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Awesome guys :D, Merry Christmas :P

Nice video :P

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Jon's music is awesome :D

Nice job guys :P

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Funny game, nice job Zsansubar :P :D

Nice job dev :D :P

Wow this girl is sooo EVIL!!! :D XD

Nice job devs :P

This reminds me of Dungeon Nightmares and Dreadhalls.. interesting.

Great, nice job :)

He forgot to say that the VHS effect it's optional :P, anyway i totally suggest this game, the devs did a great job.

You guys did a great job :D


:) Nice job dev.

Nice job devs :P

Good job dev :P

Nice XD :P

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Interesting, nice job devs :P


Very nice, good job Nyar :D

My fav Resident Evil Game along with Revelations 1.

:D Nice job Darktoz :D

Nice job dev.

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Nice game dear devs, good job :)

Nice game dev :P

Wonderful, nice job :)

Interessante  :P

Great :)

John Carpenter's "The Thing" is my fav Horror movie, you did a great job, wonderful game :)

Nice game dear dev :) you did a great job. 4 Stars here and on Gamejolt :P 

Impressive :D, good job dev

Nice game devs

Well done devs, great voice acting, 4 stars :)

Short but deep, nice job devs

Better than Summertime Saga in my opinion.

Ebi-hime you are awesome :) :3

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I love this game soo much! nice job dear devs :)

Witcheress of Hyrule You are soo sweet :D

This is soooo interesting :) :D, nice job.