL!!! :D XD

Nice job devs :P

This reminds me of Dungeon Nightmares and Dreadhalls.. interesting.

Great, nice job :)

He forgot to say that the VHS effect it's optional :P, anyway i totally suggest this game, the devs did a great job.

You guys did a great job :D


:) Nice job dev.

Nice job devs :P

Good job dev :P

Nice XD :P

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Interesting, nice job devs :P


Very nice, good job Nyar :D

My fav Resident Evil Game along with Revelations 1.

:D Nice job Darktoz :D

Nice job dev.

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Nice game dear devs, good job :)

Nice game dev :P

Wonderful, nice job :)