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You are great Zoe :P

Nice job dev

Nice game, you did a nice job and Michaela has a nice voice :P

Wonderful post, good luck Acke :)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I understand, don't worry and thank you :P, you did a nice job.

But moving the character left and right should be a bit faster in my opinion.

I will never forget this game.


Cute character :D

Good game 

Nice one :P


Very interesting :D

LOL i forgot to post my video XD- you are awesome Chilla's Art :D

I liked it a lot :D, you did a great job Prio.

I liked it a lot, you did a great job Prio :) - 4 Stars

Oh trust me it is lol :P


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Nice job like always. P.S i know that the game's progress is saved inside the Windows registry ;) :P

You are awesome Chloe :P

My fav egg's design is the 11th one (the green one at the bottom, which is also the same design of the 6th egg), my fav 3D models are Alisa (Underwear) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and Alisa (Military Uniform)

I made a screenshot :P

:P I completed the Easter Edition :D (and i'm also the first and only one who did it) - Here's my video and a screenshot. P.S you and Arisa are awesome, stay safe.

Awesome :D

Here's my video about the Valentine Edition :D

Nice game :P

:O I did it! :D Here's a video and some screenshots that i made. 

Hi devs, i made a video and two screenshots, nice job :P 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi devs, i made a video and two screenshots :P :D


I miss her a lot :3, i'm going to play it again soon but this time i will search for the secret and only after finding it i will escape ;) :D. P.S i hope that you are fine, have a nice day/evening :P

Hi dev i made two screenshots and a video, nice game, you did a nice job :P

It's wonderful and i can't wait for the full release 

Hi dev, i made some screenshots :P and a video :D, nice job.  P.S Feel free to add my screenshots to the preview images if you want.

I made a screenshot and a video :) 

Nice job :P

XD Nice XD

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V1.05 works without issues :P, anyway i'm here because i made some screenshots, she's soo cute :D - P.S feel free to add them to the preview images if you want :3, stay fine ZheroIsland, you are awesome.

P.S i'm helping you out, look here