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Great game dear dev :P

I finally got my laptop's back yesterday :P here ya go :D nice job dev

Well done dev :) 

I'm looking forward for that admin, automated scanning on new uploads it's a good idea.

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All right, thank you admin, be careful investigating tho, that malware of his was a real pain to deal with trust me, don't click on that "fake game" exe.

Short but nice :P

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I hope that nobody else has downloaded his games.

Thank you very much

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This guy is uploading malwares here on Itchio https://pwonkow.itch.io/, there's no game in this https://pwonkow.itch.io/gungeon there's just a bitcoin malware by the name of WUAudit, luckily i almost got rid of it but it's really hard, Admin do something about this user ASAP! i don't want others to get malwares! :I and please! check all the future "games" files before approving them here! P.S this isn't my language.  


I finally managed to get rid of it now, what a pain, one of the worst malwares i have ever seen and i'm dead serious.


Nice job dear dev :)

:D You are welcome SweetheartDiary :D

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Great game, expecially when played with a friend.

:O Ooooooh you made a game!!! :D that's great :D

I love Mass Effect, you guys did a great job :)

Bravo :P

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It's good to see someone that didn't forgot American Mcgee's Alice and Alice Madness Returns.

Interesting :)

Lovely :)

This reminds me of The Vampire Diaries XD

I will :P

This is very interesting, nice job dear dev :)

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:O Great :D

Awesome game dear dev, nice job :)

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I totally love this game, this and Ambre are amazing VNs, you are great dear dev, nice job :) :D

Sooooo Sweet :3

Interesting, i'm gonna try it when i have my laptop's back :P :)

WONDERFUL, simply WONDERFUL, great job dear devs, top notch voice acting and great stories, TOP TOP TOP, i rated the game 5 stars, one of the best VN ever made in my opinion :)  

The Music is very nice :P

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:) Very Relaxing Game

Ah ah Albert XD

Nice XD

XD Interesting even without a CD2 XD

Created a new topic I can't wait :D

There's gonna be a demo? :) :P

Funny XD

The Best Horror Game along with Dungeon Nightmares 1 and Nosferatu The Wrath Of Malachi, i can't wait for Ergastulum :D

:P Yeah don't worry XD

Hi dear dev can you please tell me how to turn off the music? :) nice job by the way

Hi dear dev, you did a nice job :)

Very nice :) :D