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nice, looks like good progress from the first video

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hagstone has been getting a lot more plays since you posted the video here, I'll work on posting an updated version 

ah the instructions should read ESC or RMB = Menu, the items inventory is part of the menu

thanks! :)

this is my secret santa gift game :)

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Thank you :) I'll tray to add some music and an optional tutorial. It's really hard to get that much done in a week, its a good challenge lol

Thanks :) Yeah I made it with rpg maker mv and some tiles and Javascript. I'm super thankful those tiles exist because I don't do much graphics. It was tough getting the enemy code to work and I'm still trying to think how to make it a little bit more like a cross between legend of Zelda and resident evil but I'm glad it'll play in html now without breaking. 

great game! it gave a good challenge and the controls, graphics and audio are all really nice. id be interested to play it with even more block types etc

yeah id enjoy playing this at a lot more difficulty
thanks for the fun game

nice gmae :) i'd like to play it with some more enemies and weapons
kinda reminds me of like a cute golden axe game, plowing through enemies moving forward

i started stacking up the offensive cells from the beginning and just spam gunned everything, an enemy that it is required to use offensive / defensive could be a cool next step. it was still a challenge to aim and shoot everything down, the quake spell is super powerful lol

theres an snes game called gradius 3 that lets player use powerups to select a method of cannon attack, for instance a cannon that shoots double shot, or up and forward, down forward etc, guided shots etc
i enjoyed this game a lot and im fine holding down the keyboard keys one at a time, but after a while of tapping alternating my hands getting sore

I really enjoy this game. At first I though the ufo weapon too powerful and it was easy, but then at level 15 there appeared enough enemy bullets on screen that I have a lot of trouble dodging the tank guns and the rockets . I'd request a limited use shield, like maybe 2 or 3 uses of a shield to block bullets, because often at level 15 im about to get through the level and then theres a few bullets i cant really dodge much. I'm determined to get to level 20 though lol. 

Awesome game, but I'm getting a glitch in level 2 after using the first red enemy to kill the green gunman I can't jump anymore 

looks like it could be really fun
but yeah i couldnt attack anything or launch any fireballs :(

nice enemy and weapon designs, the controls function smoothly and the enemies have a nice variety of movements and attackcs

ah nice now the zombies are working

i read through carefully and tried playing, I know it has to do with the numbers and locations but I kinda need to see a sample round
i'll keep trying it though :)

It seems really cool, I'm still trying to figure out the rules a bit, but the graphics and complexity are interesting.

I like the idea.. I tried to click the green squares and another green square would appear but i couldnt figure out how ot get them to attack the humans.

i like the music a lot :)

yeah that seemed necessary to complete the game

i am wondering if some more control prompts are useful
i think given more time, an option of some practice levels that show the mechanics of the various objects more would be useful
however, if it was interjected into the middle of these levels it might be like literally solving the puzzle for the player

This is awesome but i'm having trouble turning the mouse unless im moving forward or backwards. 

This game did scare me sometimes when the double jump would lag ahah. the controls feel really smooth and Id like to see what can be done with the floating spotlight thing. I'd like to hear some sound effects and/or music too. Nice.

This game scared me because it's so dark and the entity thing is very persistent. I got two keys and then was unsure where to go. A quick quest objective hint would be helpful. Overall I liked the game a lot.

I really liked the weapon system and having two weapons. The enemies were fairly tough sometimes and the controls work good. The flamethrower attack almost killed me, and I died a few times before I got the hang of it. The music is nicely balanced and I like the cute / dungeon graphics. :)

rad game, it was good and dark with sinister music and smooth controls, id like to see more puzzles and maybe the heart monster having more variations of attack, its definitely a fun game

lots of details and a really sleek layout! this seems like it took a lot of thought, and the artwork is rad. i like the idea of using the tension as a way to make the game more horrific

i like the twist about the secrets
its an interesting way to make the game uniquely personal

wow its very elaborate and I suppose there's something about having all the objects set out and its almost witchcraft like that i really enjoy, i haven't played much D&D but i imagine this game would be a lot of fun. i saved it to my desktop i'll see if my friend wants to play it

I like the concept of the odd/even dice and i really enjoy escape games. I haven't played D&D much so Im interested in how to design the traps etc. 

then i couldnt quite get up the barrels onto that ramp
i quite enjoy the game and the concept, i thought something that might make it immediately scarier for me is if it was darker
that could be for an interior level or something

Nice, I was able to investigate all of the corpses except one that was on the other side of a fence near where the first robot is. I couldnt figure out how to get through the fence lol, i did learn to use the little tunnel door to block the robots. I didn't find any weapons yet and the robots beat me up for a while.

thanks! i had to choose between developing the story or the gameplay, and i barely got the gameplay working lol :) i really enjoy these game jams and i plot towards the next one

nice :)
i intended this game to be frustratingly difficult

but perhaps i should put better instructions?

this looks and sounds awesome and i cant run it because i dont have a video card

It immediately crashed with RGSS-RTP not found error

thanks! I added a link to the cyberpop and horror city textures